May 022018

It does appear that Sniffy is going to need more than a columnist that writes a headline designed for campaign ads to deal with the whirlwind he has brought upon himself.

Chad Bianco’s Sheriff Campaign has cut a new TV spot that blisters Stan Sniff over his record of “Fed-Kicks”, fiscal mismanagement and playing politics.

Just yesterday, I was approached by another former deputy who said flat out he was told in a training meeting: “We don’t enforce immigration laws, you work for a politician”

For years Sniff has been allowed to be blatant in his disregard for ethics and integrity, no longer.

Stan Sniff’s day of accountability is here.

This TV spot is a solid effort – Click here to view the EPIC new Television Spot.

This is what we call a campaign folks.

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  7 Responses to “Stan Sniff Update: Gets Slammed in New TV Ad”

  1. Hey Sniffy, this is for you . . .

  2. EPIC!!


  3. As a La Quinta resident, I am sad those councilmembers representing our community have chosen to endorse the candidate for sheriff who is not supported by the officers in our community. The officers of La Quinta Police have endorsed Chad Bianco through their labor union. Perhaps its commonplace for seated politicians to endorse each other, regardless of any poor work product given to the people they serve. I am VERY proud our Mayor Linda Evans in La Quinta has made the decision to lead, once again, as she stands with the men and women of her police department.

  4. Especially since Linda Evans knows she will be retaliated against by Sniff. Bravo to her. Thank you LQ for reading.

  5. The people need to vote and those who support Bianco need to encourage family and friends to vote for him. Sniff is playing the race card with these promotions. Notice Lt Hughs got her own promotion ceremony that the others just promoted. She got a press release because she is a minority and female.

    Cool 10 million for CCW staffing increase? What about the dwindling numbers of deputies patrolling the county communities. Screw public safety in the county, Sniff needs to issue CCWs for votes.

  6. John Jones you’re right on point. She was the investigator for the jail when Finch was assaulted. She messed up the case for one of the defendants. He walked with time served for participating in an attempt murder of a peace officer. Par for the scratch and sniff regime. Scratch your head because you can’t figure out what you’re doing. Then sniff the bull shit that comes out of your mouth to justify your decisions.

  7. What did Linda Evans do?

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