Mar 102019

Blogger’s Note – I am planning on being in Riverside County this weekend, please look me up on Facebook if you’d like to meet me. I can be more public now that I know the Sheriff is not a comic book villain.

That time when Stan Sniff Attacked Chad Bianco for his Faith on the Puken Report

Pretty much everyone I know detests the Riverside Press-Enterprise. Part of the reason I did some of the things I did on Right on Daily was because the P-E abdicated their responsibility as journalists. They refused to report the truth about the condition of the department. It has been alleged to this blogger that the senior editor and a few of the reporters were way too close to Stan Sniff. (Rumors varied from being drinking buddies to the P-E Staff being panty-wasted cowards intimidated by the tyrannical former sheriff)

It is the opinion of this blogger that a public post put out by a P-E Reporter for a Story on CCW Issuance is being done in a lame face-saving attempt to show that Sniff Really wasn’t that bad. The P-E was so fully invested in Stan Sniff that they have to try and restore their own reputation now that the red lights are shut off outside their office door.

You’d think that the P-E would have gotten a clue. Earlier in March they did a story about the hiring spree going on now that Stan Sniff is gone. Chad Bianco said clearly, “We Don’t have a budget problem, we had a Sheriff Problem”.

“The culture of our department – blaming everybody else for our problems, misinformation to the public, the complete lack of honesty and transparency from the sheriff’s administration to the Board of Supervisors (and) the executive office, the lack of trust, the lack of sharing, the lack of cooperation – all of that has to change,” Bianco said.

It appears that the P-E missed their part in the above quote. Lies of omission or parsing words because you are too close to the Sheriff or you are a coward and afraid of him count in that culture. In case that is not obvious, yes I just called the P-E Liars and/or Cowards.

Thanks for the love Channel 7

The P-E has given Stan Sniff way too much ink in all their articles since he was overthrown. I also take note that Jeff Van Wagenen, who was highlighted in earlier posts allegedly trying to give some of Sniff’s former Management a soft landing, is quoted speaking typical nuanced bureaucrat speak:

“I’m not going to use the words ‘dishonest’ or ‘deceptive,’” said Van Wagenen, who is independent of the sheriff. “But again, Sheriff Sniff had complained in the last couple of years that the board cut his budget … the sheriff’s budget has actually grown every year since 2012-2013.”

Numbers provided by Van Wagenen show the sheriff’s budget growing from $538 million in fiscal 2012/13 to $672 million last fiscal year. Net county cost – what the county general fund contributes to the sheriff’s budget – grew from $224 million to $276 million over the same period.

I’ll say it for Jeff. Sniff Lied and mismanaged the money the department was allotted. Perhaps all that time spent Stan Sniff spent retaliating against enemies of the state was more of a brain-drain than we’ll ever know…

… which makes the coming Press-Enterprise whitewashing of two year wait times for CCW Permits all the more egregious. Sheriff Chad Bianco has made it clear that the money is in the budget to speed them up. In fact, the wait time has been slashed.

It was put to this blogger by a confidential informant that the Sheriff wants to use a 3rd party vendor that will process CCW applications for a very low price – at no cost to the county mind you – and do the preliminary background checks. They promise a crazy fast turnaround, too.

This seems to be too much for the Riverside County Administrative State to handle. The swamp creatures, fearing a loss of control are throwing up roadblocks. If you remember, there are maintenance backlogs on vehicles, oil changes cost $300 and the like because the County has a no-bid monopoly on vehicle maintenance. There is little incentive to change that system because of hundreds of make-work county jobs that would be lost if that racket was dismantled.

So – the County Admin people are saying Sheriff Bianco has to go through “purchasing” and other red tape BS before he can finally streamline the CCW process. Your intrepid blogger fears he may have to start naming these bureaucrats by name. Perhaps the new supervisors can demonstrate some leadership and crack the whip on these feckless obstacles to efficiency and change for the citizens.

I sent some links about the awful CCW history of Stan Sniff in a vain hope that the P-E Reporter would do his job. I realized that one of the forums that was replete with people complaining of waits as long as 26 months for an interview was wiped clean. This must have happened sometime in September of 2018 as I re-verified all of my information around labor day. It appears that H Paul Payne, the scumbag (that’s what I think of him) that controls the NRA in California had his buddies at the CRPA clear off the derogatory references to the Sniffmeister.

Too bad for Payne, the CRPA, Sniff and others… I got screenshots and archives.

So, Mr. Payne, you can’t clear out internet archives… and you can’t cover up screenshots

The Cal Guns foundation actually Sued Sniff in 2018 over his abusive CCW Practices. The CRPA only threatened a suit in 2014. That threat was also exterminated from their website.

Then there is this expose’ your intrepid blogger put together.

Thats true.. I mean 2018 till an interview is what one guy said….. you know how many deputies are on limited duty and on disability ect they could throw in that division? they could put like 20 guys in there.. BTW, the two deputies that are in there now are super super guys .. Frank Yezzo is a great guy and one of the JUST TWO deputies in that division… and very easy going in the whole process but again, its almost like you should just CCW on your own at that point of waiting.

The other was Frank Aguirre who appears to have sold out for a “Tap” position from Sniff.

Unpack the comment. In a county of 2.4 Million people Sheriff Sniff has limited the number of people processing CCW Permits to 2.

I have a current CCW from another county. I’m told by Riverside county that I have to begin the process over in their county, taking the safety course from one of their vendors and I have to interview. They gave me an appointment in January 2019!!

This comment was from 3-27-2017 and was deleted from the CRPA forum page.

Here are two more specific stories about preferential treatment for donors.

The department is in complete turmoil because we have not had strong leadership from Sniff nor Diyorio. When the leaders don’t lead, all the rest of the nonsense that you have been writing about begins to happen (thermal station scandal, cheating scandal on the detective tests in 2015, then cheating on the Lt and Caps test in 2016, sergeants and lieutenants in admin positions not working full days…which has become part of the culture at those ranks etc etc). This agency has been a ship adrift for years now and it is sad.

Second word, ethics. It is true (and I have witnessed it first hand) that if you are a FOS (friend of the sheriff) you will go to the front of the line to get a ccw. If you are john q citizen, it’s a 18 month to two year wait. All department members know about this, from the office staff, to the deputies and above. We see the Sheriff campaigning on duty or having his people do it for him (Purvis on the dept owned gator with a Sniff campaign sign etc. etc) and know full well that if we were caught doing something like that for Bianco we’d be gone.

That’s right folks. The P-E, H Paul Payne and others attempted to cover this CCW thing up and now the P-E is getting ready to whitewash the whole thing. The P-E is whitewashing Sniff’s fiscal mismanagement, too.

If the P-E was interested in journalism, they’d have been running stories about the corruption of Stan Sniff for years.

Feb 112019

During the election campaign I wrote about County Council Snodgrass. (I think he is a corrupt piece of garbage that should not have a law license.) Based on accounts, I have reached a conclusion that Snodgrass is a small, shriveled up vindictive bureaucrat hitman that was as much a part of Stan Sniff abusing his men as anyone else.

Snodgrass is reputed to have dragged a member of the old second floor to some sort of official hearing. The rub was that the individual in question is alleged to have attempted to pass himself off as still having authority. Snodgrass is reputed to have received an urgent message from County Admin, after which his vindictive game against an aggrieved Sheriff’s Office Employee was terminated and the proceeding was continued to a different date. Once your intrepid blogger is cleared to release the specific details – it is our hope that Snodgrass is both terminated and drug before the State Bar to answer for being a slimebag.


See the list above? Someone I believe to be either Kevin Vest or Dave Kurylowicz went running to an extreme left wing social justice warrior blog to whine about the terminations that happened after SHERIFF (repeat as many times as needed) BIANCO was sworn in.

A key difference between Chad Bianco and Stan Sniff has already manifest. Misha Graves, who your intrepid blogger believes was used as a campaign prop by Stan Sniff, was allowed to demote herself and go back to a jail. If the new Sheriff was as vindictive as Sniff, Graves would have been terminated.

We’ve written that now Lt. Christian Dekker, a reviled piece of vermin within the department was up to his old tricks of planting recording devices in his workplace. (This time a jail) His good buddy, Correctional Lt. Martin Tochtrop (again promoted by Sniff in 2018) has a headache of his own.

His girlfriend Jennifer Higgins appears to have been caught in a lie. Higgins has quite a history with a lot of men in the department, one of which happens to be the disaster known as Andrew Shouse. Apparently, Higgins’ report / testimony against Shouse that was part of the termination of Shouse was fabricated.

One account has Higgins being walked out and another has her just simply being investigated by Internal Affairs. My biggest issues with Shouse were his using his rank to get sex and his drinking on duty. I believe accounts of both by Mr. Shouse to be true as the number of people with first hand knowledge is legion.

I am not sure why Higgins felt she needed to lie. Both accounts I have received indicate that PSB (Stanley’s name for Internal Affairs) knew she lied and did nothing with it. Worse, Higgins was allowed to continue her poor performance on the Homicide team until SHERIFF (repeat as many times as necessary) BIANCO was sworn in and had her moved elsewhere.

Jennifer Higgins is one of only Two real people whose accounts I blocked off of my Right on Daily page as she made over the top threats. It appears that she has worse problems than being angry over Right on Daily writing accurate stories about the misbehavior of Martin Tochtrop (her current boyfriend).

P.S. People are telling me Sniff is talking about running against Mark Takano. That is insane.

Jan 292019


We chronicled how Stanley promoted Sgt. Christian Dekker to Lt in the waning days of his reign of terror. We are sure the 4 checks Dekker wrote to Stanley’s Campaign had nothing to do with it…

Dekker, along with Correctional Sgt. Martin Tochtrop pulled some legendary stunts at the jails they worked at. These included allegedly setting up inmates being released in error and leaving recording devices in several locations of places he was assigned to. Dekker is also alleged to have cheated on his time cards, racking up thousands of dollars in overtime he should not have gotten.

It is alleged that even in his last weeks as a Sgt. (Lt’s are salaried) he arranged to be on the clock on a couple of holidays.

When Dekker was promoted to LT. he was shipped back to a jail. I believe it is the SW Jail. Regardless of wether it is RPDC or the SW Jail – just today Dekker was up to his old tricks. He dropped in on a couple correctional deputies in their “Pod” and when he left the area, a flashlight was left behind by Lt. Dekker.

One of the two correctional deputies had the presence of mind to pick up the Flashlight and open it. Inside the flashlight was a recording device.

While this may only be a misdemeanor in California, it is a massive violation of the “POBAR” Statute. Christian Dekker has obviously forgotten that there is a New Sheriff in Riverside County.

The two Correctional Deputies did not file a complaint for fear of retaliation. Remember, Right On Daily has written about Correctional Deputies that have been terminated out of Retaliation – see also Tammy Smoak for one.

If you can direct me to where and who I need to talk to in order to file a complaint against Lt. Dekker on behalf of the two correctional deputies, I’d be grateful. This kind of garbage needs to stop.

It is even more infuriating to realize that Dekker was able to successfully sue the County of Riverside for Hostile Work Environment when he is creating the very thing. (And has been for at least the last decade)

Anyone with any further information please come forward, you can remain anonymous. [email protected]

Jan 182019

Allow your intrepid blogger to issue a warning to all Sniff-ERA Commanders, I am watching you. Lt. Bostrom, Captain Huskey, Lt. Dekker, Shields, Sgt. Pelato, and others – I have a list and a long memory.

Anyone with any information on continuing abuses of RSO Staff by Sniff-ERA Holdovers is encouraged to come forward to [email protected] “The Eyes of Argus are watching…”

Lt Loren Tyler Clark is a jerk. At least that is what I think of him and based on accounts your intrepid blogger has assembled about him, everyone else will also.

An un-named deputy at Moreno Valley Station was commenting on a political article on Facebook and an extreme left-wing rainbow warrior (CUE Desert Scum with faux outrage) decided to file a complaint over it. Loren Tyler Clark immediately pronounced said deputy guilty and sent out an email with the following document attached:

See Loren Tyler Clark’s legal drivel here

If you take 10 minutes out of your life that you will never get back, you will see that in addition to being a complete abusive jerk, that Loren Tyler Clark is also an idiot.

The document conflates 4 legal cases, 2 of which are so poorly written they are never cited as complete precedent. The cases are also about supervisory level employees and/or racism. Commenting about government waste, guns, etc is far from any of this. The DEPUTY, (repeat the word DEPUTY as many times as is necessary Loren) is not a supervisory level employee.

This is the Facebook profile of the complainer. He is from San Francisco, a Bernie Supporter and he is as Gay as Kurly.

Perhaps the abusive idiot Loren Tyler Clark has been reading the handful of extreme left wing professional outrage blogs ignoring Kurly’s malfeasance instead focusing only on his gayness. Perhaps Lt. Clark still thinks Moreno Valley Station is being run by Kurly and assuming the Straight Guy is in the wrong is still the S.O.P?

Or, how about considering that the blame-the-employee-first culture is indeed one of the nightmares that SHERIFF (repeat this as many times as necessary Loren) Chad Bianco is going to have to fix. Given that there are morons like Loren Tyler Clark all over the department courtesy of the now deposed tyrant Stanley, Chad Bianco has a nightmare to deal with.

Walking Kurly out for gross violations of policy and ethics was a start. Replacing idiots like Loren Tyler Clark who have civil service protections is going to take a while. If it was me, I’d visit the Riverside Zoo an arrange for a straight across trade from the Jungle exhibit.

P.S. Acting Station Captain Lelevier, here is an opportunity to decisive action to alter the culture Stan Sniff and Kurly have created. It looks like Lt. Clark needs some training…

Jan 092019
Vindicated Former Sheriff Robert Doyle embraces Sheriff Chad Bianco post-swearing in
In the midst of his best day, Sheriff Bianco takes a moment to acknowledge God with his wife

The first two days of Sheriff Bianco, what a contrast. Wow.