Sep 212020

Josh Harder has raised north of $3MM and is spending the whole amount. The below screenshot illustrates $1.37MM in TV ads. Harder has also spent money on other stuff and is over the $2MM mark.

You’d think after Scott Winn and Jessica Patterson executed a lynching of Ted Howze and the resulting media drill that Howze would have been finished. Think again.

The only reason why Harder is having to spend this much money is because Ted Howze is competitive. Just imagine a political party without vindictive petty consultants, a minority leader who has no political acumen and a state party chairman that has to wait for orders before acting.

If we do not pick up #CA10 in 2020, thank Kevin McCarthy, Jessica Patterson and Scott Winn. With Republicans like these guys, who needs democrats? Oh, and they are helping bring us Kevin Faulconer for governor in 2022 (speaking of democrats).

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