Nov 122018

Your intrepid blogger was leaked an incident report that just occurred this AM.

Just happened at Moreno Valley Station, where Kurly is Chief. The station is so safe and secure for employees that just any Joe can walk in and take a tour. Dude was found wandering the station. Can you believe this crap? This guy had a felony warrant for burglary and walked into the police department unchecked until a non-sworn female found him. Good job Kurly on maintaining a secure building.

It looks like a homeless or insane felon walked in the front door of the Moreno Valley Station, went to the break room and microwaved some food.

A female staffer noticed the guy several minutes after he first entered the station. The wandering felon was attempting to gain access to other parts of the building before finally being apprehended.

It looks like Captain Kurly needs to resign now or be Pers-ed for incompetence.

The felon? Don’t worry, folks – he won’t be back in jail for long either.

Rumor Mill:

Undertaker Diyoyo has put in his retirement papers. Not unexpected as William DiYorio was brought back from retirement to mismanage the department by Sheriff Sniff.

Assistant Sheriff Kevin Vest who is a reviled figure within the department is also purported to be retiring, Vest is close to age 50. This means he will only be a few months from drawing his obscene pension based on his $250K a year salary.

Assistant Sheriff Joseph Cleary is also alleged to be retiring. He is over 50 so this makes perfect sense.

Some of mess that Chad Bianco is inheriting will work itself out, some, like the Kurylowicz situation will require direct action.

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  19 Responses to “Chad Bianco’s Mess Part 1 – Captain Dave Kurylowicz’ Station Invaded by a Felon With a Warrant Out on $50K Bail + More Retirements?”

  1. Stanley’s Facebook says,

    “It’s just not going to be the same without Sheriff Sniff”

    No shit, that’s what we have been saying all along.

  2. Kevin Vest is only 47 or a recently turned 48. Wood, Ford, Horton, Raya, CORRECTIONAL Assistant Sheriff Gutierrez are all under 50. Reality is coming at them quickly as they scramble to stay afloat. “You reap what you sow.”

  3. The MVPD station lacks security and janitorial hygiene. Every time I go , I literally take my Purell Professional Surface Disinfectant. I spray the seat, which I’m going to sit and wipe the counter before touching. That station is literally gross.!!!

    So why did this felon have such easy access to one of the largest city contract police station.? Kurly is to busy on social media.

  4. I know it was the Bianco campaign who left the door unlocked and let the guy in, it’s like cyber bullying….Waaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

    I’m a decorated captain and all I can do is cry like a little girl, waaaaaa waaaaaaa, sniff, sniff.

    Everyone is attacking me, waaaaaaaaa:

  5. It’s a good thing The Reverend Kevin Smith and John ”I Ise My Little Head” Magnan weren’t assigned to MoVal. Otherwise, they’d be blaming a patrol sergeant 10-8 in the field whilst they sit on their asses yanking their, er, guns.

    Kurlmyballsinside needs to find another line of work. It’s obvious he cannot handle the basics as a station commander like, say, keeping his people safe and secure.

    Perhaps he can go to Palm Springs and cry for a job to the council.

  6. John S : They won’t give him a job. Those studs in PS want real warriors not chingaderas.

  7. So Kurly will go out on stress leave I’m sure. Wood medical leave he’s paving the way, Cleary gone, Vest gone , DiYorio gone , Sniff gone. Now what to do with the 100k Earning Gore n Eggplant ? Will Robin be sent packing as well, how hard can it be to copy n paste stories on Facebook. There’s so much money to save on the second floor by eliminating this trash. Can’t wait for the new year !! How long until the goat man starts kissing up to Bianco. I’m guessing couple months tops and he will be all over his junk.

  8. Good thing dude didn’t find Kurly Sue, or there could have been a hostage situation. Then Worthless could of showed up and took off all his battle gear and stripped down to his bra and panties and saved the damsel in distress.

    January can’t come fast enough.

  9. Anyone else remember the guy who almost got a shotgun, and was only questioned when he asked for a 9mil? How’d that not come up? Lol. Hey Aaron, this isn’t the first guy to get in. Last guy almost signed out a shotgun!

  10. Fat Bodnar left the door opens while making a burrito run. Or the swat guru, just ask him, he did not get kicked off of swat faggot favero, forgot to shut the door while hand rifle pying the door like x swat fags do.

  11. Fly on the wall: Yeah, for sure Kurly Sue would have missed his push up bra and his silky laced thongs.

  12. Aaron,

    I was reading your Randy Robinson post on fb. I don’t use fb so I can’t leave a message there. It sounds to me that he should be the first person chad pulls the ccw from. Obviously he is a threat.

    You do need to report this to law enforcement.

    I’m sure there will be others.

    Chad please take note.

  13. Great. Kurly’s officer safety skills still suck. Moral is actually soaring at MoVal. But of course FatPatch is trying to bully the deputies by being a fake sergeant and tear everyone down. Even the sergeants hate your bloated ass. Just shut the F up Jon. Keep it up boy because someone might put you in your place sooner than later. Hopefully Kurly and you get reassigned together. Hey Bodnar, we look at you as a weak kid with sergeant stripes. And tell us again what beat you met you significant other?

  14. For Moval to move forward Fat Bodnar n Kurly gotta get transferred to Blythe so they can hangout with Sniff supporters Huizingas n Teets. Let them enjoy the sun out along the river. we gotta get rid of the plague at the Moval Station for it to turn around, starting with those two. Come on 2019!!! Can’t wait!

    Thanks again Aaron for helping spread the truth.

  15. So Fat Bodnar made a logistics non-sworn female cry at MoVal? You are a punk ass bitch.

  16. If “Holy Roller” Smith was at Mo Val, he would have barracked himself in his office as he was putting his pistol back together as Kurly fries was hiding in the community services office having a “Kurly moment.” Smith then would have emerged from his office to take credit for apprehending the suspect and then would have had Fat Bodnar put down the tripple stacked burger long enough to submit him for an award. And then Pastor Smith would have told his whole congregation what a gunslinger he was and how many secretaries he saved. And MV182 being the fat leach that he is would have belittled the troops (in between bites) for not being brave like “The Reverend Smith” as Kurly toes was ordering pizza for everyone that saved him. We can only hope Bianco can do something with these village idiots, like get them to leave come January.

  17. Lt. Kent Werges is in serious trouble once his protection, Ray Wood, leaves because at that point, Lt Worthless is free game, and will be held accountable for all his mistakes, mismanagement and poor decision making abilities. Maybe Mitch Alm will help Worthless and his wife out and keep them on a deck hands for his boat, providing Worthless keeps the panic attacks down to a minimum because insurance will only cover so much damage.

  18. I hear rumors the Sniff is refusing to let Bianco come to the 2nd floor for any type of transitional support or training. Many RSO are still looking at your blog. There is hope amongst many Deputies, but we are all curious if Stalin, I mean Sniff, is retiring early, like rumors suggest. He’s been hiding at Kulys house not showing up for work. The 2nd floor is not letting The New Sheriff on the 2nd floor. What’s going on?

  19. Sheriff-Elect Bianco should consider, if he has not already, serving the second floor with a subpoena ordering them to preserve all records, and to hold them accountable to the court if there is evidence that anything was shredded. The order should also include language to prevent the second floor from making any promotions or demotions in order to prevent retaliation against those who supported Sheriff-Elect Bianco. He should also consider terminating every single person on the second floor, and only rehiring those who will truly be loyal to him.

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