Jul 082020


I guess screwing over #CA10 Nominee Ted Howze, #CA45 Nominee Greg Raths while ignoring the corruption of #AD72 outgoing incumbent disaster Tyler Diep was not the way the consultants wanted California Trailblazers to be remembered.

Two Trailblazer all-stars: Brian Maienschein and Chad Mayes bolted the GOP.

Your intrepid blogger unloaded on the fraud that is California Trailblazers when Jessica Patterson was running for CAGOP Chair. What I thought would happen has. The world of consultants has shrunk. Undesirables have been purged. The control agents are now actively working to screw over any candidates that win primaries that they have no sway or financial interest in. (See also Kelly Seyarto AD-67 for example) Jessica Patterson herself is alleged to have strong-armed AD42 nominee Andrew Kotyuk in to not hiring his long time operative Nathan Miller, because Miller supported Travis Allen. Note: Greg Raths and Ted Howze also supported Travis Allen.

It is the opinion of this blogger that the nexus for CAGOP Chair Jessica Patterson’s actions is financial and retaliatory.

This gets us to the rebirth of California Trailblazers. It is clear that even though Jeff Randle and crew are executing the same 1990’s era consultant strategy of acting like they are ignoring dissenters – we can see decisions and actions that suggest otherwise. We were not supposed to notice that California Trailblazers PAC was shut down.

Since its’ 2011 inception, the California Trailblazers has been present and participated in the net loss of 13 GOP Seats in the State Legislature. 28-19 in the Assembly, 15-11 in the State Senate. How low can we go? Since its’ inception in 2011, the California Trailblazers has paid $2.3 Million in Salaries against a paltry $142,000 in candidate contributions. Jessica Patterson’s haul has been over $1.2 Million.

The PAC was shut down in late 2019 quietly.

Now – we are being reintroduced to the California Trailfailures fully integrated in to the CAGOP!

This email that I am posting a snippet of set an all-time record for texts and forwards. I got it so many times that I am still finding forwards of it in my inbox. People inside the CAGOP know what’s happening and they don’t like it.

Kevin McCarthy says we need to lose more elections in California! Yay! (At least he doesn’t waste his time helping anyone in California Raise Money)

Yup – Trailblazers is back as a face-saving division of the CAGOP and is being used to solicit funds for the CRP at the same time. Who said the 1990’s are dead? At least the tactics are still very much alive.

Thanks to everyone for forwarding the CAGOP’s emails to your intrepid blogger. You can remain anonymous. [email protected]

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