Feb 252020

Something does not pass the smell test.

So here is a democrat party leader in Orange County doing what Democrats do. He raged on the people manning a Prop 6 petition table.

There is an interesting snippet where Carl DeMaio says he is the publisher at Hale Media. That’s the key part for this discussion.

Note that his federal disclosure lists a few interesting items.

His “consulting business” about government waste is a lucrative venture for him to pilfer $185,000 pay in 2019. I want to be able to berate government officials and pocket $185,000.

His radio gig pays him $236,000 in 2019? Are they selling spots for $5000 a piece? What is really going on there. I Heart Media has had some financial issues (like all Radio Companies) in the last decade and it strains credulity that they’d lay out $236,000 for a shock jock.

My Wife does morning drive for an FM station in Sacramento with a good audience. The Sacramento Market is only slightly smaller than San Diego and she does not make anything close to the obscene salary I Heart was paying Carl. (or that DeMaio disclosed) Where is that money really coming from?

Then we have Hale Media. The fact that Hale Media publishes two LGBT Websites one of which looks like a hook-up site with softcore porno on its’ home page is a side issue to why Carl DeMaio said on tape in 2018 that he was the publisher. Where is his salary? Should I file another ethics complaint against DeMaio?

There are also several articles floating around in cyberspace about Carl directing campaign funds in to the pocket of Hale as well. More on that soon.

IT seems that Carl DeMaio claims to be a “Government Reformer” and is surrounded by chaos and drama. But, what it really looks like is yet another Grifter-type candidate running one scam after another.

As Travis Allen found out, hell hath no fury like anyone that gets in between Carl and what he thinks is his. And Carl thought he owned Prop 6 and has completely dissed John Cox who gave his effort $1 Million.

Raging on the LAGOP? Check.

Ethics Fines? Check.

screwed up paperwork? Check

Taking credit for other people’s hard work? Check.

Drama? Check

Faked Break-in at Campaign Headquarters? Check.

Multiple allegations of wanking in public bathrooms? Check.

Alibi against one claim based on the maintenance condition of a urinal? Check.

Supports Abortion up until birth? Check.

Attacks national immigration reform group? Check.

Enriching one’s self financially in politics? Sure looks like it…

To be continued.

Get help Carl and get out of public life…

Feb 252020

I’ve written that Carl DeMaio is impulsive and reckless. I also believe he has political Tourette’s Syndrome. He runs his mouth a lot – he is like President Trump without the star power, effectiveness or net worth. This means Carl should keep a sock in it, but he just can’t help himself. (see also stories about urinals)

South Park made a video in Carl’s Honor. Click to watch it, it is hysterical. Note that it pre-dates the 2014 drama as it was made in 2013.

So why was I not surprise when I was approached by some Party Activists to tell me a story. (Sooooo many stories out there about Carl DeMaio)

Apparently, when Carl DeMaio was running his version of the Prop 6 drill (that only became viable when Governor Candidate John Cox donated $1Million to it) he was in full bloom. It is not surprising to me that DeMaio refused to work with Travis Allen. It is not surprising to me that Travis Allen refused to work with Carl DeMaio. Based on what I have learned about Carl DeMaio, I am of the opinion that he needs long term therapy and a padded cell.

I am sure the LAGOP agrees with me.

I found a reference to Carl DeMaio attacking the LAGOP in a post by Artie Schaper:

… I am sharing (unredacted) both your message to Arthur (whoever he is) and my earlier reply refuting Carl Demaio’s baseless assertions on KFI’s John and Ken radio program last week.

It’s clear to me that Mr. Demaio’s claims are totally baseless.  Actually, Carl wasn’t even on base— he wasn’t even at bat!  But consider the harm done by Demaio’s false attack, heard perhaps by half a million radio listeners.  What an accomplishment!

President Reagan often repeated the words of President John Adams: “facts are stubborn things”

You have maligned and defamed nearly 200 elected members of the Los Angeles County Republican Party, its officers, its leadership and its proven support of Proposition 6.   There’s no need for anyone to “demand new leadership for the L.A. County GOP.”

Instead, the rest of us should demand that Republican critics get their damned facts straight.

Allen Brandstater, Parliamentarian

Artie is frequently at odds with the LAGOP and Allen Brandstater was responding to Carl DeMaio coming unscrewed on the John and Ken show.

Here’s what happened. DeMaio showed up at the LAGOP Headquarters unannounced with a ton of Prop 6 signs. The people at the LAGOP HQ had nowhere to put the signs as their HQ is very small, they told him they could not take the signs.

Carl DeMaio went berzerk.

Then, he went on the John and Ken Show and tore in to the LAGOP.

Everyone I talked to was not surprised to see or hear about Carl DeMaio going berzerk at the 2019 CAGOP Convention officer election convention. I still have people wanting to tell me about DeMaio’s rage-fest on behalf of CAGOP Chair Jessica Patterson at the expense of Travis Allen.

Given what I am learning about Plagiarism, Staged Campaign HQ Break Ins, caustic tweets, public outbursts, alleged private outbursts and the like, I am seeing the pattern of a madman.

… and he is a Mitt Romney / Chad Mayes type Republican at that.

Carl DeMaio is a fraud.

To be continued…

Feb 242020

Somewhere John Cox is punching a wall. Cox might as well have set fire to his $1Million. There is no better feeling in the world than helping a political campaign only to have that campaign repay your generosity by taking credit for your actions and making them their own. Carl DeMaio has had a psychotic, Self-Aggrandizing pattern for years.

No Carl. You did not Recall Josh Newman, the OCGOP and the CAGOP did. They dedicated a ton of resources to it.

No Carl. John Cox’ $1 Million resurrected your failing Prop 6 campaign and made it real.

Anyone reading this that is helping Carl DeMaio, consider yourselves warned. He will forget you once elected and worse he will take credit for everything you did to promote his next effort to make money…

… and note he just teased yet another ballot measure in this tweet.

Carl DeMaio is a fraud whose life is riddled with drama. Do NOT get anywhere near this guy or he will do the same thing to you.

P.S. South Park made a video in Carl’s Honor. Click to watch it, it is hysterical. Note that it pre-dates the 2014 drama as it was made in 2013.

Feb 242020

South Park made a video in Carl’s Honor. Click to watch it, it is hysterical. Note that it pre-dates the 2014 drama as it was made in 2013.

With a story titled – Who Lied Part IV, Much Ado About a Urinal – easy to find, you learn the number one reason why Carl DeMaio has no business anywhere near Congress.

Harper had already detailed for her an encounter he had with DeMaio. He had described how, on July 10, as he finished up at a urinal down the hall from the campaign’s second-floor headquarters, DeMaio hovered behind him and exposed himself, grabbing his genitals. Harper quit the campaign two days later. He left on good terms, with a recommendation from DeMaio.

Oh Lord.

The urinal. As DeMaio tries to recover his reputation and rebut these accusations, which he calls lies and smears, the broken urinal is what he’s still clinging to.

That is, it’s the story he’s clinging to after another claim — that the guy with whom Trageser spoke wasn’t really Justin Harper at all — fell apart.

You have got to be kidding me and this guy is considered a legit contender for a seat in Congress?

Carl DeMaio’s campaign would go on to try to say the accuser was not Justin Harper but was someone else and when that did not work, they claimed the alleged site of the wanking was a broken urinal thus Harper was lying. They never addressed the allegations – just attacked the kid who was victimized by DeMaio.

DeMaio’s pattern of allegations and denials in this case is similar to last August when the Voice of OC published claims by state Sen. Ben Hueso, who served with DeMaio on the San Diego City Council.

Hueso alleges that twice in 2009 he witnessed DeMaio masturbating in a restricted bathroom after DeMaio had delivered fiery political speeches during council meetings.

San Diego Councilwoman Marti Emerald confirmed Hueso’s account, saying she encountered a shocked Hueso outside the restroom immediately after the first incident.

DeMaio aggressively denied Hueso’s allegations, calling them “dirty politics” during television interviews. He also claimed to have passed a polygraph test, but never released the complete test results.

At the time of the article, DeMaio was on a short list of GOP candidates to run for the San Diego mayoral seat, which was being vacated by Democrat Bob Filner who himself was forced to resign because of sexual harassment.

But San Diego Republican leaders — following a now-infamous private meeting in La Jolla — instead threw support behind Kevin Faulconer (who ultimately won the seat), because DeMaio was seen as too divisive, according to those familiar with the meeting.

Nonetheless, the GOP establishment remained steadfastly behind DeMaio’s congressional campaign, launching an attack against Voice of OC and its partners for publishing the article.

A specific target was PBS SoCaL, which at the time had an on-air partnership with Voice of OC. It started with a post on Jon Fleischman’s conservative Flash Report with the headline: “Local PBS Affiliate is linked to Smear Campaign of Gay Republican.”

GOP insiders also delivered a dossier to PBS station chief Mel Rogers attacking the Voice of OC’s reporting on the DeMaio article and others.

Rogers defended the Voice of OC’s reporting during that meeting and during an on-air interview with John Phillips, a conservative talk radio host and an Orange County Register columnist.

However, PBS did ultimately terminate the partnership, officially ending it in September.

The Voice of OC story is linked here.

Carl DeMaio has proven to be reckless, impulsive and terrible at crisis management. He has had so much drama surrounding him, much of it because he lashes out at people and says/does stuff out of turn leaving behind a trail of destruction.

Yet, similar to many I know in politics his very nature attracts a small coven of groupies that seem to have a strange mental blank spot about his behavior which screams red flags at anyone observing from a distance.

Note the Date on Carl’s Post.

If you’ve been reading, you will understand that Carl DeMaio’s unstable and reactionary behavior has been a hallmark of his life.

Feb 222020

Carl DeMaio is Pro-Amnesty and Wants to Give Citizenship to Illegal Immigrants


Carl DeMaio is pro-amnesty and even attacked the National Border Patrol Council – one of President Trump’s strongest supporters – as part of “the swamp.” He can’t be trusted to fight for the Trump agenda. 

Carl DeMaio attacked the National Border Patrol Council for endorsing Darrell Issa – and called the national union for Border Patrol agents part of “the swamp.” He even accused the Border Patrol leadership of “cuddling up to politicians” in exchange for favors. Unlike DeMaio, the NBPC is a strong supporter of President Trump’s border security agenda. 

Carl DeMaio proposed a path to citizenship for illegal immigrants. 
In a Dec. 12, 2014, article, The Hill reported, “DeMaio said he hopes the House will pass major immigration reform before the next elections, though he argued that any offer of citizenship for illegal immigrants should be contingent on first securing the border, a major stumbling block in negotiations. DeMaio said some illegal immigrants should be given a path to citizenship, singling out well-educated immigrants and those who came here as children.”

DeMaio lectured Republicans who want to enforce laws to protect our borders and keep our country safe, telling them to ‘cool the rhetoric.’ 

  • In an Oct. 24, 2014, article, the Los Angeles Times reported, “DeMaio is a self-described ‘proud gay American’ who bills himself as a reformer willing to take on his own party. In a recent TV ad, DeMaio said he was not a ‘tea party extremist.’ On immigration reform, for example, DeMaio said in an interview that he wanted to ‘cool the Republican rhetoric,’ which he described as disrespectful.”

I ripped this content off of another site and have nothing to add – Carl DeMaio is a fraud and can not be trusted on the top issues of the day. Just Wow.