Apr 072012

Dan Hughes. Bold New stupidity for California.

Today’s installment of the Orly, Moe and Curly show:

The Sacramento Bee mocked Dan Hughes’ campaign email – albeit, not nearly as aggressively as claiming brain damage, but the Bee wrote:

The Buzz: GOP rival of Dianne Feinstein crows about polling at 2 percent

Epic Fail.

Dan Hughes qualifies for a political Darwin Award.

Not unlike the 2008 winner that attempted to get free electricity by jumping a live, hot 2,000,000 volt wire… (they found him four blocks over, burnt to a crisp) Mr. Hughes seems to enjoy standing in a tub of political gasoline with matches screaming for people to notice him.

I am running a poll to see if my Kidney Stones get more votes than Dan Hughes in June. One thing I can guarantee people about my polling data: It will be more accurate than Richard Ramirez’ polling data.

The Sacramento Bee finishes today’s installment of ¬†Amateur Night:

Dan Hughes, who tied fellow Republican Elizabeth Emken with 2 percent backing, fired off a donation solicitation last Friday carrying the subject line “A New Poll ‚Ķ Shows Me Ahead!”

Perhaps the true credit for second place at this point in the race should be given to “undecided.”

That was the answer given by 30 percent of respondents.


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  One Response to “#Winning #CASEN Style. The Brain-Drain Continues”

  1. If Mitt Romney ties with an opponent in MA, that would be a major win for the opponent and a lose for Romney. Why? Because he should have won by a landslide. It is his own state.

    Emken has had the Establishment wind at her back. She should be way ahead by now. She has had all of the opportunity to build the most name recognition. Those facing her are at a huge disadvantage. The fact that Dan ties with her, at this point, is a huge win for Hughes.

    When more people discover why she calls ObamaCare “the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act” on her webpage, they will realize she is another politician. She tells you she was an activist? She was the highest paid Lobbyist and involved right in the middle of helping build ObamaCare. It is there on her site, she just replaces lobbyist with activist and ObamaCare with “the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act”

    Blogger’s Note: There are several absurdities in your comment. 1. no serious candidate touts a poll that shows himself at 2%. 2. no serious candidate plagiarizes content from other campaigns. 3. a serious candidate would have managed the tax lien situation better – I could go on, but you get my gist. Dan Hughes is inflicting brain damage onto good people, it needs to stop.

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