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You would think that the local media would understand that the reason why the Sheriff’s Office bailed and other agencies had to step in would have been obvious. Or, perhaps the bruised egos of the local media whose boy got crushed by 16.58% were at play.

Stan Sniff was a no-show at the blue light event but only soon-to-retire Cheryl Evans was present. NBC Palm Springs had a seemingly unrelated story that did not connect the dots

That’s why she says the Blue Light ceremonies that show support to families of fallen officers during this time of year mean everything, “It means that they’re not forgotten and we’re not forgotten,” adding when she found out the department her husband worked for canceled the ceremony this year she was devastated, “I thought nobody really cared about us anymore.”

But that feeling didn’t last long, after hearing about this, two departments stepped up to hold the ceremonies: the Palm Springs Police Department and the Riverside Police Department.

Missing, of course is mention that it was Stan Sniff that attempted to cancel the event. January 8th can’t get here soon enough.

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  17 Responses to “Stan Sniff Update: No Show at Blue Light Event – While Local Media is Asleep at the Switch”

  1. Stan Sniff was a disgrace to the Riverside Sheriff’s Department. He tried to pull the plug early and have retarded Kevin Vest be Sheriff for a month before Sheriff Bianco took over. When the BOS said No, Sniff said he would stay until the bitter end, but obviously he is not doing anything… besides maybe destroying evidence ha! But seriously, doing nothing, cant even show his ugly face for a good cause. Way to step up Palm Springs and Riverside police departments… no wonder all our new deputies are leaving rso to these other agencies.

  2. Cheryl Evans was useless as a Chief Deputy, whenever she visited a station and the deputies asked her a question her response was “I don’t know” because she would not make a decision, just like when she was in CHU. And now she has jumped onto the Chad Bianco ship, and is petitioning anyone with rank to speak to Chad about keeping her on the second floor as part of the executive staff. What a sad individual, she has no dignity or honor in her actions. She deserves to be thrown out on her ear because she never did anything to deserve the position in the first place. Cheryl Evans screwed over Charlie Mungle’s son, now the chickens have come home to roost Cheryl, in your front yard.

  3. Wow… Cheryl Evans should be NOT be part of the executive team. Chad needs to be prudent and wipe out the cancer with radiation.

  4. I agree, Cheryl Evans was a political appointee that was mediocre as a deputy, she did the bare minimum and was liked by big John Anderson, who was the one that brought her up through the ranks, and poisoned the promotion process with promotions like her’s. And now she expects to keep a job that she did not earn, unbelievable. Cheryl, if you want to keep your cushy job, go up to Chad yourself, don’t have others do it for you, it only makes you look weaker than you already are. I hope Chad Bianco cleans house, starting with Lemon Street. “You reap what you sow Cheryl” and right now you are reaping the fruits of your labor as one of Sniff’s evil little helpers. So remember this when you apply for unemployment benefits. And take Kurly fries with you, he belongs there as well, maybe he can have another “Kurly moment” in the office.

  5. Oh what a tangled web we weave Cheryl. Hey, why not ask Greg Negron to intervene on your behalf with Chad to see about you keeping your job. You guys were once an item. Oh, that’s right, you dumped Greg for someone younger, better looking and had better dance moves, and had longer hair. I would not make any expensive purchases Cheryl, you might need the money come January.

  6. I worked for Cheryl for a number of years. I understand that everyone has their own opinion, but she always treated me fairly. I would have no issue whatsoever if she was able to stick around a little longer to retire.

  7. No way in hell does Cheryl Evans deserve a spot on the second floor. She did nothing to earn that position, the only reason she was promoted was because Chief Deputy Anderson was fond of her, that’s her claim to fame. To be on the executive staff you need to have the skills to make the decisions necessary to run the Department, and no matter how nice she may have been in the past, she just don’t have the attributes for the position.

    I was there when she came to the station and when deputies asked her questions about Department operations her response was,”Well, I don’t know.” And you want her to keep her job, you got to be kidding. And in talking to the detectives in homicide, they had to hold her hand on everything she did, and you only go to homicide if you know what you are doing. So what does that say about her and her abilities to do the job and make decisions.

    And as a Lt., she was out on FMLA with a baby, and when she comes back she is promoted to Captain and does her Captain time in Corrections and gets promoted to Chief Deputy. She never had any patrol experience running a station, yet she thinks she deserves to keep her job, no way. There are other female staff members that deserve management and executive positions, and are better at it, but not Cheryl Evans.

  8. @PE260: I remember working the jail at the beginning of my career. Many of the inmates I came in contact with were “nice” too. Looking back, I’m sure in some, it was their nature to be nice and just through a string of bad luck and wrong decision, wound up in jail. The other group, the conniving, sneaky, and those who always “came back,” were nice for reasons other than what their nature really was. They prey on the weak and lonely, often wooing a deputy to bring contraband or perform sexual acts. In the end, they care not for these ex-deputies (they always get caught) they’re just another notch (or prison tattoo) to brag about.

    Cheryl falls in the latter category, she’s not “nice” because she is, she’s “nice” because it’s what snakes do before they strike. She’s an adult…she took the higher admin position, and upon doing so, fell into the latter category I just described. And for her to try and save herself through others…typical Cheryl. Don’t put the effort yourself, let others do the heavy lifting for you.

    Not that I want to see her starving on the streets, what with Christmas so close…but if she’s shown the door and has to collect unemployment until she finds that cushy consultant job somewhere (and hopefully not through RSO), then so be it.

    The power she wielded on that floor might have saved a deputy’s job, or prevented someone from being disciplined too harshly. Being nice has nothing to do with doing the right thing, apparently.

    Sheriff Elect Bianco would do well for himself and the department by ridding all the losers on that floor and starting over.

  9. I just read of the transition which took place when Sheriff Villanueva took over the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department recently. I seems that most of their upper echelon were dead weight and incompetent. Such leadership problems are not solely emblematic of this Department. Villanueva replaced almost all of his upper management and is starting over with a clean slate. Villanueva was a retired lieutenant. Perhaps his transition and take over of LASD should serve as a template for Sheriff Bianco.

  10. So, the one chief deputy who shows up subsequently gets bashed for it? Regardless of accolades for promotion to chief deputy, what we’ve lost as a department is the human factor which was replaced with processes. I merely relayed how Cheryl’s always been fair to me. The word, “nice” was used interchangeably with my use of “fair”.

    I have faith in whatever plan the incoming sheriff has for the transition. If he decides to keep a few chiefs in play to ease the transition, I’m totally fine with that.

  11. What is lost among all the hurt feelings after this coup, may be the basis upon which this war began. Stan Sniff lost his way, he turned his back on ethics and the creedo we have all lived throughout our careers.

    Those people he appointed to the executive staff may have done some fantastic and amazing things during their careers in law enforcement. However, they were also placed in the best vantage point to see the failings, and to recognize the chaos that Stan Sniff’s decisions created among the rank and file each day.

    They remained in solidarity with Stan, they did not defend the meek or the oppressed as required by their oath (we are sworn). If they kept neutral and tried to weakly misdirect or mitigate damaging decisions, they are too incompetent to remain. We need leaders, not cowardly lions in the executive staff. Moot point, really; as every Chief Deputy participated with Stan Sniff, they sit squarely at the heart of why this civil war was fought.

    I don’t care if Stan Sniff supporters have become a group of save-asses. The leadership and accountability that follows with Sheriff Bianco empowers our leadership to take all appropriate steps to impose merit based and objective standards upon everyone. If we have people unable to physically, ethically, or mentally withstand the rigors of daily law enforcement, they will be weeded out of the garden.

  12. @John S., well said, and on point regarding your assessment of Cheryl Evans. and @PE260, your definition of “Fair” may not measure up to everyone else’s definition. And just because someone shows up to work everyday, that don’t mean they are doing the right thing, for the right reason.

    Jeff Kubel showed up to work every day at Temecula, and compromised his principles in not holding a patrol sergeant accountable for his shortcomings because that sergeant was a Sniff supporter. Mike Manning showed up for work on a regular basis, as he was dating a subordinate.

    Kent Werges was at work on a daily basis, and he screwed up the Mo Val budget to the tune of $500,000, he was then involved in an altercation with a sergeant, and had a panic attack during a critical incident and intentionally damaged three SWAT units. And let’s not forget Kevin Smith who thinks playing “Rack and Tap” is acceptable behavior in his office, when he’s not eavesdropping on deputies private conversations.

    And what about Aaron Kent, he showed up to work on a regular basis, and had deputies while on-duty set up a surround sound stereo system at his home, and cheated on the Lieutenants test. Or Christian Dekker and Nathan Kaas, they showed up to work on holidays, and spend their time in their office’s doing nothing and raping the county for all kinds of money when they were scheduled to be off.

    Robert Rose comes to work, when he’s not drawing down on civilians, and Steve Broache, Robert Cornett and Tony Pelato showed up to wrok when they totally screwed up the Vincent Brooks investigation. And Robert Epps was at work when he committed what appeared to be several criminal acts while on the bomb squad. And let’s not forget the on-duty antics of Steve Fredricks and Jon Wade.

    So how many of these fools, tools, misfits, mutants and losers were promoted, and protected under Cheryl Evan’s watch? How many hard working staff menbers’s reputation and vocations were ruined because Cheryl Evans declined to stand up and do the right thing? Was it because doing the right thing was inconvenient for her?

    I do not wish to see anyone lose their job, but we must all pay the piper for our behavior, and Cheryl knew what she was getting into when she took the job (and the pay and benefits), when she went to the second floor, and now has to bear the consequences for her incompetence. So Cherly Evans has no room to complain come January. I just wonder what excuses she would have given if the DA had looked into Sniff’s regime. “I was just a tool of the Sniff administration, I was in fear for my privileged position, I was deceived into doing Sniff’s bidding.” The same excuses were used at Nuremberg, and they did not work then.

  13. @PE260, just because someone is nice, that does not mean they are competent, or honorable or ethical. Cheryl Evans was none of the above and does not deserve a command position in the new administration come January. She was nothing more than an opportunist and did nothing to help advance the careers of good staff members and stood by and said nothing as Stan Sniff promoted his loyal, and self-serving minions to positions of authority, as competent staff members were screwed over again and again.

  14. I have a question to ask, how loyal do you really think Chief Deputy Evans is going to be come election time in 2022. Especially if Chief Deputy Horton plans to run for Sheriff in 2022. Does Chad Bianco really want to take that chance that she will stay loyal to him if he decides to keep her. I would not take that chance. I don’t mean to sound heartless, but Chief Deputy Cheryl Evans is a liability they don’t need on the second floor, no matter how nice she appears to be.

  15. 2charles50, How true. The BOS’s little move of Jason over to his new “executive” position is a move to put him on ice until the next election. If Vest goes to IT that will be another thought out position to help them attempt to replace Sheriff Bianco in ‘22. They are already making their next moves..

    Too bad for them, the good guys have AARON!!! Let’s not forget the great job he is doing and did!

  16. I think the BOS are setting up Chad Bianco for failure in 2022. They took care of Jason Horton by keeping him on the county payroll to keep him in the loop of county operations. And by keeping Cheryl Evans and Jeff Kubel on the executive staff, those two can keep Jason Horton abreast of second floor politics. And with Kevin Vest at IT, he can monitor the second floor’s communications, in addition to passing on alleged negative information to an “Inside Riverside” type of website that supports Horton, and smuts up Bianco in the process. And if Horton wins, Vest can come back as Horton’s Undersheriff, and Kubel and Evans will be his Asst. Sheriff’s. Bianco can’t do much about Horton and Vest right now, but he can minimize his exposure by getting rid of Kubel and Evans for the sake of his administration, they can’t be trusted.

  17. Cheryl Evans was a terrible Lt at Mo Val. She had no respect for her peers, and undermined Chad Bianco when he was a Lt. at Mo Val in front of the Station Commander, who was John Anderson at the time. So she can’t be trusted. Neither can Jeff Kubel because he is like a palm tree, he sways with the wind and has no integrity or credibility for doing the right thing. They both need to go away.

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