Oct 202014

We start with Rene Aguilera’s form 700. It lists no job and no income.

Yet somehow Rene Aguilera manages to go on a ton of junkets for far left groups like MALDEF. How does Aguilera pay for all these trips? Why aren’t they on his form 700 if he is freeloading?

The FPPC already has a file on Rene Aguilera, fining him for concealing free meals. So, his behavior is not unprecedented.

Rene Aguilera’s “Corporation” H.E.A.R. has been suspended since 2004. Yet, he is quoted with that organization and he himself has used that name several times since. This would be a violation of the law – when a corporation is suspended, you are forbidden by law from using the name.

Aguilera even got revenue sharing funds while H.E.A.R. was suspended. This would be a felony if indeed HEAR was suspended when the donation came in. (aka Fraud)

Rene Aguilera claims in his candidate statement to have volunteered for every major charity and church in Roseville. This is a bald-faced lie (in the form of an exaggeration). Since, we have repeatedly proven that Aguilera plays fast and loose with the truth – it is fair to call him out on his candidate statement.

Even if, somehow Aguilera’s exaggerated claims in his candidate statement are true – where are his donors from Roseville? Such a great “man of the people” should have a ton of support from Roseville.

Perhaps that is because Rene Aguilera’s behavior shows a pattern of a serial liar, it also shows a pattern of a racist.

There are several places on the internet linking Rene Aguilera to groups like MEChA, which advocates for the “reconquista”, to reunite Aztlan (aka 17 SW US States) with Mexico.

For those of you that have not been brain-damaged with revisionist history written by Aguilera’s fellow extremists, Mexico attacked Texas. Texas, then its’ own country asked the USA to intervene. We did. Mexico lost. And now, 150 years later – we are racist scum in the mind of Rene Aguilera and his pals in MALDEF and MEChA.

Rene Aguilera came out of the closet as a complete racist at a candidate forum. He attacked Roseville on two fronts:

1. He said that Roseville is too expensive for average people to live in. This is a lie perpetrated by the far left to advocate for Central Planning. The concept of Central Planning is to force people out of the suburbs and in to urban high-rises where everyone has the same crappy standard of living.

The racist part of that statement is that most all the areas that the far left attack are mostly white. Roseville is indeed 80% white.

A link to city data shows that Roseville residents are only slightly over the state average in several income categories. Yet the data suggests American Indian and Asian families are the best off in Roseville, not Whites. Perhaps Aguilera hates Asians and American Indians, too? Worse for Aguilera’s race-baiting argument is the fact that income growth in Roseville lagged behind the rest of the state from 2000-2009.

If you look close at Roseville’s Cost of Living – you will see that most of the reason it is rated at 140 with 100 being the national average is housing costs, yet …

… Rene Aguilera says that we need Mello-Roos taxes and to “pay as you go” for development to ensure that even less people can afford a house in Roseville! If you look at the rest of the lines, Roseville is in tune with the cost of living (even somewhat less) than the rest of the state.

2. Rene Aguilera says that we need more diversity in Roseville.This absurd claim was utterly destroyed in a previous post. Start by looking at the City Council – not a single white male on it. (Tim Herman is Jewish)

If Rene Aguilera was actually connected to Roseville for real – he’d probably not have run for City Council, but at the least, he’d probably kick the dope dealer out of his house and stop launching race-baiting / far left attacks at the city.

Part two of the summary on Rene Aguilera is coming up…


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