Sep 192020

HI, I’m Aaron, your intrepid blogger.

Apparently, there is a crew of moonbats trying to get me shut down and or prosecuted because they can’t handle the beating. I am one dude, you’d think I was CNN or CBS lying about the President every day! I have been doing political work since 1998 and have amassed 28 legal demand letters over my career. I’ve never even been served let alone been to a hearing or discovery.

Still others don’t know how to click links on social media or look at the “About” section on stuff they see. It is pretty easy to figure out what I am doing since I don’t hide.

I am the President of the Placer Good Government PAC and despite the efforts of the Placer Moonbat crew our facebook ads are still cranking because we know election law and play by the rules – unlike liberals that want to harvest and fabricate mail ballots.

Moonbat” is a pejorative political epithet used in United States politics, referring to liberals, progressives, or leftists (especially the far-left), a possible parallel to the pejorative “Wingnut” attributed to American conservatives, and right-wing politics.[1]

We have two official logos for the Placer Good Government Pac – the first logo is proudly displayed on our website:

The second logo you will find proudly displayed on the Placer Good Government PAC Facebook Pages:

Third is an example of the vital public service we are performing as we inform Placer County who the candidates of Good Government are. Strong Police, Fire, no Lockdowns, no Dehumanizing Mask Mandates, we support Having Children in School and Business open. Our candidates understand that Churches are more important to society than “peaceful riots” and desire Placer County to stay one of the last livable areas in California. The PGGPAC was literally founded to forestall the tide of people moving in from other areas that neither understand Placer’s way of life nor how they are trying to wreck it by importing politics from other parts of the country.

Perhaps this is why leftist bureaucrats and the Placer Moonbat crew are trying to silence us.

Get a good look, because a lot more of these ads are coming and there is nothing you can do to stop them. Placer County is not a communist utopia with a mayor and/or a DA that support and encourage riots. Placer County is like the rest of America.

Come Get Some.

— Love Aaron, YOUR Intrepid Blogger.

Sep 182020

So let’s start with AD38. I’ve been able to determine that the vendor alleged to have been paid somehow by the still in debt Congressional Campaign of Suzette Martinez-Valladares does not show up on the campaign finance reports because that vendor was a sub-vendor of the former consultant for the Congressional Campaign. It is confusing, but it would be like Joe Blow hiring Right on Daily to demolish a candidate, Joe Blow has to disclose the sub vendor (right on daily) subject to applicable rules, but any money owed to the sub vendor is not separately reported on the campaign finance reports.

This means that what I previously wrote could still be true, but it is also true at the same time that neither the current Assembly Consultant Tim Rosales and the Treasurer Kelly Lawler would not have know how that guy got his debt paid.

No one I have spoken to knows how the guy got paid – so my theory still stands about “Republican Leadership” taking care of their chosen one for #AD38.

BTW – do I think Lucie Lapoint Volotsky will beat Suzette Martinez-Valladares? If Suzette is breathing on 11-3, she will win the election. I hope that’s clear.

Before I mock Kevin McCarthy for being an incredibly weak minority leader and fundraiser – I am pleased to report that due in no small part to the efforts of your intrepid blogger and Steve Frank with his platform – RNC Delegates have been refunded $1010 of the $1200 they paid.

I heard from several that the leeches consultants running the RNC delegation drill did not want to refund the unused money and are fuming at having to do so. So sorry to interrupt their long anticipated spoils of war from the 2019 Chairman’s race but the irony is those squishes support the shutdown and mask mandates that led to the RNC being largely scuttled.

So – I am adding another possible reason beyond the Scott Winn revenge drill, to the lynching of Ted Howze in CA-10. McCarthy needed an excuse to write him off. Howze would not be a leadership vote for McCarthy either – adding to the list of reasons why his lackeys (jilted 2nd tier consultant Scott Winn), Her majesty the Chair rigged a demolition of Howze.

Take a look: CA-39 is not on the list. CA-45 is not on the list. Greg Raths and Young Kim have been written off. CA-49 Bryan Maryott. Toast.

Amazingly, all McCarthy has for David Valadao CA-21 is $100K. Perhaps what your intrepid blogger noticed about CAGOP communications ignoring him was an indicator of McCarthy’s animus after all? It would seem that a former congressman in a very winnable race in CA-21 would draw more support from McCarthy. (Amazingly, CA-21 shares a border with McCarthy’s District) There is no way McCarthy could get away with doing nothing for Valadao which appears to have been his preference.

Valadao has a better chance of winning than CA-25 Mike Garcia and CA-48 Michelle Steel. McCarthy has to pour money in to a sitting member, so the $866K in to Garcia makes sense. The fact that McCarthy is dumping $1.1 Million in to Michelle Steel means that the leadership are forced to play in Orange County despite abandoning Young Kim and Greg Raths.

In My opinion – Valadao is better than 50-50 against the scandal-marred TJ Cox.

Garcia is at best a 50-50 shot to get re-elected.

There is no way unless I am missing something obvious that Michelle Steel is in better shape than Garcia or Valadao.

Steve Frank believes the CAGOP is on pace to lose another 6 legislative seats. If this move in the Congressionals is any indication, Frank could be very close to correct.

P.S. The people controlling the money that McCarthy Raised? Yup. Tom Ross’ crew. Same as it ever was.

Sep 172020

HI. I’m your intrepid blogger.

That’s right – straight from a teacher in the district. The CTA and the Rocklin Teacher’s Union are telling their members to abuse the grievance process in a desperate attempt to prevent the Rocklin School District from re-opening. I wish they were as passionate about teaching Children as they are about trying to avoid working.

Here’s a tid bit. Teachers union meeting happening now — Union has told teachers to file any grievance they can find and to just keep filing grievances:

CTA is telling us to look for things to file grievances about. They are encouraging us to log into RTPA to support them tonight. They are pushing us to block the opening of school.

Laura Schultz is the Sacramento CTA leader and Travis Mougeotte (SP?) is the RUSD rep.

As if we have not provided enough evidence: The Rocklin Teacher’s Union is completely out of control. I hope the Rocklin Unified School District imposes a contract on them and fires the whole lot of them if they go on strike. If the majority of teachers oppose this insane desire to screw over our children and the taxpayers, then it is time for them to speak out otherwise it is safe to say they support this crap.

Then there is the Placer County Democrat Party – they hate Kirk Uhler. They helped elect Suzanne Jones (who publicly spoke in favor of the continued lockdown of Placer County). Not coincidentally, the two faced Jim Holmes’ campaign manager popped up out of the political toilet bowl:

Darren Huppert, ladies and gentlemen. He is Jim Holmes’ campaign brain. He is also a liberal moonbat.

Why am I not surprised to see this? Suzanne Jones is basically parroting Jim Holmes’ talking points about continuing to strangle Placer County with a lockdown. I am wondering if the RINO Suzanne Jones is calling other counties like Jim Holmes telling them to ignore Placer County?

Then there is extreme left-wing homosexual activist Gary Miller. He is a board member on the Roseville City School District. I have long written that he believes everyone that disagrees with him is a homophobe. He has called your intrepid blogger a homophobe. Whatever, Gary is a wackjob – don’t take my word for it, read his own words:

Not Cracker Barrel? I mean they did bad things 30 years ago, we can’t let them open a store in Rocklin!

Remember, this guy is making decisions about the education of your children and he is gay first, everything else second.

Then there is this parent taking Gary out behind the woodshed. Gary could not help himself:

Read and re-read Gary’s Comment. It sounds an awful lot like LaMills Garrett. Gary’s bastardized history has nothing to do with him being Gay, it has to do with him being out of his mind.

And here is Gary Miller advocating for keeping Roseville’s Schools Locked down. It appears that Team Alvord Roseville Police and the national democrat party are campaigning on an America Keyed to Sickness. This is a losing strategy, but may be the only path they think they have.

To be continued as people like Miller, LaMills and Alvord continue to be their own best advocates!

Sep 162020

I leveled a charge that the Teacher’s Union could care less about educating our children and that they are in battle mode to be able to continue working 4 hours a day while ripping off the taxpayers for their full pay and benefits.

An anonymous source (known to me, however) has come forward with screenshots of emails being put out by the Teacher’s Union. You can contact me as well [email protected] with information, links, screenshots and the like if you care about the Teacher’s Union trying to abuse relationships with Parents and Children to keep schools sequestered.

Today, the Teacher’s Union in Rocklin announced that they could not win through manipulation and bullying so they are going to run to arbitration to try and impose their will against the vast majority of parents.

You can see here that the California Teacher’s Union is attempting to manipulate teachers and bully local school districts in to doing what they want them to.

The announcement of said grievance was featured in the local rag that is in the bag for Newsom and Biden with a biased and one-sided account of the issues. These are the times we live in, the Teacher’s Union is fighting to not have to educate our children and government is fighting to prevent people from living their lives.

Sep 152020

That’s correct, Placer voted 5-0 (including Holmes) to lift the State of Emergency that has been strangling Placer Businesses and re-opens our schools. (Note: Placer County Superintendent of Public Instruction Gayle Garbolino-Mojica is an activist liberal democrat who was one of the first to order a shut down of schools, before the state mandate)

Placer County was the first county and it is expected that other Northern Counties would follow suit – this is the significance of Jim Holmes talking to liberal Republican former Police Union Chief Leonard Moty to sabotage efforts in Shasta. Only Les Baugh voted to end the State of Emergency in Shasta. Leonard Moty’s attack was apparently pivotal in keeping Shasta strangled and under Newsom’s thumb.

Exclusive to Right on Daily Blog – check out the embedded video and listen for yourself to Supervisor Leonard Moty setting fire to Jim Holmes as his source. The sound quality is poor so turn up your volume a bit.

Kirk Uhler has been making viral videos over the flawed data that is being used to shut California down for 6 months (most of them after losing re-election mind you). Most of the time, “Lame Duck” electeds go away quietly. Uhler has millions of Facebook views on his page since losing re-election.

Note – the woman Kirk lost to is an 8 time candidate who will say anything to get votes. She was elected by the democrats in her district that voted overwhelmingly for her (I know, I was Uhler’s Campaign manager) and at the Placer GOP meeting following the 5-0 vote she trashed the vote to lift the state of Emergency. The Placer GOP should take a 2/3 vote and expel her from the committee.

Back to the video: the key takeaways are Moty calls Uhler angry, a lame duck and a disruptive force on the Placer County Board of Supervisors and identifies Jim Holmes as the source of his info.

Here is the significance of this map. I have circled where Jim Holmes Lives. His property line at Bell and Joeger Rd is literally part of the District Boundary! Back in 2010, Placer County Staff had to rig the map to keep Jim Holmes in Supervisor District 3. They had to bring District 5 – which goes all the way to the Nevada border clear down to Newcastle. They also had to disenfranchise the Second Largest City in Placer County – Rocklin, by splitting it between two supervisor districts in order to Keep Jim Holmes out of Supervisor District 5. (Note: the 2020 maps are not out yet)

In 2022, Jim Holmes will be in Supervisor District 5 which would force him to have to run against Cindy Gustafson. He would not beat her, because most in the area are well aware of Holmes duplicity. Roseville, Rocklin and Lincoln have all grown, while the rest of the county has not. It is likely that Supervisor District 5 will include all of North Auburn, Auburn, Newcastle, Penryn and maybe Loomis.

In 2006, when Kirk Uhler (whom Jim Holmes and Leonard Moty trashed in the Shasta BOS Meeting) was appointed to the board, Jim Holmes was the lone holdout vote 2 times. With only one vote left before the vacancy would have been filled by Arnold Schwarzenegger due to lack of unanimity, Ron Bakin from the Granite Bay Community Association (an anti-growth NIMBY group that helped Suzanne Jones in 2020) stood up and told Holmes to vote for Uhler as they did not want Arnold appointing some loser to the position.

Only then did Jim Holmes relent. However, as you can tell – 14 years later Holmes still hates Uhler.

People interested in re-opening California need to share this blog as people need to let Jim Holmes and Leonard Moty know how you feel about their backroom deal to screw over the hard working people of Northern California.

If you have any tips about Jim Holmes talking to people in your county – let me know at [email protected]

Please note: Right on Daily endorsed Mike Murray against Jim Holmes in 2020. Holmes won with 54% of the vote despite winning in 2016 with 76% of the vote.