Apr 072016

On Thursday, 3/29/2016 the Placer GOP held a local electeds reception. One Victor Bekhet visited the reception under the care of Pam Tobin and Sandy Harris. Tobin is the labor union funded candidate that lost by 25% to Kirk Uhler in 2012 and Sandy Harris is the queen of the NIMBY brigade in Granite Bay.

Victor Bekhet is not a Republican even though the two aforementioned RINO’s were parading him around as one. Worse, Behket was a democrat when he lived in Menlo Park.

This point would cause me to question Behket’s sanity when President Obama was ignoring the massacre of his fellow Coptic Christians.

There is a strange thing that happens to people seeking political revenge, often times it makes you look like a moron.

Bekhet has a suspended LLC.

Bekhet holds himself out as a financial advisor, yet his securities license is also suspended.

(Bekhet apparently thinks being a fiscal conservative means letting licenses expire for non-payment)

Bekhet’s actual source of income is a Laundromat that has dubious on line reviews.

Perhaps the CRA’s Pol-Pot Bellied Information Minister had an #EPICFAIL of vetting? I know what the score is with the former Chairman of the Placer GOP, you could run a bag of dog droppings against Uhler and he’d endorse it.

Now, the current Placer GOP Chairman and David Stafford Reade acolyte Dennis Revell has a bit of explaining to do for harboring a non-Republican at a party event while trying to sabotage the formation of a legitimate Republican Group. Perhaps when Reade pre-screened him for a leadership role in the North State GOP, the vision for the future of the GOP was a feckless, listless organization that Reade controls at the expense of real Republican volunteers?

Hey, we have paychecks to control, don’t we?

Learn more about the train-wreck that is the Victor Bekhet experience here at www.victorbekhet.com.

Victor Bekhet can not make Placer County Great Again. Re-Elect Kirk Uhler.

  One Response to “So just who is this Victor Bekhet That Ken Campbell, Thomas N Hudson and others are supporting for Placer D4 Supervisor?”

  1. Wow, let the mud slinging begin! Makes you wonder what the current supervisor is trying to hide. Seems like this author has been run out of the GOP party and is under investigation for slander. Hope you like prison food.

    BLogger’s Note: I’d encourage Mr. Bekhet, the likely author of this comment to do some research about the definition of slander and the criminal code related to it. What I am enjoying is the thin-skin and the glass jaw, makes it more to beat on Mr. Bekhet.

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