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As of the writing of this blog – Stan Sniff is under 35% of the vote and falling with each update. Some within the Riverside Sheriff’s Office do not understand how the election works. It is possible Chad Bianco gets more votes than Sniff does when all is said and done.

The top two candidates go to a runoff if no one gets to 50%+1. This means that Chad Bianco and Stan Sniff will face off in November.

Despite the bullying of Sheriff’s Admin against Correctional Deputies and misinformation being spread that Sniff had polling indicating he was winning, the brutal reality is setting in. Sniff is severely damaged.

Despite people in the second floor threatening people publicly critical of the Sheriff and demanding apologies, Sniff performed poorly.

By no means does this mean Chad Bianco is a shoo-in in the fall. Bianco has to run a clean, mistake free campaign and rely on the team he hired to get him across the finish line. Chad Bianco is a raw talent, but needs finishing as a candidate.

With a head-to-head face-off, Bianco will need to be sharper and more focused in his presentation. He is capable.

Sniff on the other hand is seriously wounded. He is the incumbent of 11 years and an unknown challenger has matched his vote total.

Second, it appears that Dave Brown who is collecting some 21% of the vote is likely to endorse Chad Bianco and with it will bring several other heavy hitters in local politics.

Sniff has to deal with the reality that a 65% (and growing) super-majority of voters did not choose him. In the annuals of political campaigns when an incumbent can not score at least 45% in a re-election campaign, that incumbent is regarded as vulnerable. When said incumbent dips to 35% it has several consequences.

Stan Sniff is going to have difficulty raising money as a result of being severely wounded. He is also going to have severe difficulty in public now that the world knows the tyrant is damaged goods. The fear and awe factor has been eviscerated.

I’d expect that some local members of the legislature that have been sitting on the sidelines are going to endorse Chad Bianco. I’d expect several of the local electeds that endorsed Dave Brown to come over to Chad Bianco. I am expecting a political feeding frenzy.

Stan Sniff has to deal with a laundry list of issues that have been brought out on RightonDaily as most of the local media have been deign to report on this stuff. It is going to be near impossible for Sniff to defend against once a hard-hitting campaign begins in earnest in the fall? Illegal immigration? Early Releases of Felons? Critical Staffing Levels? Abuses of process?

If you are a Riverside Sheriff’s Office Employee or a DA Employee – this is a special notice. Now is the time to come forward to the Right On Daily Blog and tell your story. Your stories about the corruption in the department could help us finish off Stan Sniff. He is severely wounded politically and his ability to enforce a reign of terror has been permanently altered by the results of the election tonight.

YOU CAN REMAIN ANONYMOUS. We are on facebook and you can message us off of the facebook page, or you can email [email protected] With your help we will put Stan Sniff out to pasture.

Stan – I’m coming for you and I won’t stop until you are buried politically. You can hire a PI to investigate me, you can threaten my wife, threaten people all over the department, but you can’t stop what’s coming for you.

P.S. Final Results:

CHAD BIANCO 59,445 35.13%
DAVE BROWN 33,827 19.99%
MIGUEL GARCIA, IV 19,846 11.73%
STAN SNIFF 56,115 33.16%
Total 169,233 100.00%
It got worse, not better for Stan Sniff as the night went on!
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  16 Responses to “Stan Sniff seriously damaged heads to a Runoff with Chad Bianco”

  1. Stan Sniff gave his normal shit show political bull shit speech to the graduating recruits of class 204.. He talked down to then as they were children, talked sternly, and almost appeared to be yelling at them. He blamed the bos for cutting the budget and lied about crime stats. The recruits, from multiple agencies, were disappointed in the speech. I’m sure the good graduates and the ones who can will leave to other agencies. Rso is now a feeder agency to all the good police departments. It’s sad what Stan and yes, the bos have done to this dept.

  2. As of 6:00 a.m. June 6, 2018 …Chad Bianco is ahead by 1540 votes. The people of Riverside have spoken, including the rank and file of RSD. While ballots are still being counted, the clear message sent to the Sniff and the 2nd floor is


  3. Tony P better hope Sniff gives him a going away present. The 3rd stripe he’s been begging for.

  4. Although we didn’t win the election outright yet, last night’s election results were a huge WIN for the Silent Majority. What occurred last night will bring us even closer together and make us stronger. It is very clear that Stan Sniff’s days are numbered, even Stanley’s over-inflated ego will be able to see that. The good citizens of this county have clearly demonstrated they want to see a changing of the guard and it’s time for Stan Sniff to step down. Chad Bianco now has more than 3000 votes more than Sniff and that my friends is the sweet smell of VICTORY!!! Stanley knows it and anyone else who knows politics knows it.

    Because Dave Brown is a man of integrity, we believe will do the right thing and bring ALL of his support over to Chad Bianco. We also believe this will have a snowball affect with other politicians who will bring their support to Chad Bianco. Yesterday, Stan Sniff’s administration was spreading propaganda that Sniff would have 54% of the vote. Well friends, that couldn’t be further from the truth because after all of the Silent Majority votes were counted Chad Bianco was the victor with 3000+ more votes than Sniff!!!!

    The Silent Majority will stay the course and continue to get stronger all the way to November. Thank you Aaron F. Park for helping us fight the good fight.

    Victory is on the horizon

    Chad Bianco for Sheriff

  5. Now that’s what I’m talking about!!!

    Chad Bianco for Sheriff!!!!

  6. VICTORY!!! Chad Bianco comes out on top and there is no denying that!

    Chad Bianco WILL win this thing in November!!

  7. Now is the time to buckle down and show your support by putting that bumper sticker on your car. The more members who show outward support, the less powerful admin becomes. Watch them squirm like trapped rats knowing they aren’t the popular kids on the block like they thought they were.

    I realize if you’re close to being promoted, you don’t want to rock the boat. Intimidation and fear is not the way to go. Telling department members their votes are traceable?!? Sitting in on Bianco meet and greets?!? Don’t allow this to go on if you’re promoted before November.

    All of admin will buckle down too. Brace ourselves for more nonsense. And TonyPeesonHimself, best to stay off Facebook because you look like a real ass kisser (but you’re staying true to who you are) and rallying for the losing team is not your style.

    Bianco is fighting for us. Get behind him and let’s get together and win!!

  8. The second floor is going down like the Titanic, and Stan is taking everyone with him. Jughead Vest, Peckerhead Wood, J.J., pack your bags, there is no room for vindictive managers like you that have done nothing but enrich yourselves on the backs of good, hard working, decent folks. You sit on your thrones and deny the free thinkers positions, assignments and promotions because you fear them, they are a threat to you. Well the people have spoken, the revolt is in full swing, and you will be dragged out into the streets and sent on your way. Stan’s reign of terror has come to an end.

  9. I wouldn’t want to accept a “favor from Stan promotion” to Sergeant, Lieutenant, or Captain where LEMU just ratified a one year probationary period that governs over the job. If you are unable to perform or meet that appropriate standard, you get demoted back (shudders)..

  10. Awesome job @ Aaron F. Park. @John S. I see you too. We have a few more months to get the truth out to the masses. Stanley and the zoo can not stop this train now. It’s too late. He surrounded himself with “Yes” men and women. They’re too stupid to save him from himself, and vice versa. It’s a match made in hell. It’s every man for himself now.

    The second floor is the real life version of the human centipede. Stanley is the head, and his admin are the tails. Whatever shit comes out of him they gobble up. Telling Stanley, “may I please have more.” Stanley’s defenders and supporters are like battered wives and children. They will defend him and his actions with all their souls. They’ll ignore all the bad stuff he’s done, and say,”He didn’t mean to do it, it won’t happen again.” You’re damn right it won’t happen again, because good women and men like Bianco stood up to these tyrants.

    As a former military man, Stanley should have known to never underestimate an opponent. Instead he has awakened the sleeping giant. Who’s deep sense of truth and justice beats deep in their hearts and stirs their souls to do what’s right. The integrity that pumps in the core of their being. Guiding them to follow the path less taken. The right thing isn’t always the easiest way. Especially in Stanley’s Department. Stanley tried to destroy all the good people of RSO, but he failed. And now Stanley and the zoo are bidding time until the inevitable happens. They will be led to the slaughter, heads hanging low. Knowing they were their own worst enemies.

  11. Has anyone noticed. Stan and Ali haven’t posted shit since yesterday..

    Josephine Ortega and Carmen Marsical has been mute ever since Right On Daily posted on their relatives criminal records.

  12. This morning for the first time in years I came to work energized and hopeful about my department. I came to work no longer afraid of Stan Sniff or his thugs. I wasn’t alone. Last night the grip of tyranny was broken, hopefully forever! The department is buzzing with the hope that we will soon have real leadership, the type that leads from the front and truly cares about RSO. For months I have heard those deputies that have no stomach for confrontation piss and moan about this blog and about how it will keep people from voting for Bianco. So much for that theory. Have cops been blasted by this blog? Yes absolutely. Has each of the targets deserved what they got? Mostly. 99% of RSO employees have not been touched here and that is because they are honest and good people suffering from a nasty man with no morals. We have a chance to take our department back and turn it over to a Godly good man that actually will love his troops and look out for them.

    Chad, I have no idea if you read this or not but you aren’t Sheriff yet but many of your troops respect you. Always remember to love your people and they will love you back. Take care of them when healthy and protect them when they get injured. Remember your job is there to lead them not to enslave them to you. Sniff forgot that years ago and last night it but him hard in the ass. Chad, will be up to you to restore our luster and we will stand next to you. Let’s win this in November.

    God Bless Chad Bianco and God Bless the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department!

  13. You can tell this election was a huge concern for the people of the county. The vote county was higher than the other local issues. To not get 67% of the counties faith should give those with doubt the answer to the path needed. It’s been said so many times do the right thing for the right reason, treat others how you would like to be treated and good things come your way. There is an ending to every chapter and a beginning to the next. These chapters close and open in November.

  14. The community is with you.

    Ive seen some of the issues you all speak of, from the outside. Others have seen it, too. We dont know all the details but we see that something is wrong.

    Based on these numbers it looks like there will be a new sheriff. Cant take it for granted. But have to , as Chad said, keep the momentum going. Chad won the primary he can win in November.

  15. The people have spoken and the majority of the fine citizens of this county stand in support of their law enforcement officers and agree that the Sheriff’s Department needs new leadership. In spite of all of the Sniff administration’s propaganda in the days before the election, the Silent Majority went to the polls and cast their votes. In spite of how Sniff’s marionettes went around telling everyone how they had inside information that Stanley already had 54% of the vote and everyone was just wasting their time, the Silent Majority stayed the course in support of Chad Bianco. Chad Bianco won the popular vote and the silence of Sniff’s administration was deafening the next day.

    Because we believe Dave Brown is a man of strong moral character and he knows Stanley must go, we believe he will come forward and bring all of his support to Chad Bianco for a strong victory in November. We also believe our message of the need for change has been heard loud and clear by many of our local politicians and they will also come forward and publicly support Chad Bianco for Sheriff.

    The right thing for Stan Sniff to do would be to accept defeat and begin the process of working with Chad Bianco to turn over the reins to him. We truly hope Stan Sniff is able to set his ego aside and begin working with Chad Bianco in the coming months. Because of Sniff’s behavioral history, we don’t expect him to be able to set his inflated ego aside, so the Silent Majority is prepared to continue to fight for Chad Bianco.

    We thank all of our fine citizens for supporting the men and women of the Riverside Sheriff’s Department and we look forward to having Chad Bianco as our new Sheriff.

  16. Well said, Silent!! Let’s not forget to keep the momentum going for Bianco. November seems like a long way out, but it’ll be here before we know it.

    While Stan Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest amd his band of idiots are still in control, let us Bianco supporters keep our chins up (because who know what the Crays have in store for us) and keep spreading the word to our fine citizens Bianco for Sheriff!!

    The 2nd Floor is spun and wondering WTF? “We thought Sniff would win!!” and then the chess pieces could fall into place, promotions, orgies, etc. Not one will reflect or try to better the department. Instead, they’re probably going to grab as much booty as they can like a pirate on a sinking ship.


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