Mar 262012

Bold new solutions for America, I mean, California. I had to look at Hughes’ website and it occurred to me… even his campaign theme was ripped off, from Herman Cain.

Dan Hughes ripped off the idea for a campaign email from the Catholic Church.

Dan Hughes ripped off the taxpayers with over $11,000 in tax liens.

If you take a closer look at Hughes’ corporations – you’ll see that even that isn’t a new idea. If you listen to talk radio you hear ad after ad about Nevada or Delaware Corporations…

… it appears that Dan Hughes listened to them, too.

He’ll tell you that he is a job creator – and I believe it, he has the tax liens to prove that he is a successful ‘manager’ of finances.

He is also adept at avoiding taxes the old-fashioned way (other than simply not paying them):

DAV Healthcare Services, Inc. was registered in Florida and based in San Diego.

Coast Environmental, Inc – a stone-cold Nevada Corporation

Western Medical Gas Services, Inc… I don’t see it on the California Secretary of State’s website – so I’d guess this one is a Delaware Corp to round out the three piece set.

Hughes has given his campaign $50,000. I am starting to wonder why…

Dianne Feinstein knows a few things about Tax shelters – enough to know how to avoid tax liens and bloggers. Imagine if Orly, Moe or Curly got in to the runoff with Feinstein???

I think she’d give Dan Hughes a facepalm in November.

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