Apr 272018

To those of you reading the RightonDaily Blog regularly, you’ve become accustomed to our hard-hitting unchained style of laying facts out on the political battlefield.

This analysis is as straightforward as I can make it. Dave Brown is officially a never-was candidate. Dave Brown raised $57K from 1/1/2018 – 4/21/2018 and his consultants have pocketed $32,000 of it. Say good night Brown.

Miguelito – Stan Sniff’s vote sponge has not even qualified his committee to have to file electronically. Surprise.

Sniff? Raised $96K.

For comparison – Mike Hestrin raised $135K despite having no credible opposition.

Jan Harnik, the extremely flawed former democrat donor turned Republican raised $136k in a district that is 1/5 of the county. The incumbent democrat, Manny Perez raised $266k, again in 1/5 of the County.

Chad Bianco? $357K. This is why Sniff and crew are whining about Chad Bianco’s money.

It is clear that Sniff knows he is in trouble and has known it for a while. These numbers bear it out. Usually in local non-partisan races the incumbents have a severe advantage. It is my opinion that Stan Sniff has lost his advantage.

This also explains why he promoted Misha Graves and then used her as a campaign ad. It explains recruiting Miguelito and then leaving him without any money to even mount an appearance of a campaign. It explains needing chaperones and goons to go to Chad Bianco events. It explains why the second floor does not care about Dave Brown. It explains the last-minute panicked CCW decision. It explains the promotion decisions as a whole and the sudden interest in replacing broken equipment. The reactionary nature of decisions is an indicator of worry and loss of control.

The State of Sniff’s empire also explains Undertaker Diyoyo retiring in the middle of an election year. Diyoyo could not even write the checks to Sniff himself for this reporting period, he had his wife write them.

This race is far from over and Sniff is an entrenched incumbent who is clearly abusing his office in order to try and gain political advantage over his opponents – but appears that despite the proven allegations of widespread campaigning by sheriff department staff on taxpayer time Sniff is losing ground.

It is easy to draw the conclusion that the odds indicate that it will be a Chad Bianco vs Stan Sniff runoff.

P.S. Did I mention that the Sheriff’s Association has $1.5 Million in the bank? What do you want to bet most of that lands in Stan Sniff’s living room?

P.P.S. I’d lay odds Sniff would get a similar result to the cucked Gun-Grabbing Sheriff of Broward County were a similar vote to occur.

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  11 Responses to “Stan Sniff Update: Fundraising Disaster Exposes Vulnerability, Challenger Bianco Nearly Gets 4x Sniff”

  1. And once again, Sniff abuses his position in an attempt to bolster his failing campaign. He posted a press release about how he magically found surplus funds that he can put toward the CCW unit. So let me get this straight, right before the election you are able to find some “surplus funds” that you “freed up”. Wow Sniff, you are magical….what a joke and an obvious campaign tactic where he uses his position and the taxpayers’ dollars for his own benefit. The Desert Sun even quotes Sniff saying. “And if I get the opportunity to do it next fiscal year, we could continue it.” In other words, please vote for me and I’ll give you more of the same. What a crock of shit!!! I truly hope there are enough intelligent people in Riverside County who are completely offended by Sniff’s blatant disregard to be a good steward of their tax dollars. His CCW press release and the Desert Sun article are just more insults to the intelligence of the general public, you have to be a bumbling idiot not to be able to see through his bullshit.


  2. I know for a FACT that the worthless writers and editors at the Desert Sun and Press Enterprise read this blog. How they allow this bullshit from Stanley to continue without doing their job and telling the truth is beyond comprehension. I also blame our current selfish spineless politicians for not standing up for the truth. Stanley told Kevin Jeffries that he “found” 10 million dollars. At least Jeffries questioned him as to why he could have that much money left over and not hire people. (COMPLETE MISMANAGEMENT IS THE ANSWER). Stanleys answer, in complete narcissistic fashion, he “can’t find any qualified applicants.” Thats right, its the fault of the people applying because they aren’t qualified. No leadership ability, no integrity, just a complete failure trying to cover up his incompetence.

    Complete bullshit! San Bernardino finds them. Orange County finds them. Riverside Police Department finds them. Corona Police Department finds them. Murrieta Police Department finds them. Palm Springs Police Department finds them. Hell, even Hemet Police Department finds them.

    All you have to do is go back on all the feel good pro articles printed in the bird cage liners to see that he is a pathological liar that will do and say anything for a vote. He just told people he gave back 14 million a couple years ago, now he finds 10 million. For the entire last year he has been blaming the Board of Supervisors and demanding more money. Now we find out it is actually Stanleys fault that deputies no longer patrol county areas. Its Stanleys fault there are no employees to open the jail.

    There is a facebook page called “What is Going on in Riverside County.” The other day the page disappeared after one of Stanleys minions that moderates the page posted the bullshit information about the CCW program. Once she couldn’t keep up with deleting all the negative comments about Stanley the entire page had to be shut down. 134,000 followers and it was shut down because of all the comments. I follow the page so my phone was blowing up with the notifications. I saw them. I saw the people complaining about deletions. I saw the moderator of the page trying to damage control comments with her bullshit Stanley propaganda.

    Nothing will change in the CCW program. Actually, all of Stanleys TAP buddies he was forced to let go, will now be rehired so they can steal more tax payer dollars for doing nothing. He will keep his control over the unit with his friends so the truth of his ANTI-CCW beliefs will be kept a secret.

    If people do not start standing up for the right thing, spreading the truth through social media, and exposing the corruption and political shenanigans, we are going to be stuck with Stanley again because the media and moronic moderators are filling our heads with bullshit.

  3. I’ll give Stanley a hundred dollars to bend over put his head between his legs and kiss his own fucking arse! @Thomas I am a member of that stupid ass FB page you mentioned and saw exactly what you are talking about. I think her name is Ana and she is a See You Next Tuesday! Guess who else was on there?That fat ass vagina cancer Ali Mazergoaway bitching and moaning about him and his family being attacked by vile Bianco goons. News flash motherfucker you attacked deputies and their unions first when they didn’t pull your favorite maneuver and drop to their knees and suck Stan’s chocolate fucking starfish. He saw that people got fucking pissed at that and now resorted to attacking Bianco by calling him a racist. Hot knew tactic there wonder dumbass. Bianco is no fucking racist he is a solid dude that is brave enough to stand up to your boyfriend. What’s his “proof” that Biancos a racist? Comment from this blog! That fuckface is using comments from here and trying to pin it on Bianco bwaaaahaaaaahaaaa! Btw, No motherfucker in this blog or on FB has said shit about your family just your morbidly obese ass. Saw that cute video you put on FB. Shithead you have a face made for radio and a body made for liposuction don’t scare fucking children on social media.

    The BOS in this county are fucking pussy. They will go after the employees union but do little to blast the South Philly Pimp. The county is brokedick but we have a fucking bum hospital manned by cops. GTFO. Desert Sun, KESQ and the Press Enterpuss fuck em all. The desert sun and that Brett kettlefuck are more interested in the freak show music concerts than real news. One half ass article about the cheating scandal and they botch that too. More real news here on ROD.

    The idea of RSO deputies having the fucking nutsack to dona vote of no confidence is fucking laughable. These are “cops” that are so fucking scared to get in trouble that they can’t make a decision. Have a hot call and need to turn on those pretty lights and siren… have to ask permission. Wanna fucking set up a perimeter ask fucking permission. Need to make entry on a DV in progress… ask permission. These chickenshits I work with probably ask permission to run one out in the shower. RSO pride is dead as the whole goat Mazergoaway shoves down his throat last night.

  4. I gots to get more popcorn.

  5. I love this shit!!!! Bianco isn’t a racist if he was why did he spend time speaking with me? He offered to help me a long time ago and didn’t even know me. Chad has my support all the way to the end. This is coming straight from a colored boy!!!

  6. Darkman don’t let facts get in the way of the Puffy Persian’s Stupid ass rant. That sick fuck probably knows every fucking freckle on Stan Stiff’s nut sack. That is one fat ass Aladdin. Dude won’t fit on a flying carpet he needs as flying fucking barn door. Keep speaking the fucking truth Darkman they can’t fuck all of us forever.


  8. Obese Ali be all like:


  9. Agreed Bill, I am completely down for that

  10. Not even gonna hide my real name here, because Sniff and piece of shit goon squad (Brandon ford, John Anderson, Zack hall, Mark Bostrom, patty Knudsen and all the rest of those ass hats have already fucked me out of my job. The investigate to terminate, altering reports, lies and false allegations against deputies is all true. I have court documents to prove it. Sniff has these deputies terrified to think for themselves. I saw two different deputies on two separate occasions last night, in the city of Temecula. I offered each of the a Bianco yard sign to show their support. One refused, stating, “ are you trying to get me fired”? The other refused stating, “ I’m not allowed to”. Not allowed to show your support for the candidate of your choice in a free election!!! Are you kidding me?!!?!?! Krazy Grunt said it right, these bitches have to ask Pimp daddy to use toilet paper after taking a shit. It’s time to end Stan’s reign of terror. Grow a set and stand up for what’s right.

  11. Welcome. Please join the discussion. If you want to share the court documents with me, I’d love to write about your case.

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