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Sometimes in Politics, when a candidate is held accountable, they break down.

Some of you may be aware of the recent Channel 13 story highlighting the incredible 44 police calls to 136 Donner Avenue, the residence of Rene Aguilera. As we have covered on this blog, Rene Aguilera’s nephew is a narcotics dealer.

I have been excoriating Rene Aguilera for weeks over his pattern of entitlement, playing fast and loose with the rules, refusing to pay his bills and blaming other people for his failures. As I type this, Mr. Aguilera’s corporation is still suspended, the $18,000 judgement still sits, unpaid and yes, Mr. Aguilera’s Nephew still lives at the house.

A reporter from 1530 Kfbk had/has been working on a story about Aguilera for over a month. The Reporter, Mary West, spoke to Rene Aguilera briefly and then he hung up on her. The only response was this email sent to her shortly thereafter – Rene Aguilera has yet to return a phone call since.

The email from Rene Aguilera is posted in its’ entirety. You will see how the Right On Daily Blog has correctly diagnosed Rene Aguilera, and second how the adage that there is no such thing as a non-partisan campaign also rings true.

Thank-you for calling me! I have been precinct walking most days except when I was attending the CA Latino School Boards Assoucation “UNITY” Conference last week.  if you want to call me back and get me recorded for a recorded interview I will go do an phone interview if you’d like.

In the meantime – here is my prepared statement that you can use any part of it for part of your story if there is a story etc.

My neighbors calling about nuisance have often times been at 138 Donner – not at 136 Donner. But yet neighbors have routinely state there are disturbances from 136 Donner.

I live with my 71 year old sister who volunteers at the St. Vincent DePaul Food Locker. My nephew also lives with me and his ex-girlfriend – who use to live there but not anymore since about 3 months ago and they both have had mental health issues regarding over medication and drug abuse. In no way, has any of the nuisance calls been about me. I have never been arrested and I am a baptised Mormon.

For me, it strikes to the core of my family and we have doing our best to deal with it privately when neighbors regularly call the Roseville Police when ever they see or hear something suspicious. But this is a quiet neighborhood! We have repeatedly asked our nephew to seek counseling and have even set up meetings and taken him to support groups.

However these efforts have not been successful. It has been a very difficult issue, but I have been told by the experts that the person has to also be willing to seek help they neeed and steps toward sobriety one day at a time. I am happy to report he now has a job!

I share the concerns of my neighbors, many of which are families that have grown up around me since I have lived in my 136 Donner house since I was a baby.

My parents have passed on and left me the family house. And I am the baby of the family. My two older brothers and I all were Latino Student Body Presdeints at Roseville High and graduates of UC Davis!

I also want to thank my neighbors for their vigilance. Our Neighborhood watch program in the Folson Road Neighborhood Association of which I am a former Board of Director of the Roseville Coalition of Neighborhoods Assoication (RCONA) are a good way for communities to look out for each other. But I recognize being a concerned neigbor is not enough.

Especially in the era of public safety where many non-violent crimes are being sent to overcrowded local jails where they often end up in the streets within hours. Local jails in Auburn – Placer County are – and they just that just opended a Roseville Placer County Jail near Thunder Valley Casino with the the hope of the Placer County Supervisors opening a “Hope City” soon next the the Roseville Jail on Industrial Ave. like Loaves and Fishes. (A story tip for the future)

The young lady that was arrested in my neighborhood was not arrested at my house. Her name was Holly Brannon (mispelled last name but close) and is a meth user. 3 cop cars came by on Wednesday looking for her and another person named Chris who live next door at 138 Donner (next door) for not showing up in court and apparently a warrant for out for their arrest. Chris is wanted for hitting his ex-wife and Holly did not make a court date as I even offered her a ride. Holly just recently lost her two kids under 3 or 4 years old and she is using Meth (or other drugs) to medicate.

So if you look at the Police Report from Wednesday – Holly was not arrested in my house at 136 Donner as Ch. 13 put her picture and made it seem she was arrrested at my 136 Donner home. Or that she lived at 136 Donner.

Now on the reports of traces of marijuana last Oct 31 on Halloween – a couple of Police Officer came and said that the Correctional Officer two doors down (a Republican) accused my house of giving out bags with traces of marijuana. The officers had dogs going through every room in my house including the basement and of course – the bags we were handing out! They said sorry to bother you and left stating it was a false report.

Because I am in the public arena there have been attempts to assoicate my campaign with these activies. For this reason I have decided to share more about these private issues publicly and it really serves to underscore why I am running for Roseville City Council.

I am very busy in my public service related activities as an elected school trustee since 2002. In fact in 2012, I received close to 30,000 votes.

My sister who is 71 and is the mother of my nephew is working very hard to support her son. Often times, I am not around in the evening when the things seem to have gotten out of control again at 138 Donner not at 135 Donner – my house that I own.

My campaign is about putting people first. My track record as a community advocate and public servant reflects that I am asking the people of Roseville to allow me the honor of using my experience dealing with these and other real life issues of which I am an expert on – homeless issues, mental health issues, public transporation (taking the bus) etc. My two opponents live in Republican gated communities in Roseville and the other three City Council members are also Republicans.

I want to thank-you for calling me today and hopefully correct some of the misinformation coming from my fellow Board Trustee Linda Park’s son Aaron Park.  Linda and George Park and Aaron are all part of the CRA – California Republic Party and Placer County Republican central Committee.  The Park’s are also big time donors and supporters of my opponent Republican Mayor Susan Park who are neighbors.  It is all about dirty politics.

They have even gone so far to say I am on welfare of which I am not! Thanks again for asking for comments to give my side of the story!

I have never done any drugs and again the nuisance calls have mainly have to do with 138 Donner not 136 Donner. The CBS report made it out that Holly lives and was arrested at 136 Donner. She was not arrested in my house!

If you have another questions please call me back at 916-532-5998.
Rene Aguilera
Candidate for Roseville City Council
Roseville City Elementary School District Board Trustee, 2002-2012
Roseville Joint Union High School District Board, 2012-2016

  2 Responses to “Rene Aguilera Update: In His Own Words to a KFBK reporter”

  1. Aaron,

    Thank you for day-lighting this. Rene is one of the most dangerous, insidious locally elected officials out there. Not only must he not be elected to the City Council, he must be removed from his Roseville Joint Union High School District seat. Heck, reading this email, I wonder if he even graduated from high school!

  2. Aaron, I justed wanted to applaud you for bringing this information to light. I live in Lincoln and as such, I will not be voting for any seats on the Roseville City Council but I appreciate the insight you provide in your blog on local politics. As a former WPUSD school board trustee, I am apalled reading Mr. Aguilera’s email…I, like Mr. Uhler, wonder how Rene Aguilera ever graduated from UCD.

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