Sep 262016

IMG_4693 (1)Despite what Gary Miller and others would tell you, the Republican Party and Donald Trump are stronger advocates for Gay Rights than the democrats could ever be. We believe that people have a right to their life despite our personal feelings about what they are doing.

Gary Miller’s version of Gay Rights is fining a baker 130k for not baking a cake or the “human rights” commission in New Mexico telling a photographer it it their civic duty to photograph a gay wedding. No freedom for those that disagree.

Miller, by virtue of this facebook post is practicing the Far-Left Alinsky tactic of “Shaming”. He believes that because he thinks I am a bigot that everyone that associates with me should stop doing so. Not only is that bigoted in its’ own right, it is extremely arrogant.

Hillary Clinton, for her part has made it clear she will be an enemy of religious freedom:

“Laws have to be backed up with resources and political will,” she explained. “And deep-seated cultural codes, religious beliefs and structural biases have to be changed….”

Sounds eerily similar to Gary Miller and his diatribe on “Cristocentric” religions.

Hillary Clinton did not even wait for the bodies from the Orlando Pulse Nightclub massacre to get cold before she was calling for gun control.  (she wasted no time in taking to twitter)What about the 50+ dead homosexuals, murdered by a Muslim because they were gay?

Clinton did indeed meet with families over a month after the massacre. She has yet to talk about radical islam and their hatred for anyone they disagree with.

CrUYRzkUIAIUygCPerhaps Clinton is deign to rip in to the real villians, and take notes Gary, who are Muslim (not Christian or LDS) because of the cash flow.

Well look here at the major Donors to the Clinton Foundation – a who’s who of the oppressors of Homosexuals everywhere.

Perhaps the correct label for Gary Miller is extreme left-wing hypocrite activist. If Miller was really all about Gay Rights – he’d sternly condem Hillary Clinton for profiting off of the barbarians in the middle east that throw gays off of rooftops or hang them in the streets.

Of course we will never see that.

What we did see, was Omar Mateen’s father sitting in the VIP section of a Hillary Clinton Campaign appearance in Florida. Imagine Gary Miller’s outrage if Mr. Mateen was seen at a Trump rally instead?

Gary Miller was a Bill Clinton delegate in 1992 to the DNC Convention. He is fully invested in the corruption of the Clinton family, perhaps this is another reason why he needs to run around the community trying to invoke pity over all the mean homophobes trying to hold him accountable for his intolerance of Christians?

Once again, Gary Miller is demonstrating that he is not qualified for anything other than private life. He can’t even be consistent in the single most important thing to him – while attempting to scapegoat Christians and Mormons for every bad thing that has ever happened to him.

Perhaps Miller should move to a Muslim Country as he appears all too willing to give them a free pass. Let’s see how that works out for him.

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