Dec 212010

It is no secret. Deric Rothe, the flaming liberal editor of the Auburn Journal hates Conservatives and Republicans…

Case and point:

Article One – Tom McClintock Earmarked for Budget, Natural Resources Committee Posts in 2011.

Maybe Rothe’s pet cockroaches were trying to be clever with the title? Tom McClintock has famously signed the no new earmarks pledge – something Rothe and his crew have used repeatedly to get Scott Yuill, Rocky Rockholm and others in hot water with over the last two years.

Why? Because McClintock is regarded as someone who does not bring home the pork barrell spending within the district. Now, they turn the tables and use Earmark and McClintock in the same line… for search engines?

Article Number 2: Bag on Brian Jagger some more. In the process – try to tie Jagger’s maladies to Kirk Uhler and POOF guess who the Rothe’s Pet Cockroaches called this time?

Marlene George – queen of the Granite Bay NIMBY’s against Kirk Uhler. To Marlene’s credit – she did not take the bait thrown out by the AJ.

They could have called a number of people for balance, but this is the same paper that refused to correct a baltant lie about solar power contracts that were given to a company with a similar name – that was not owned by Uhler and Weygandt’s Brother.

Two-Plus years that lie has been allowed to stand. But, as I have written before – Deric Rothe is a convicted Cocaine Dealer who came to Placer County to find a soft-touch judge that restored his civil rights.

If Rothe started practicing journalism and stopped trying to destroy people with his newspaper – maybe I’d stop telling people about his felony conviction. Which, by the way Brian Jagger, Kirk Uhler and John Doolittle do not have – only Rothe.

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