Oct 182014

The first pictures were shot while driving by Mr. Ozenick on the drive in between the Sam’s Club Gas Station and the Condo Complex across from it. IT was impossible to stop and photograph the front of the Aguilera Sign However, Aguilera’s Signs are only ones that are one-sided with a wooden stake.

Well – Rene Aguilera has told the media that the campaign against him is a Republican Plot. Aguilera even has lied about that.

Phil Ozenick is a well-known Republican (like Richard Rocucci) both of whom have supported democrats in past campaigns including Aguilera and Big Daddy Jack Duran.

This time, Mr. Ozenick is on camera. At least Rocucci has the integrity to endorse losers publicly – Ozenick is now officially outed.

This first photo is Ozenick’s truck. The second is Mr. Ozenick – look close, you will see the cheap, small one-sided sign. Only one City Council Candidate has signs like that – Mr. Aggie-Lair-Uh.

SO – a sitting Central Committee Member is on Camera supporting a loser that is trying to unseat Republicans all over the County.

This is not the first time a GOP Cent Com Member has supported a liberal democrat. Cheryl Bly-Chester was also supporting Pam Tobin for Placer County Supervisor in 2012 over Kirk Uhler. However, she was never caught.

It makes sense that Rene Aguilera would be a delegate to the Democrat National Convention. He is an experienced liar and victim… no longer.

Phil Ozenick has just torn the façade of partisanship off of the Aguilera Campaign!

———UPDATE – Your intrepid Blogger has gone to the scene of the crime to photograph the evidence so that there is no deniability.

Recognize the Truck Route Sign? Match it with the one depicted above where Mr. Ozenick’s truck is parked. You can see the sign on the ground as Mr. Ozenick did not drive it in to the ground deep enough for it to stay up. (pity)

And here is a close-up of Said Aguilera Sign. Busted.

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