Apr 062012

The Orly, Moe and Curly show is getting more bizarre by the minute.

Dan Hughes and Richard Ramirez are taking turns to see which one gets to stand at the top of the stupid hill and Orly hasn’t even gotten her crusade (er. campaign) off the ground yet. (Birth Certificate not Withstanding)

We are getting beaten with a stupid stick almost daily.

Richard Ramirez had a poll he touted that showed him at 15% behind Orly. Then his expert analysis of it showed that only he could talk to Mexicans in their own language – making him, Richard Ramirez the savior of the #CASEN race.

Then I went to detox…

… only to wake up to “Bold New Solutions” for California, which include Tax Liens, out of state corporations and plagiarized campaign releases by Dan Hughes.

I feel like it is groundhog day. In 2010, I had a US Senate Candidate running around convinced he was God’s gift to the GOP – when he wasn’t on an obsessive rampage jihad to get even with me for perceived transgressions.

Now the same stupidity has replicated itself 2 years later in the form of Dan Hughes. In the course of calling me a liar – he admitted to having two tax liens. I think Dianne Feinstein is hoping Dan Hughes is her opponent.

I am being beaten in to political retardation —

Hughes can’t write his own campaign emails. Hughes can’t pay his taxes on time. Hughes touts a poll that shows him at 2%.

A new poll… shows me ahead.” Is the title of the Bold, new email from the information minister 2.0, Dan Hughes – apparently channeling Lt Col 8% himself who sent Joseph Goebbels-esque emails up until the day of his political annihilation. Dan Hughes appears to have saddled on to the same train.

This time it is a poll showing him at 2%. I feel the unmistakable effects of political brain damage setting in.

If I was at 2% in early April, I certainly would not be bragging about it – I’d be on the phone with donors. I’d be doing something – other than sending out an email telling my small world I am at 2% in the polls.

I hurt. Please make it stop – someone.

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