Dec 222010

Once again – Deric Rothe repeats the lie about the solar power contract.

Once again – there is no mention of the other three Solar Power Contracts by the county that weren’t within a country mile of Uhler’s company.

Once again – Deric Rothe repeats the lie about a “sweetheart deal” for Tami Uhler’s job with the county… conveniently omitting the fact that that job was offered to two others first.

Once again – Deric Rothe brings up the issue about a deer hunt to thin the population of Deer and attributes the idea to Uhler. Rothe knows his audience are liberal gun-grabbers and wildlife lovers. Of course, there is no mention of the sharp increase of Deer vs Car accidents.

Who cares, when you are on an rampage against someone? Perhaps Deric Rothe is blaming Kirk Uhler for the revelation of his felony conviction? I can think of no other reason why the Auburn Journal would lie repeatedly – the Sacramento Bee doesn’t even pull crap like this.

If I was Brian Jagger – I’d read this phony editorial and say no thanks.

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