Oct 192014

I make the above charge because this was sent in three weeks out from election day and in the interim, several pro-Aguilera and Anti-Measure B letters were printed… but not this one. The one story in the P-T was extremely pro-aguilera as well.

Rene Aguilera has attacked Roseville’s way of life with old arguments from the 1960’s. Rene Aguilera believes Roseville is too expensive to live in – even though Roseville’s median income is only $3k per household over the state average, and the cost of living is equivalent with the state average. Thus, we need central planning to fix this injustice says Aguilera.
Rene Aguilera claims there is a Republican conspiracy to derail his campaign – yet known Republican activist Phil Ozenick has been photographed installing signs on his behalf!
Rene Aguilera claims to be pro law enforcement, a claim buttressed by the fact that his home has contributed to the job security of Roseville’s finest, with some 44 visits between 1/1/2013 and 8/22/2014. These include several references to warrants, drug activity and arrests.
Rene Aguilera claims he is a fiscal conservative, yet his corporation H.E.A.R was suspended in 2004 for failure to pay filing fees. Aguilera also has an active judgement for over $18,000 that he has continued to avoid paying on and lists no income or assets on his form 700 when he filed for office.
Why did Rene Aguilera file for Roseville City Council? Perhaps his next community service project should be focused at home?





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