May 012016

IMG_1849As if the June 2016 Primary Season was not BIZARRE enough? (#MAGA)

Victor Bekhet, the crusader of all that is good and non racist in Placer County just flew in to the side of a building.

#1 He apparently is not familiar with the boundaries of Placer’s 4th Sup District. Evidence? Take a look at the attached, you will note the City of Citrus Heights Road Signs! Perhaps Bekhet is running for the open Sac County Supervisor Seat? (He’d still be in the wrong district, by the way…)

I am not sure what Ken Campbell and Tom Hudson were thinking when they recruited this guy to run for Placer County D4 supervisor. I am not sure what the Placer GOP Cent Com leadership were thinking when they entertained this guy at a recent Cent Com event… for local electeds.

#2, Bekhet has reported $2500 raised total. He spent some of the money to spam email people – and I take note that the photo of his family from his facebook page is in this email. When I had it in a screenshot for, I was a racist meanie and I violated his children. (his words) Well, Victor, who is violating your children now???

(I am still wondering how come his name was available for purchase when I was able to buy the domains…)

Victor Bekhet for Supervisor
Roseville/Granite Bay
Dear Friends and Neighbors,
I am a local small business owner and founder of Shenouda Capital Management, a financial planning company.  I was asked to run for the office of Supervisor when community leaders realized the incumbent, Kirk Uhler, was going to run unopposed. (So now we know the real reason Bekhet filed) Uhler was first elected 23 years ago and faced a recall effort in 2010.  It is time for him to move on.  With 90% of his campaign contributions in 2015 coming from the real estate development industry, I believe he favors their causes over his constituents.  For example, his website proclaims that he has “been working…to revise the current Granite Bay Community Plan (GBCP)” although it was updated and unanimously approved in 2012.

The job of Supervisor is to uphold established, democratically-approved plans and ensure that resources are in place to serve the community.  Instead the county is not adequately dealing with over-stressed safety services of fire and police and increasing traffic. Recent Roseville data show a 21% increase in violent crimes and a 72% increase in robberies. Currently there are at least 10 high-density rezone projects planned, requesting to raise density 200-600%. 
There appears to be no cohesive plan to deal with increased traffic as a result of increased density
All of these building projects are being approached in a piecemeal manner with little regard for the community’s actual needs and overall infrastructure capacities. (Gasp, there they go building stuff again and are we sure he is referencing projects in Placer County given the above?)
I wish to commit my education and two decades of finance experience to the betterment of our community. (You know, using my suspended securities license)  I was on the Board of Supervisors with Hostelling International for 8 years, successfully managing a budget of $12 million.  I believe in conservative financial management that will enable us to preserve education, safety, and security standards that have made our community an appealing destination for life, work, and recreation.  We need to attract new businesses that will add lasting jobs, not short-term profits that do little to improve life.
I am not a career politician or part of the establishment. (Yes, that part is clear)  I need your support (and therapy).  Please forward this email to your Roseville and Granite Bay neighbors.  My campaign is grassroots. (Meaning, I will not have a pot to piss in) Please consider volunteering or donating.  I cannot get there without you.
Putting our community first,
Victor Bekhet

I guess I am a racist and am attacking his family again for once again re-posting his own stuff.

It is a recurring theme, when you want revenge, often times you end up looking like a moron. I applaud those that recruited this guy for their stupidity. I can’t wait to see what happens in the fall in local government races.

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