Placer Herald: Joe Scharrer is the boogie man!

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Oct 282010

Hmmm. (click here for the article)

Is the RUSD in debt or not? Todd Lowell said no when I called him.

Is the RUSD in the pocket of the Union? Todd Lowell points to the fact that the board imposed a contract on the teachers when they insisted on huge raises despite the sputtering economy.

The issue I have with the RUSD board is that they have demonstrated an antipathy for Charter Schools. (This despite there being 4 under their auspices currently…)

What the Placer Herald will never report on is the behind-the-scenes machinations of Kevin Brown to protect the bureaucracy. Nor, have I ever seen real reporting of the near physical altercation Brown almost go into with Jerry Simmons.

A lot of people like Kevin, and I only know Kevin Brown from the stories told to me about him – but there needs to be some balance as you only hear about the “misbehavior” of the pro-charter school side.

Joe Scharrer? He’s the boogie man. You’re supposed to ignore all of the unprofessional behavior and the issues people believe that exist and vote for poor, picked on Steve Paul because Joe Scharrer may have authored an email about him.

I’m sorry. Steve Paul needs to tell us why to vote for him. Todd Lowell sure as hell did when I spoke to him! Todd Lowell effectively answered all the charges made against him when I spoke to him – I still disagree with Todd on some issues, but the man won me over.

As I have written before – Wendy Lang is not a Republican so I can not support her. That being said – she has run an aggressive campaign and has attempted to explain her left-of-center views with reasons why to support her. Good job, Wendy – that’s what you’re supposed to do!

And Joe Scharrer? He’s the boogie man of Rocklin – the man everyone in office loves to hate. And, the paper attempts to pull Glenn Moeller and Amanda Tingler down with him. Why doesn’t the Placer Herald just endorse the incumbents and get it over with? Seriously?

The Placer Herald once again aborts journalism in this article – the people of Rocklin deserved more than this article gave them, just like Scott Yuill did when they used him like a rag doll, just like Mark Klang did when the paper attempted to marginalize him.

Issues, that’s what people want discussed – issues.

Scott Yuill / Diana Ruslin Mailer Review

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Oct 172010

Scott “The Boogie Man” Yuill checks in with a solid offering.

The mailer is replete with the obligatory monster endorsement list and the “Pictures of Scott” – and lots of them.

When I said lots of Pictures – take a look.

The most important part of the mailer – the bullets specifying that he voted for 10 Million in spending cuts and that he voted against the cable tax increase.

I defy any anti-establishment types to criticize that.

Take a look at the outside leaf – and then the front cover of the mailer.

Scott looks so pretty in that suit- now I know why there are so many pictures of him in his mailer 🙂

(I don’t even own a suit… I think I have a tie or two somewhere, maybe I’ll have to get an in-kind from someone if I run)

The negatives about Scotts’ Mailer – TOO MUCH INFORMATION! That’s really the only drawback, but it is a solid effort at 7.5. (Gets marked off for looking “establishment”.)

Diana Ruslin’s Mailer:

It is clean, crisp and matches Diana’s personality to a tee. Here I am, this is who I am – NOW VOTE FOR ME! 😉

Side One of the 8.5X11 Postcard features a quote from Conservative Assemblymember Ted Gaines – Very Good Feature.

Rocklin Needs Diana’s Leadership and I am Proud to Endorse Her Campaign!

Secondly – how many establishment types put their phone number with an invitation to call on their mail?

Third – it lists her community service… which the Sacramento Bee views as inferior to owning a business.

Side Two of the 8.5X11 mailer is the agenda – if is more thorough than any other candidate’s agenda.

I suppose between the endorsement list (which is half the size of Scott Yuill’s) and the community service list could get twisted to look “establishment”.

All in All – Diana gets an 8 for her mailer. You’ll note that I gave Janda an 8.5 in a previous post.

The reason is Janda’s mailer was smaller, to the point quicker and looked far less establishment. In another cycle – I’d have criticized it for not having enough… but 2010 is a bizarre election cycle.

The bottom line – Scott Yuill and Diana Ruslin helped themselves with their mailers.

Both of them justified this blogger’s support of them with the information put forth in their mailers.

Kathy Lund Emails in Support of Diana Ruslin

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Oct 162010

From Retiring City Council Member Kathy in its’ entirety and unedited. (only 360 words)

Dear Friend and Supporter:

If you do not want to read this whole email, (it is rather wordy)  the point I am making is I SUPPORT DIANA RUSLIN FOR CITY COUNCIL AND WOULD LIKE YOU TO JOIN ME IN SUPPORTING DIANA.  For the reasons, read below.

As you know, after 25 years of service, I have decided to retire from the Rocklin City Council.  That means there is a very important election going on right now to fill the empty seat.

I am supporting Diana Ruslin to replace me. Why, you might ask, do I support Diana when there are eight candidates.

I am supporting Diana because she is the most qualified person of the group.  Diana has done something no one has done since I did it back in the 80’s.  She has attended most every City Council meeting for the last two years.  This is important because she understands the issues.

But Diana went further than I did.  She has also attended most Rocklin Unified School Board meeting during the last two years.  She really knows what is happening.

I am also supporting Ruslin because she will be no one’s puppet.  She has a mind of her own.  She has served on the Parks and Recreation Commission the past two years.  I have watched her.  She is not afraid to express her opinions.  She will vote however she feels is best for Rocklin.

I am also supporting Diana because she is extremely active in the community.  She is President of Valley View School PTC and was a founding board member of the Rocklin Educational Excellence Foundation.  Diana works on most all the major Chamber events, i.e. Hot Chili, Cool Cars, the leadership program, of which she is a graduate, and many other Chamber events; Diana also was co-chair of a Rocklin Fine Arts fundraising project. She is currently planning an unusual fund raising event for the Rocklin Friends of the Library to be held next spring.  She has more energy than anyone I know.

I ask you to join me in voting for Diana Ruslin for Rocklin City Council.  Thank you for taking the time to read this message.  Call me at 624-0764 with any questions.



Rocklin City Council Update Part 4 – Right On Daily Goes Public for Diana Ruslin

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Oct 152010

It is common knowledge amongst those “in the know” in Rocklin that I am close to Kathy Lund. Many figured I was supporting Diana Ruslin as a result.

Let me tell you, it is not that easy.

I am and always will be a fire-breathing conservative until the day I die. If I run for office – I will run as an unapologetic Conservative. This likely assures me of never getting the endorsement of the Sacramento Bee, or Gold Country Media.

Diana earned my support for a couple reasons – but let me start by explaining where I am at with the other candidates.

Aman Singh – please contact me. We’d love to get you involved in local Republican Party Politics.

Michael Murphy – please take your medication.

To the others – Like Mr. Singh – please get involved in the local party, we need you.

Mark Klang – has been a friend for several years. I completely understand his desire to serve and actually agree with more than one of his beefs regarding the decisions made at the City Council Level. I was part of the 16% that voted no on the Park Tax.

I practice an old Maxim in business – when I criticize someone or something, I always try to offer an alternative solution. Having read Mark’s literature and having spoken with him at length – I wanted to see more solutions from him.

The Placer Herald articles which basically used Mark as an attack dog to stir up controversy did not assist Mark’s image at all. Either the Herald was trying to make Mark look like he was failing his anger management courses or they were trying to promote him at the expense of Greg Janda, Diana Ruslin and Scott Yuill.

Greg Janda – not ready for Prime-Time. Yes, the $14K is impressive and shows that Mark has made a lot of friends over the years. I also respect Bill Halldin’s opinion and have had positive interactions with Brett Storey.

Greg has led with his religious right when I have seen him in public. I salute that – especially with the concerted effort by the left to exterminate faith and its’ influence from society. The anti-religious biases of many have caused several candidates I have seen try to downplay their faith.

Greg Janda should run again and I mean that – but the elementary mistakes he’s made suggest that he needs some more time to come in to his own as a “public figure”.

It would be my natural inclination to support Greg Janda or my friend Mark Klang if I had not been able to get to know Diana Ruslin.

For example, Greg Janda did not get endorsed by some of the local Moderates or the education establishment that I and the GOP Central Committee have run afoul of in the past.

(If I run for Rocklin City Council – this will be my primary baggage)

In fact- one of Diana Ruslin’s primary supporters is Peter Hill. Hill left the Republican Party because he felt stung over the Central Committee endorsing Ed Rowen and David Nelson over him in 2008.

As it relates to this election: So What.

If I run for Rocklin City Council – I’ll meet with as many stakeholders as I can. If they endorse me, they will be endorsing me right-wing and all. If they don’t, they don’t.

Diana met with all kinds of people  and they all fell like matchsticks.

Now, why is that? Is it because Diana is a squish? Nope.

Will Diana raise taxes? Not likely.

Will Diana actively oppose Charter Schools? Not Likely.

Is it because Peter Hill Controls her and got the good ‘ol boys to endorse?

I’ve heard it all.

I believe that Diana Ruslin has been attacked as being a puppet of Peter Hill – because she is female. When I shredded the Sacramento Bee for their patronization of Ruslin – chauvinism was the overriding theme.

You’d think with Carly Fiorina and Meg Whitman bearing the standard for the GOP in California that people would get over it. Women in office are here to stay.

Diana Ruslin is the real deal – take it from this fire-breathing Conservative. She has universal appeal because of who she is – not because of who she’s affiliated with.

I wrote previously that when I look in to the eyes of Scott Yuill, I see an honest man.

If this blog curries any influence with your decisions of who to vote for – then please join in voting for Diana Ruslin and Scott Yuill.

Rocklin City Council Update Part 3 – Bash Yuill, Bash Yuill and Quote Mark Klang a Lot

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Oct 152010

Scott Yuill. The Boogie Man – arguably the most conservative member of the Rocklin City Council (by voting record)… gets used like a rag doll at the beginning of Placer Heard Hatchet Job #2.

First off – Mark Klang suggested that the $100 Scott Yuill took from a supervisor at A-P Recology looked like a bribe.

Dutifully, the Placer Herald cat pan liner that was on my driveway quoted that screed – but then the next paragraph wrote:

During an August public hearing, Yuill tabled the proposed garbage fee increase measure until after the election because he needed more information on how much other cities are charged for their garbage collection. City staff recommended the fee increase.

If I was the donor expecting a return on investment – I’d be angry.

Then the next part illustrates the absurdity of the second Placer Herald Cat Pan Liner Story in its’ entirety:

Yuill also accepted $100 from SureWest, a Rocklin cable subscriber, who was recently impacted by a cable franchise fee increase passed by the Rocklin City Council. Cable companies like Wave, have been publicly against the measure because it raises money for the city at the expense of their customers. Scott Yuill voted no.

Scott Yuill just got lit up for opposing a Cable tax and for delaying a vote on a fee increase for trash collection!? It sounds eerily like Roger Niello (who voted for the largest tax increase in state history) attacking Ted Gaines for being fiscally irresponsible!?

Like I have written several times – this election cycle has been bizarre.

The Placer Herald wasn’t done – it is as if Scott Yuill and Diana Ruslin have become John Doolittle. I have written about the obsession Gold County Media had with trying to destroy Doolittle many times.

Evidence – they nitpick the donations Ruslin took from Family outside of California. They started the article basically reciting Mark Klang’s litany against Scott Yuill, focusing on $200 out of nearly $15,000.

With respect to my dear friend Kathy Lund, I don’t care about Greg Janda’s business being in San Jose’ –

What I DO care about is Janda talking about relocating businesses to Rocklin. Then that DOES make Janda’s business location an issue.I don’t see it is an integrity issue – I see it as a Greg Janda didn’t think his platform through issue.

If I run for Rocklin City Council – I hope my business being in Roseville is not an issue… in fact, I’d probably say we need to attract more businesses to the area and hopefully Rocklin gets its’ fair share… (as I will still be in an office lease for 4 more years)

Two notes to Janda – do not label Ruslin establishment and re-phrase the attracting business to Rocklin sentence and you’ll be fine. Otherwise, you look desperate and like you’re playing fast and loose with the truth.

Quoting the Placer Herald:

Just because there is a lack of money, doesn’t mean there is a lack of support,” Klang said. “I have volunteers who can’t afford to donate money, but they want to walk precincts and make phone calls for me. If we win, we’ll prove to the city that you can run a grass-roots campaign and win without spending $10,000 to $15,000 like the other candidates.

To Mark Klang – you are Mark Klang, and only you can be Mark Klang. If your message gets traction – then you would become my political hero.

TO BE Continued