Oct 142014

That’s right. Rene Aguilera recruited Jay Song and Maria Henry to run against My Mother, Linda Park and Scott Huber. They are “out” and running together.

And, now he’s upset that his documented and verified behavior is being exposed publicly.

Rene Aguilera has been a cancer on the High School Board, and rather than attempt to work with the other four board members (one of whom is a liberal democrat like he is) he decided to recruit two associates in an attempt to get a 3-2 majority so he could run it his way.

Rene Aguilera has also been proven to be a serial liar who has abused his position on the school district. Look at the public records – setting off the fire alarm at 4:30 AM while using district resources to plan a Cesar Chavez Day event and using the district email system in an attempt to raise money for his expired corporation. It is fact.

Rene Aguilera drew first blood – now he is playing victim because I am defending my 69 year old mother from him. Be clear, Linda Park did nothing to Rene Aguilera (other than disagree with him). She has nothing to do with what I am doing to him now.


Allow me to fact check some of Rene Aguilera’s claims in his nearly hysterical email to the Kfbk Reporter (who I thank for allowing me to post it):

Rene begs for privacy on one hand and on the other hand reveals personal information in an attempt to save himself from the controversy. Lovely.

He also tries to deflect to his neighbors! These are the same neighbors that Channel 13 talked to and that I talked to for the problems. Worse, in the email to Kfbk he fingers 138 Donner as the address of one of the bad people. In facebook comments, he says it is 134 Donner when referring to the same person? Rene Aguilera can’t keep his defense lies straight!

Aguilera also says one neighbor who is a Correctional Officer and a Republican made a false claim against him. The police logs indicate that the claim was serious enough to take 5 hours to deal with – likely because 136 Donner is known for narcotics distribution. Secondly, the neighbor is not a Republican. Mr. Aguilera needs to stop lying.

Rene Aguilera claims to be LDS. A member of the local LDS church with knowledge indicated that Rene has not been to church in about 20 years. It appears then that Rene Aguilera is LDS when he needs to be.

Rene Aguilera lists no job on his form 700, yet says in the email he is not on Welfare. This means he lied on his form 700 about his income. Where is his non-disclosed income coming from?

He claims that Susan Rohan (not Park as he calls her in the email) and Tim Herman live in “Republican Gated Communities”… more race-baiting and class envy from Mr. Aguilera.

Tim Herman is a registered DTS. Yet Aguilera claims all the city council-members are registered Republicans by inference in the email.

Here’s a challenge for you, Rene related to misinformation…

Did you reinstate your Corporation? If not, why are you still using the name?

Where do you derive income from as nothing is listed on the form 700?

What about the $18,000 Judgement? Have you paid that off?

Did you or did you not set off the fire alarm at 4:30AM at Roseville High School on or about 4/12/2013? Did you or did you not use the district email system to solicit funds?

Lastly – Rene Aguilera’s hysterics end with a claim of a vast right-wing conspiracy.

Besides the fact that Rene does not know what he is talking about – his email makes it clear that in his mind, he is leading some sort of democrat mission in to Placer County.

Only my brother George is on the Placer GOP Cent Com. Neither myself nor George have donated to Susan Rohan, yet we do support her and have helped her campaign.

We both are supporting non-Republican Tim Herman and I have signed a personal endorsement of him.  So there goes that narrative as well.

Linda Park who was attacked by name by Mr. Aguilera is a school board member only.

I stand behind my claims that Rene could care less about Roseville, the kids or the citizens. This run for office is all about him first and about spreading liberal democrat principles second. Look at his pattern, read his words.

Then make sure you send Rene Aguilera Packing.

——————— As a special side note:

Many of you who read this blog know that I am sober. I quit drinking nearly 12 years ago.

Rene Aguilera’s comments about his Nephew are disturbing, yet not uncommon. While acknowledging that his Nephew has a drug problem and that the girlfriend has a drug problem – he seeks to absolve himself of guilt at their expense. This is sick.

The fact that Rene Aguilera refuses to acknowledge that his Nephew is a drug dealer in addition to an addict is proof positive that it is all about Rene trying to protect himself and his Nephew’s needs be dammed.

If you don’t care about Aguilera’s conduct on the school board, his failure to pay his bills, his apparent disregard for campaign finance law nor the 44 police calls to his house – you should care about this.

If Rene cared about his Nephew, he’d have thrown him out of the house a long time before the police racked up 44 calls for service. Anything else is unhealthy and selfish on the part of Aguilera, either in the form of control or co-dependence.

Now – add this to his conveniently playing the LDS card (even though he has not gone to church in 20 years), leading off his email to Kfbk with a blurb about another meeting he was at for several days and the list of alleged community activity – and you have a pattern of self-serving narcissism.

The same narcissism that led him to recruit candidates to run against my mother or Scott Huber because of his bruised ego related to the others on that board not going along with him.

Maybe Rene Aguilera needs therapy worse than his Nephew?

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