Jan 092019
Vindicated Former Sheriff Robert Doyle embraces Sheriff Chad Bianco post-swearing in
In the midst of his best day, Sheriff Bianco takes a moment to acknowledge God with his wife

The first two days of Sheriff Bianco, what a contrast. Wow.

Jan 072019

The other day we wrote about the chicken-feed preemptive shot that the desert sun took in an attempt to dictate Sheriff’s Policy to Chad Bianco. You can read that post here 

Yes Sir. There is a new Sheriff In Town

Today at Noon, Chad Bianco officially took office. And what a day it was.

Click here to see deputies at one station not wasting ANY time on fixing up their front door

Palm Desert Station has prepared for a new chain of command
And here is another station with their Chain of Command Wall Cleared Off

To Recap – UnderSheriff William DiYorio Retired. (Undertaker DiYoyo).  Assistant Sheriff Joseph Cleary Retired. Chief Deputy Lyndon Raymond “The Executioner” Wood Retired.

Assistant Sheriff Kevin Vest was terminated and apparently Jeff Van Wagenen did not get him a soft landing job elsewhere in the county.

Assistant Sheriff Jerry Guitierrez was terminated. As of the writing of this blog, the rumored Probation Department Job has NOT been lined up by Van Wagenen – it appears that despite his efforts, Stan Sniff’s Management team are viewed as radioactive waste within the County.

Chief Deputies Christopher Brandon Ford, Jeff Kubel and Cheryl Evans were Terminated. Again, no soft landing jobs.

Only Chief Deputy Jason Horton got a soft landing, he resigned a couple weeks ago to jump to code enforcement. It remains to be seen if Horton uses his position there to harass people.

Lastly, Chief Deputy Misha Graves accepted a demotion and will return to a jail somewhere either as a Captain or a Lieutenant.

Dave “Kurly” Kurylowicz, whose videotaped stunt at a Palm Springs City Council Meeting got breathless coverage from the B-S Newspaper got the surprise of his life. Just minutes after commenting on the Right on Daily Facebook Page using one of his many fake profiles (this one had pictures of Curly Fries on it) – he was ESCORTED OUT OF THE MOVAL STATION. 

Buh-Bye Kurly. 

I have wondered if Dave Kurylowicz sudden psychosis had something to do with his role in the Kevin Duffy Scandal. We know that Kurly was involved in the cover-up. 

Speaking of Kevin Duffy, SHERIFF Bianco (hey, I get to call him that now) indicated that he is re-opening the case. I wonder if Sniff and crew destroyed the evidence they ordered Leonard “Lenny” Purvis to bring over from Hemet. A lot of people know a lot of things about the Kevin Duffy scandal. It is time for Justice.

Sgt. Bob Epps and his Enabler Kent Werges (Bomb Squad) – Will SHERIFF Bianco have them both investigated for misconduct and incompetence? Will Epps’ apparent crimes be looked in to? Will people like Dave Werksman and Rafael Cuevas (who were both subject to retaliation) be restored and compensated for what Werges / Epps did to them? Will Werges be held accountable for going full Potato and having vehicles cut open in the Idyllwild fire?

The SWAT team. Will Bianco terminate/transfer the idiots in charge of it and return it to its original purpose? (aka eliminating the deliberately created roadblocks from using it and transforming it back in to what it should be?)

Christian Dekkker and Tony Pelato (and other friend of sniff promotees) – will SHERIFF Bianco undo the promotions of these undeserving people?

Lt. Mark Bostrom (and other scum in PSB) – will he be held accountable? Will PSB be re-named INTERNAL AFFAIRS? 

Stan Sniff – will the dumpster behind Lemon Street be named after Sniff? Since the corrupt sheriff wanted something named after him, why not that?

CCW Permits? TAP Employees? The Museum? Broken Equipment? Manpower Shortages? Cheating on Timecards? The terminally broken county maintenance system? Out of Control Fraternization? Cities like Menifee trying to start their own departments? Budget Fraud and Gimmicks? What will happen???

Boy, SHERIFF Bianco has a list to deal with. It’s party time Sheriff, and you’re in the saddle. Your intrepid blogger is watching… 

Dec 282018

The Desert Sun went off a cliff in 2018. Having Met Sam Metz at the CAGOP Convention in May of 2018, I had a neutral opinion of him. I knew he was young, pretty much fresh out of college. It was clear to me that his editor would have a lot of sway over what he wrote.

Yup, the Desert Sun and Press Enterprise are Toxic Waste.

Then, inexplicably after being the only media outlet to write anything about the massive Deputy Cheating Scandal on the Investigator exam, the Desert Sun endorsed Stan Sniff. The reason? The editor got his nose pushed out of shape because Chad Bianco did not kiss his ring.

The P-E? They had been in the bag for Sniff for years. It was so bad that they shipped an editor off to Rancho Cucamonga after he dared to write a weak story about how Chad Bianco was being retaliated against in Hemet.

This dynamic magnified the impact of the Right on Daily Blog. People were clamoring for REAL news about the corrupt sheriff. Well, they got it.

The latest installment from the Desert Sun? Let’s talk about a purge. Note there is no discussion of the rampant corruption, retaliation, incompetence or cronyism of Sniff’s Management team. This is just a BS CNN-Style hit piece seeking to make the bastards (that is what I think of them) in to victims.

Bianco, who defeated incumbent Sheriff Stan Sniff by a 16.5 percentage-point margin in the November election, said his victory signaled Riverside County residents want change in the sheriff’s department, change that should extend to the top officers.

“The election results were a big win for changing the direction of this department and that change in culture sometimes requires drastic measures,” Bianco said. “Why would I want the same people in place that caused us to get to this position in our department?”

Despite this quote in the article, the narrative was set. It sure looks clear that the Desert Sun has hung a target on the new Sheriff. This is what happens when Media Types get bruised egos. It is also clear to your interpid blogger that most all media outlets in Riverside County resent the Right on Daily Blog. (KMIR being a huge exception as they alone had the courage to tear in to Stan Sniff on legitimate issues)

The Desert Sun then quotes former Sheriff Bob Doyle (himself the victim of Sniff-Led Smears for years, more on that later):

Although not every incoming sheriff cleans house immediately upon taking office, former Sheriff Bob Doyle said bringing in a new leadership team, as Bianco intends to do, isn’t out of the ordinary.

“Whether it’s in the public or private sector, in a contentious situation, there’s probably going to be people the CEO doesn’t feel he or she can work with,” the former sheriff said. “Especially in this latest election, you had allegations of intimidation by executive staff showing up at campaign events. It makes it difficult for a new sheriff to go in there and feel comfortable with the executive staff that worked for the previous sheriff.”

During campaign season, Bianco and his supporters accused Sniff’s team of dishonesty and intimidation. Tensions reached a boiling point when Capt. Dave Kurylowicz, a vocal Sniff supporter, addressed the Palm Springs City Council and, without substantiation, alleged that Bianco harbored anti-LGBTQ prejudice. Captains are not part of the Sheriff’s Department’s Executive Staff.

“You had a captain lying and setting up a candidate,” Doyle said. “How should he trust anyone when they’ve shown that they’re liars? Why would you want to keep that person?”

Well Duh. It is rumored that Kurly is attempting to hide, or may well have been transferred out of the MoVal Station at the request of their City Council. That loser also accused your intrepid blogger of homophobia, etc, which was regurgitated on the pages of the Desert Sun in the same article attacking Chad Bianco. (Note that they slipped in the words “without substantiation” in to this article in order to cover themselves for libeling your intrepid blogger and circumventing the need to print a retraction)

The B-S also quoted Lyndon Raymond “the Executioner” Wood. Wood has a long history of corruption and thuggish behavior. He should be grateful that he got to retire without being investigated for what he has done (beyond attacking my wife). 

The Desert Sun cement their stupidity in this article as your intrepid blogger has posted several photos of Sniff Management going to Bianco Events. I have some neat photos of Huskey, Purvis (who later endorsed Bianco), Wood, Ford, Vest and a bunch of their butt-monkeys at Bianco Events. The Desert Sun article does not connect Doyle’s Comments to the proof, instead their abject Bias performs a partial-birth abortion of Journalism. One of the main reasons for Bianco’s anticipated HOUSE CLEANING (referred to by the B-S as a Purge) is because of the thuggery of the Management team. That may well be reason #1, the rank and file deserve better than threats, intimidation and retaliation. Imagine that, and your intrepid blogger posted hundreds of hours worth of proof.

However, the B-S completes their article by re-establishing their narrative. They quoted arguably the most reviled piece of slime in Sniff’s Management Team, Kevin Vest. Vest has been involved in more than just stonewalling the transition and refusing to return phone calls or emails. Vest is alleged to have been assigned the job of stonewalling the Board of Supervisors as it pertains to budget issues. His quotes in the article are bald-faced lies, but support the narrative of the editors of the B-S so they were ran unchallenged.

Stan Sniff wrote an op-ed that his Butt-Monkeys in the Press Enterprise ran. It was so absurd that I won’t link to it. Suffice to say, anyone with real knowledge of the situation within the Riverside Sheriff’s Office would hang their head in disbelief after reading it. Such is the status of Riverside Journalism going in to 2019. 

P.S. Kevin Vest is still palling around with Jeff Van Wagenen in hopes of getting a coveted county I-T Job. Should he get that job, he would be able to monitor all of the communication between the DA’s office and the Sheriff’s Department. 

P.P.S. Yvonne “Eggplant” Varela got an unpaid appointment to the Eastvale Public Safety commission. She and Jessica Gore were photographed at a city event full of Sniff Butt-Monkeys. It is unclear where she or Gore will be placed by Van Wagenen and crew permanently.

Nov 122018

Your intrepid blogger was leaked an incident report that just occurred this AM.

Just happened at Moreno Valley Station, where Kurly is Chief. The station is so safe and secure for employees that just any Joe can walk in and take a tour. Dude was found wandering the station. Can you believe this crap? This guy had a felony warrant for burglary and walked into the police department unchecked until a non-sworn female found him. Good job Kurly on maintaining a secure building.

It looks like a homeless or insane felon walked in the front door of the Moreno Valley Station, went to the break room and microwaved some food.

A female staffer noticed the guy several minutes after he first entered the station. The wandering felon was attempting to gain access to other parts of the building before finally being apprehended.

It looks like Captain Kurly needs to resign now or be Pers-ed for incompetence.

The felon? Don’t worry, folks – he won’t be back in jail for long either.

Rumor Mill:

Undertaker Diyoyo has put in his retirement papers. Not unexpected as William DiYorio was brought back from retirement to mismanage the department by Sheriff Sniff.

Assistant Sheriff Kevin Vest who is a reviled figure within the department is also purported to be retiring, Vest is close to age 50. This means he will only be a few months from drawing his obscene pension based on his $250K a year salary.

Assistant Sheriff Joseph Cleary is also alleged to be retiring. He is over 50 so this makes perfect sense.

Some of mess that Chad Bianco is inheriting will work itself out, some, like the Kurylowicz situation will require direct action.

Jun 062018

As of the writing of this blog – Stan Sniff is under 35% of the vote and falling with each update. Some within the Riverside Sheriff’s Office do not understand how the election works. It is possible Chad Bianco gets more votes than Sniff does when all is said and done.

The top two candidates go to a runoff if no one gets to 50%+1. This means that Chad Bianco and Stan Sniff will face off in November.

Despite the bullying of Sheriff’s Admin against Correctional Deputies and misinformation being spread that Sniff had polling indicating he was winning, the brutal reality is setting in. Sniff is severely damaged.

Despite people in the second floor threatening people publicly critical of the Sheriff and demanding apologies, Sniff performed poorly.

By no means does this mean Chad Bianco is a shoo-in in the fall. Bianco has to run a clean, mistake free campaign and rely on the team he hired to get him across the finish line. Chad Bianco is a raw talent, but needs finishing as a candidate.

With a head-to-head face-off, Bianco will need to be sharper and more focused in his presentation. He is capable.

Sniff on the other hand is seriously wounded. He is the incumbent of 11 years and an unknown challenger has matched his vote total.

Second, it appears that Dave Brown who is collecting some 21% of the vote is likely to endorse Chad Bianco and with it will bring several other heavy hitters in local politics.

Sniff has to deal with the reality that a 65% (and growing) super-majority of voters did not choose him. In the annuals of political campaigns when an incumbent can not score at least 45% in a re-election campaign, that incumbent is regarded as vulnerable. When said incumbent dips to 35% it has several consequences.

Stan Sniff is going to have difficulty raising money as a result of being severely wounded. He is also going to have severe difficulty in public now that the world knows the tyrant is damaged goods. The fear and awe factor has been eviscerated.

I’d expect that some local members of the legislature that have been sitting on the sidelines are going to endorse Chad Bianco. I’d expect several of the local electeds that endorsed Dave Brown to come over to Chad Bianco. I am expecting a political feeding frenzy.

Stan Sniff has to deal with a laundry list of issues that have been brought out on RightonDaily as most of the local media have been deign to report on this stuff. It is going to be near impossible for Sniff to defend against once a hard-hitting campaign begins in earnest in the fall? Illegal immigration? Early Releases of Felons? Critical Staffing Levels? Abuses of process?

If you are a Riverside Sheriff’s Office Employee or a DA Employee – this is a special notice. Now is the time to come forward to the Right On Daily Blog and tell your story. Your stories about the corruption in the department could help us finish off Stan Sniff. He is severely wounded politically and his ability to enforce a reign of terror has been permanently altered by the results of the election tonight.

YOU CAN REMAIN ANONYMOUS. We are on facebook and you can message us off of the facebook page, or you can email [email protected] With your help we will put Stan Sniff out to pasture.

Stan – I’m coming for you and I won’t stop until you are buried politically. You can hire a PI to investigate me, you can threaten my wife, threaten people all over the department, but you can’t stop what’s coming for you.

P.S. Final Results:

CHAD BIANCO 59,445 35.13%
DAVE BROWN 33,827 19.99%
MIGUEL GARCIA, IV 19,846 11.73%
STAN SNIFF 56,115 33.16%
Total 169,233 100.00%
It got worse, not better for Stan Sniff as the night went on!