Apr 092012

Update: I spoke with Dan Hughes – there are two things he wanted to add 1. Relating to Western Medical Gas – the assets of it were sold to another company in 2001 and apparently the legal trouble is following the previous corporation not the DBA. This means that the last three liens, according to what Dan told me are not related to him or any entity he owns.

2. The $1885 county tax lien was paid off last week and released. The issue remains that Feinstein would have a field day with this.

Dan Hughes for Senate, More “Bold Explanations” Needed for Californians

Jesus Christ came to the Earth to offer Bold New Salvation for the World. He came to save mankind from itself. This is why we celebrate Easter.

Dan Hughes can get redemption from his tax liens – he simply needs to pay them. In the course of offering a Bold, New defense of his struggling and marginal #CASEN Campaign, Dan Hughes took a bath in Tar.

First of all – tax Lien #3 which is still outstanding is a County Tax Lien. When it comes to failure to pay taxes by a candidate for High Office – I’ll admit, I don’t differentiate between the source of the tax lien. But, here it is larger than life.

This is where the definition of is comes in to play – Dan Hughes wrote that if the State notifies us of a tax lien, we’ll pay it immediately. Well I have to assume that the county doesn’t count in Dan Hughes’ mind – as Dan Hughes’ company, Coast Environmental is listed larger than life – listed as a co-defendant with Western Medical Gas Services.

Hughes stated that he didn’t own Western Medical Gas Services in 1994. Again, a hair-splitting answer similar to requesting a definition for the word is. In 1994, I wasn’t a registered voter – what a difference 18 years makes! I wasn’t talking about 1994 – I was talking about 2012 and a list of unpaid taxes that connected back to Dan Hughes.

So, here’s the score – Western Medical Gas Services and Coast Environmental, Inc. co-own the building that houses Hughes two companies he admits to owning: DAV Healthcare (the subject of the two tax liens he admitted to) and Coast Environmental Duct Cleaning – a co-defendant in a COUNTY Tax Lean.

Got all that?

This is what happens with intellectually dishonest defenses.

Now Coast Environmental Duct Cleaning and Western Medical Gas Services have the same exact address. – this IS the truth. Take a Look at Page 2.

So, at best, Hughes is deeply connected to Western Medical Gas Services – that has had $6612 in tax liens and his company Coast Environmental Duct Cleaning IS a co-defendant in an unsatisfied tax lien of $1885.

Dan Hughes is running for US Senate. He has plagiarized the United States Conference on Catholic Bishops, falsely claimed an endorsement from Herman Cain, been called on tax liens and has offered a half-baked, intellectually dishonest explanation for his failure to pay his taxes.

When you add in his recent email bragging about being at 2% in the polls – he has established that he is indeed not ready for Prime-Time.

Here IS the main issue: Dan Hughes corporations have failed to pay multiple tax bills and have incurred tax liens.

What IS Dan Hughes’ relationship to Western Medical Gas that has the same address as and also owns the other half the building that houses his company Coast Environmental?

Could you imagine what Dianne Feinstein would do to Dan Hughes?

It would be ugly and that IS a fact. #Facepalm. #epicfail.

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