Sep 162020

I leveled a charge that the Teacher’s Union could care less about educating our children and that they are in battle mode to be able to continue working 4 hours a day while ripping off the taxpayers for their full pay and benefits.

An anonymous source (known to me, however) has come forward with screenshots of emails being put out by the Teacher’s Union. You can contact me as well [email protected] with information, links, screenshots and the like if you care about the Teacher’s Union trying to abuse relationships with Parents and Children to keep schools sequestered.

Today, the Teacher’s Union in Rocklin announced that they could not win through manipulation and bullying so they are going to run to arbitration to try and impose their will against the vast majority of parents.

You can see here that the California Teacher’s Union is attempting to manipulate teachers and bully local school districts in to doing what they want them to.

The announcement of said grievance was featured in the local rag that is in the bag for Newsom and Biden with a biased and one-sided account of the issues. These are the times we live in, the Teacher’s Union is fighting to not have to educate our children and government is fighting to prevent people from living their lives.

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