Sep 082010

Editor’s Note: I have endorsed Scott Yuill for Re-Election.

I signed Mark Klang’s Nomination Papers – Klang is the only true “Outsider” candidate running.

I think Diana Ruslin is an excellent candidate – her Resume is impeccible.

I also think Greg Janda is the real deal as well – any doubts, read the below.

Any two of the above four could win.

Greg Janda sent me the following email:

…I am a lifelong Republican, husband, father, business owner, active in my church, Sunset Christian in Rocklin, and today – a concerned citizen. While I have the utmost respect for the Rocklin City Council and all they have accomplished, I believe we are at a crossroads in Rocklin.

We need a different approach and a different perspective on the Council and I believe I could bring that as a long-time business owner. Rocklin has seen its revenue decline more than 30 percent in recent years. It is imperative that we take a new approach to attract business and to ensure that business doesn’t see the City as an obstacle. I’ve talked to business owners and a top concern is the regulation that drives up costs and limits their ability to compete.

I have run my business for the last 13 years, managing employees and expenses. As a business owner, day in and day out, I must satisfy my customers and manage our bottom line.

I graduated from San Jose State University with a degree in business and put myself through school while working.

To give you some sense of my philosophy, I will mention a few things:

o       First, I will commit to not raising taxes and fees and not place measures on the ballot to do that. Today’s economy and the struggles of Rocklin families demand that kind of commitment. We cannot justify taking more money from the pockets of Rocklin residents and putting it into the City’s cash register.

o       I am pro-life and support the requirement that parents be notified before our children are allowed to leave school to be treated by any health professional.

o       I favor a pro-business approach to the City, including reviewing all the regulations that currently hamper business success and growth in our community. The empty storefronts tell the story of failure: we need to do something to help business succeed.

o       I would favor a cap on the new City Manager’s pay – we can’t ignore the economic pain of Rocklin residents when we set this salary in the coming months.

o       I am committed to working with our schools – including charter schools – to ensure that the City does what it can to assist them in their mission to serve the more than 10,000 students in our community.

I would be happy to address any questions you might have.

Ladies and Gentlemen: Greg Janda.

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