Sep 192016

Aguilera - you took the Republican DownThey got caught. Perhaps the discovery of this is why Rene Aguilera did not recruit anyone in 2016, in order to save his own tail.

In 2012, Rene Aguilera’s core supporters knew the score, with one bragging – “You took the Republican down!”

The left know there is no such thing as a non-partisan race.

Gary Miller, as documented on this blog, has a long history of far-left activism centered around the fact that he is gay. He also is keen on attempting to spread his brand of cancer to other districts as well as his own.

Rene Aguilera and Gary Miller are known to associate and communicate about said plans to try to take out more Republican officeholders.

Both Aguilera and Miller are aware I have been poking around with Freedom of information act requests. It is also the reason why in my mind that Gary Miller has started the worn out and old He’s a bigot attacks.

Then there is this – an email between Gary Miller and Rene Aguilera which shows their collusion and proof of their attempt to take out Scott Huber (who is LDS) and Linda Park (who is an Evangelical Christian) from the Roseville Joint Union High School District Board in 2014.

Gary Miller Asks, “Can’t we find someone to run against those two right-wing wackos who are running for re-election to your board?”

Whoops. The left knows there is no such thing as a non-partisan office.

It gets better. Because of their solid relationship with the teachers of the district, the teacher’s union endorsed Scott Huber and Linda Park for Re-Election.

As of the date of Miller and Aguilera’s attempt to unseat Huber/Park in 2014, neither Huber nor Park had met Miller. Linda says that she still has not.

Then the next email obtained by your intrepid blogger should be even more disturbing:

(From Gary Miller to Brandon Dell Orto – the President of the Teacher’s Union)

… Scott Huber Gave Money to Prop 8, I have emailed him to see if he has changed his position on this issue.

I am assuming Linda Park is just as homophobic, but I have an email in to her as well…

Then Miller concludes with the following:

The CTA was very strong against Prop 8 and has been very good on Gay Issues, don’t spoil that record by endorsing homophobes.

So there you have it. Gary Miller and Rene Aguilera spreading unity and tolerance in the community.

Why is it that emails and democrats don’t seem to mix very well?

Sep 142016

8 more calls since the 2014 election. How many of you reading this have had the cops out to your house once? Once in 10 years? 20 years? 30 years?

Rene Aguilera infests the Roseville Joint Union High School Board. He needs to go. I have endorsed Andrew Tagg, Julie Hirota and Paige Stauss. Do not under any circumstances vote for Rene Aguilera.

On 5/12/2016 – you will see that references to Drug Activity at 136 Donner Ave have not stopped. Does Rene Aguilera Live at 136 Donner? If he does, is he selling narcotics? How is he supporting himself as his form 700’s list no income at all for years? These are legit questions to ask.

The most recent call to 136 Donner Ave was on 7/12/2016. Despite getting destroyed over the previous 44 calls in the 2014 election, Rene Aguilera appears to have learned nothing. (Nothing except for how to get free trips to Washington D.C. from NALEO and other groups.)

I am sure Mr. Aguilera, whose 18,000 Judgement is still active with no action and interest accruing is an innocent victim of 52 Police Calls to his home. Perhaps Gary Miller will invite him to his “Church” and Rene can sit there and wait for gas (I mean the spirit) to lead him to some sort of inner peace.

Of course, we here at are doing our part to help Aguilera achieve peace. We are helping reduce the stress in his life by helping to relieve him of his obligation of being a school board member… which he does a poor job at anyway.

Let’s recap the Police Activity at 136 Donner Ave (Rene’s Home address of record):

There is an annoying thing called public records. The calls have come in batches – Here is Batch One and here is Batch Two.

Here are some statistics from the police logs:

11 references to Drug Deals / Drug Activity

4 references to Arrests Made

7 references to disturbances between 11:45PM – 4:20AM

Why is Rene Aguilera on a School Board? Why is Gary Miller allied with this guy? They both have extremely poor judgement and Aguilera is a threat to public safety by virtue of the fact that 136 Donner Ave may well be considered a nuisance property.

Sep 102016

14333688_719811561756_6271762686569992828_nUnless you are living under a rock, you’ve heard about Hillary Clinton’s rant against Donald Trump’s supporters where she said the following:

“You know,” Clinton said at the LGBT event, “to just be grossly generalistic, you could put half of Trump’s supporters into what I call the basket of deplorables.”

It makes sense then that Aguilera would be liberally tossing out the racist card against anyone that wants to see the High School Board fumigated from his infestation.

It also makes sense that Gary Miller is running around throwing the word Homophobe out equally as liberally.

“The racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamaphobic — you name it,” Clinton continued.

There you have it. Disagree with a liberal Democrat and you, too can be in the basket.

The irony? When Barack Hussein Obama made his “Cling to their Guns and Religion” comment in Pennsylvania in 2008, the loudest critic was Hillary Clinton.

Gary Miller was a Bill Clinton Delegate to the DNC in 1992.

Rene Aguilera was a Hillary Clinton delegate in 2016.

They own this, this will not end well for them.

Sep 082016

Rene Aguilera is one of my favorites in local office.

Like Gary Miller, Rene Aguilera (pronounced Aggie-Lair-Uh, or else you are a racist) is a hard-left liberal democrat activist. You will see in his own words where he stands on the issues. (You may have to enter his name in to a search field on the site to get the results)

To no one’s surprise, he wants to gut prop 13. To no one’s surprise he wants to tax the rich and corporations – even more than they already are to fund a grab bag of progressive liberal agenda items.

What I can’t figure out is why he supports the $15 minimum wage – when his form 700’s indicate no income whatsoever. It makes perfect sense that he’d favor screwing business owners with a split-roll property tax deal and jacking taxes up even higher – because those don’t affect him, but making it harder for the poor to get a job? Maybe Aguilera really intends to never be gainfully employed, ever.

Then he lists his support for higher gas prices – with an extraction tax, higher energy prices by supporting failed cap and trade and of course single-payer healthcare.

Rene Aguilera did attempt to get the per-meeting stipend increased so he could afford Health Insurance through the district for himself. He could have also gotten a job, that might have been a better idea.

Aguilera who once campaigned on behalf of Prop 8, now lists himself amongst Gay Marriage opponents, Aguilera who claims Catholic Faith, lists himself is pro choice now. Perhaps this brand of faith is what Gary Miller thinks is ok?

Perhaps another reason why Rene Aguilera won’t get a job is that the $18k judgement we wrote about in 2014 is still in effect and Mr. Aguilera does not want to have wages garnished?

Lest you think that $18,000 judgement is an isolated incident, Aguilera also defaulted on his mortgage at one time as well. You can see the default for yourself if you like as it is all public record, much to the chagrin of Rene Aguilera.

Aguilera has a host of other problems we are going to get in to as well. The bottom line is that Aguilera has no business being in office anywhere, just like Gary Miller.

Hopefully, in 2016 the voters of Roseville will foreclose on the political career of Rene Aguilera.

P.S. as a personal note, I wear it with a badge of honor that Gary Miller thinks I am a Bigot and Rene Aguilera thinks I am a racist. This is a clear sign that they are both worried as page 2 of the liberal democrat playbook is to play the bigot/racist card when threatened. Welcome to American Politics 2016.

Is Rene Aguilera Running for Something Next Year??? Look At The Comments He Just Left…

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Jul 192015

Well, well, well – some “anonymous” commenter who is likely the man himself left a couple of priceless comments.

They seek to justify the drug dealing nephew and the $18k judgement that REMAINS UNPAID!

What a bunch of BS…. Just because someone you are related too, or even housing someone who has a drug problem does not mean Rene is unfit to do his job.

Obviously he is attempting to help a family member, it does not mean he condones that life style.  As a matter of fact, just because he has first hand knowledge and has been around people with problems, makes him more capable of being a better leader, supported, helper, etc., as he can relate to others that have problems too.  I bet almost everyone in Politics, schools boards, etc., all have family members who have or had drinking and/or drug problems within there life time.  Get real people!!  And Homeless people help too, and just b/c Rene may try to assist them in steering them towards avenues of support does not mean he or they are leeching off the system…  And who’s business is it, on WHO lives at Rene’s house..or who pays the rent… GEEESH.. find something better to write about, versus slamming people who actually care about California, Roseville and the residents.  Why don’t you post this!!

Rene Aguilera is on a school board and was harboring a known drug dealer in his house (until he moved him next door). There is no spinning that. Note – I left the typo and emboldened the choice lines in the comments left.

Such hear say.  Just b/c he houses his nephew and his nephew has been picked up for drug paraphernalia, and has admitted to drug problems, DOES NOT mean he sells it out of his Rene’s house.  Do you really think he and/or anyone would condone someone selling drugs out of his house.. You saying saying he is an accessory since his nephew has had charges in the past and/or b/c he uses drugs, that Rene is an accessory.  Everything you are posting is LIBEL and hearsay.  Just b/c Renene got a mortgage and hasn’t paid it, does NOT mean he ripped them off and/or any bad intentions when he got the loan.  You do not know his financial situation.  Like you said, he listed no income, no assets, so how can he repay the loan?  So its not stealing, as when he got the mortgage or loan I am sure he had every intention to repay it.  He has fallen on hard times and WHO are you to judge?  What a joke you are.

I did not know that the unpaid judgement was a mortgage. Maybe the lienholder will foreclose and help clean up the neighborhood? Also note the standard democrat line of “I meant well”… as in I meant to pay it back. (and then didn’t) What kind of fiscal responsibility does that show the Children of the RJUHSD???

In order to get a judgement and a charge-off, it means that Mr. Aggie-Lair-Uh has ignored repeated attempts to communicate and/or has made no attempt to make arrangements to pay back the money. Of course Aggie-Lair-Uh knew this when leaving these anonymous comments.

Looks like we will need to re-start the meat grinder in 2016.