Oct 082019

Got it? Screw whatever, Smoke Whatever – it’s all good with Kelly Ernby. (Unless you are a business, then she will sue you)

Given that Ernby is on Marriage #3, I could certainly understand the libertine attitude toward who and what you have sex with. However, the attitude towards using narcotics? It could be because her main practice as a government attorney is suing businesses versus prosecuting crime? (Research shows very few prosecutions despite misleading claims on her social media)

Did former OC DA Tony Rackauckas have a clue who he recruited for AD-74??? (Maybe T-Rak is in to suing people too…)

We deserve better in the GOP than empty candidates that make a living suing businesses in to oblivion who have unclear values and an unclear platform.

As of the writing of this blog, her campaign is running on empty. (But, her Consultants are getting fat retainers) I am seriously wondering why she is running for AD74.

It’s all ringing squishy empty.

(AD-74 = Assembly District 74, Currently infested by Cottie Petrie-Norris-NoMas)

There is a second interesting Sidebar, Vincent Fong has endorsed Kelly Ernby and Shannon Grove has endorsed Diane Dixon. Fong and Grove are both from the “Kevin McCarthy Machine” in Kern County. Right now, Grove is the Senate Permanent Minority leader and Vincent Fong missed being Permanent Minority Leader in the Assembly by a slim margin (possibly Bill Brough’s vote). There is a school of thought that Kevin McCarthy may get run out on a rail if the GOP does not re-take the house – this would be an obvious nexus for a Fong vs Grove proxy war as a congressional seat is about as far as a Republican can go in California.

That said, it appears Vincent Fong has not delivered a dime for Ernby. We shall see as Ernby looks like an #EMPTYERNBY spoiler at this time.

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