Jan 132011

In a recent Column – Ruffalo attacked Ted Gaines and the Placer County Republican Central Committee.

In so many words, he attacked the Central Committee for Accomplishing Nothing. Problem – the Central Committee was instrumental and participatory in tossing more than a few of Ruffalo’s fellow liberals out of office in November.

Ruffalo’s friends on the Central Committee came loaded for bear last night – looking for a fight on anything and everything. Likely amongst the group was Ruffalo’s primary source of his erroneous information he uses to write about the Central Committee.

One of Ruffalo’s sentences was as follows: As a recovering Republican, I’ve had quite enough of Hudson and that crowd. They’re the sort who put “fun” in “funeral,” and have turned what should be a supportive and pro-active group into an invoicing organization that turns politics into a blood sport.

Last night – the blood sport was brought by people seeking personal revenge – again with no evidence.

Meanwhile still unsettled — at least by the Fair Political Practices Commission — is that check-kiting scheme which may have been political money laundering.

What Ruffalo failed to mention is that one of his sources of information, former Chairman Ken Campbell, was Chairman during at least two FPPC audits of the Central Committee for (GASP) giving money to Assemblymembers Bonnie Garcia and Shirley Horton amongst other things.

Ruffalo went on the say that Ted Gaines would get to appoint an ex-officio alternate for both his Assembly Seat and Senate Seat. It did not work that way – the Assembly seat is vacant until John Allard wins it.

Ruffalo wanted Ted Gaines to show up himself – which he did – and to not appoint Tom Hudson or George Park as his Ex-Officio.

Too bad for Jim Ruffalo that the CRA endorsed Ted Gaines for State Senate and Ted Gaines stayed true to the CRA – voting with the CRA 100% the time last night. This includes voting to elect George Park, Jr. Treasurer. (As Assemblymember Dan Logue appointed him)

It is apparent that Jim Ruffalo is taking his cues from people that are opposed to the Conservative leadership of the Central Committee – hence his repeated attacks against Tom Hudson and George Park, Jr.

Has Ruffalo ever called George or myself for comment? Of course not… but then, that’s the Auburn Journal.

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