Aug 262019

Let me start by saying, I am NOT a fan of Duncan Hunter Jr. I have issues with the choices Hunter made. I believe that Hunter will beat most or all of the criminal (but not civil campaign finance) charges against him in the politically motivated prosecution against him. (How many dems have done the same thing and have never been touched?) This does not mean I believe Hunter is innocent, similar to Bill Brough, I believe he lived off of his campaign account and unlike Bill Brough, his wife decided to stop playing along.

The maladies of Duncan Hunter Jr have created a feeding frenzy of opportunists. Carl DeMaio is one such opportunist, complete with a carpet bag, an out-sized ego and pious self-righteous sense of entitlement.

I have always believed Carl DeMaio is a fraud and I have come to believe that he is also mentally unstable. His self-implosion when he ran for CA-52 several years ago showed me his mental state clearly.

He can’t even come up with his own slogan. Take Back California is the name of former Assembly-Member Travis Allen’s Political Action Committee. DeMaio even copied Join Travis with Join Carl. Go away Carl.

However, Carl DeMaio’s decision for a campaign slogan gives us important context to understand why he used CAGOP Chair Jessica Patterson to make a name for himself. DeMaio injected himself in to the CAGOP Chair’s race in order to get a platform to attack Travis Allen. It is the opinion of this blogger that Carl DeMaio never cared about Patterson’s Chair race at all.

We can look forward to more self-worship at the expense of all of us should DeMaio gain election.

Apparently, when you are running a political action committee there is no honor among thieves. I remember telling Emanuel and Travis Allen during the Chairman’s Race that Carl DeMaio had “PAC Envy”. Carl DeMaio has failed in more campaigns than he has won and usually when that record of failure is combined with an ego problem, it breeds all sorts of societal problems.

It appears that Carl DeMaio is obsessed with Travis Allen. He has copied Mr. Allen’s talking points and 5 point plan to a tee. Narcissism manifests itself in jealous rages, mimicry and disregard for others. Once a Narcissist is crossed, they will usually stop at nothing to exact revenge. They are also skilled at mimicking other people including taking over their causes and taking on their personality attributes. Narcissists also are notorious for using and discarding people habitually.

Carl DeMaio has hated Travis Allen for several years due to a list of grievances only he knows. DeMaio has mimicked everything Travis Allen did in 2018 campaign wise. DeMaio has used several people over the years  (including Jessica Patterson) and then discarded them when no longer needed.

Your intrepid blogger has had many people over the years that have dealt with Carl DeMaio tell me that he is crazy and extremely “Diva-Ish” to deal with. I’ve always held that knowledge and until this recent episode had maintained that information as other people’s opinion.

Since I am in the unique position of having worked for BOTH John Cox and Travis Allen, I believe I can be balanced about anything pertaining to either one of them. I can certainly tell you that what DeMaio is doing is beyond unethical, it appears psychotic (perhaps Narcissism or some other related form of insanity).

There is a third candidate Larry Wilske. He has yet to demonstrate he is anything other than a retired Navy SEAL. If Larry Wilske could demonstrate he has access to significant resources I would take him seriously. Otherwise, I am sincerely hoping that if convicted Duncan Hunter Drops out and someone like a Darrell Issa steps in to take out the trash.

Right Now, if picking between the Grandson of a 1972 Munich Terrorist who hates America in his own right, Carl DeMaio, and Duncan Hunter Jr… I will take Hunter.

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