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Gary Miller will scream bloody murder, in fact he already has over my assertion above. He thinks he is a man of faith. The truth is that the faith Miller practices is centered around his lifestyle, which has no separation or boundary from who he is as a person, as a school board member or professionally. This is why when you cross him you become a bigot.

If you read Gary Miller’s autobiography on – it is quite a revealing entree in to who he is as a person and his life story of being a Gay Activist.

A lot of people try to tell me that I should separate my faith from my politics, why should I? Gary Miller doesn’t, nor do most on the left – this is why so many of them freak out when challenged.

Take a look at Gary Miller’s statement of faith in his own words:

I left the Methodist Church and became a Quaker before leaving Kansas City Missouri. There are two main branches of the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers’ official name). One branch is still struggling on the gay issue. It’s very Christocentric and they say they believe the Bible is THE word of God. The branch I belong to is universalist and accepting of all.

My group has no paid clergy, and for worship, we sit in silence waiting for God’s word, which can come from a vocal ministry of someone in the congregation, or perhaps that still, small voice within.

Quakers have no ministers in the traditional sense. Each year someone is chosen to lead the congregation. I was chosen and have served as head of my local Quaker group for three years, and began another year in May 2015.

Yes, Gary – Evangelical Christians (of which I am one) and Mormons/LDS believe that their religious texts are indeed the Word of God. Perhaps this is the basis of Mr. Miller’s disdain for people of faith – we are too “Cristocentric”.

The second fallacy is that the only way you can be accepting of all is to be “universalist” versus having a clearly defined set of values. This is a classic logical fallacy of the far left and where Miller proudly highlights just how extreme left he is. He has no room for people of true faith whose religious tenants are specific about sexuality, marriage, family and the like.

I have gay friends. One of my top allies in the GOP is gay. At least 10 of my Facebook Friends that I banter with consistently are Gay. They know where I stand, I know where they stand. We get along with each other.

The homosexuals that I work with in politics understand that I deserve religious freedom as much as they deserve sexual freedom – while they disagree with the moral stance of my faith, and while I disagree with their lifestyle. Gary Miller is incapable of that – and this is one of many reasons why Miller is unfit to serve on a school board.

This kind of statement of values and intolerance is not what we need educating our children. More to follow.

P.S. Gary Miller is an incumbent on the Roseville City School Board. I am advocating for his defeat at the ballot box in November. In Gary’s mind that makes me a bigot.

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  3 Responses to “Why Does Extreme Left Wing Homosexual Activist Gary Miller Disdain People of Faith?”

  1. “Why Does Extreme Left Wing Homosexual Activist Gary Miller Disdain People of Faith?” Because … Gary Miller is an (wait for it) Extreme Left Wing Homosexual Activist!

    No applause needed.

    No, thank YOU! Really, you all have been wonderful …

  2. How could Gary Miller have disdain for people of faith, when he attends church regularly, believes in the teachings of Jesus, and was pastor of his congregation and respects all people of faith and non-faith? While other so-called Christians are out killing doctors and gays and see how extreme they can be, Gary Miller is out helping “the least of these”. He has been active within the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers) for probably 40 years.

  3. it appears Mr. Park nor Mr. Schaper live in the district. Neither Aaron or Arthur have ever met me. But they know all about me. Aaron, have coffee with me and meet the real Gary Miller

    Blogger’s Note – I made contact with Mr. Miller. Will be following up once we’ve met.

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