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Update: The Loss is now up to 13 Seats when California Trailblazer All-Star Brian Maienschein Re-Registered Democrat shortly after being re-elected.

When California Trailblazers was founded in 2011, the Republicans had 15 Seats in the State Senate and 28 Seats in the Assembly. That is not the case anymore (see below). In 2019, Jessica Patterson is running for CAGOP Chairman, touting her work as executive director of the California Trailblazers.

Any candidate running for state legislature is practically ordered by the donor community to go through the Trailblazers program before any of them seriously consider donating. Based on some investigation of public campaign finance records, it appears that California Trailblazers is more of a ponzi scheme run by the Oligarchy of Controlled Failure than it is an organization that helps win elections.

The Oligarchy of Controlled Failure is a term to describe the small group of consultants, power brokers, and elected officials that continue to wield the levers of power within the CAGOP. The CAGOP continues to shrink in its influence, nothing changes and they continue to get rich.

This is where Jessica Patterson’s pedigree comes in – she has been one of their top operatives for years. These same power brokers are in the process of making sure dozens of long-time party operatives get shut out as delegates despite long histories of participating in the party process.

Jessica Patterson has made a ton of money off of California Trailblazers. So have several other consulting firms that are part of the Oligarchy of Controlled Failure.

#1 California Trailblazers since its’ founding in 2011 has only sent $142,365 to candidates.

#2 California Trailblazers has paid out $1,250,609 to Jessica Patterson in total. It is fairly easy to see that well over $1,000,000 of that was compensation beyond reimbursements for hosting conferences in places like the Ritz-Carlton Lake Tahoe. (lest Patterson’s crew decide to split hairs over the definitions of all the checks listed on the reports)

#3 Other Consultants have been paid out over $1,000,000 since 2011 as well. These include $400K to Jeff Randle (a stone-cold never-trumper and godfather of Meg Whitman’s $144MM disaster in 2010), $230K+ to Molly Parnell (a former employee of the CAGOP), $180K+ to Aaron McLear (of Arnold fame and another stone-cold never-trumper) and others.

#4 While Patterson and others promoting her are touting fundraising as a top qualification, the California Trailblazer’s Financial Reports list no more than 44 donors in a 2 year cycle and appear to list no more than 60 unique donors since 2011. This gets worse when you factor that 4 County Party Central Committees are listed among the donors in addition to 12 elected Republican officeholders.

#5 The rest of the donors should draw scrutiny as well. Why is the New Majority on the list for $232,000? Wouldn’t that money have been better used in the hands of candidates? Do the rank and file New Majority members know about this?

#6 The donors are a who’s who of “Third House” Interests. These are the same PAC’s and corporations that spend millions attacking conservatives in favor of liberals like Chad Mayes in primaries. One such donor is PG&E, widely believed to be civilly liable for burning down parts of Napa, Sonoma, almost the whole town of Glen Ellen and the entire towns of Paradise and Magalia. A check of the documentation shows PG&E with $75,000 invested in paying Jessica Patterson’s salary. PG&E is currently seeking bankruptcy protection to try and get out of having to pay restitution for what they have done.

#7 Charles Munger? $708,000. The single largest donor to Trailblazers. Where is the money going to come from now that he is not a large donor to anyone or anything anymore?

#8 Since the founding of California Trailblazers in 2011 – we have gone from 15 Seats in the State Senate down to 11. We have also gone from 28 seats in the State Assembly down to 20. It is clear their program to train and recruit Republicans for office has failed. Jessica Patterson has made her work with Trailblazers the centerpiece of her campaign. Were it your intrepid blogger running for CAGOP Chair, I’d have never run, but certainly would not highlight my ghastly paycheck connected to abject failure if I was.

With the oligarchy of controlled failure in charge of Trailblazers, their claim of no ideological bent rings hollow. The donors to the Trailblazers ponzi scheme are also the same donors that try to pick GOP nominees in Primaries. Now, they along with Kevin McCarthy (he of $30K to Trailblazers) are trying to pick our CAGOP officers.

There is a full on war against the grassroots being waged by Kevin McCarthy, Jeff Randle, Meridian Pacific, David Stafford Reade, Andy Garakhani and others in order to take total control of the CAGOP.

Just what are they doing? To be continued…

P.S. Source Data is linked here. Be sure to visit ALL the historical archives filed regarding their spending. It is illuminating to see the cast of characters.

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  4 Responses to “Jessica Patterson Update: The Oligarchy of Controlled Failure, Pay Out $2.3 Million in Salaries and Lose 13 Seats”

  1. Aaron F. Park’s work is the work journalists are supposed to do. Well researched and on point, you may disagree with who he supports (I’m a Steve Frank supporter) but he’s on point when it comes to the data he presents to formulate his opinions. No disrespect to his hard working blog but his work needs to become more mainstream.

    His ability to continually write is also impressive. I hope to see Park’s name grow within the next few years and for him to become a more well-known activist in California. Great work now don’t forget to vote for Steve Frank if you’re a delegate. 😉

  2. William, Aaron is supporting Travis Allen, not Steve Frank (BTW I am $1.98 with Steve). He is posting this stuff that is clear and devastating.

  3. Even though I’m not a fan of Aaron Park, as he attacked mercifully without a compelling reason a few years back, (Aaron I’m still waiting for your open and official apology….), I must admit that his research is impressive and quite accurate on the Patterson’s political status, and frightening about the future of the CRP under her assuming leadership, regardless who he is supporting.

    Blogger’s Note: Hi Celeste – you were a disaster as CRA President. It is what it is. Thanks for reading this blog.

  4. Charlie, I understand. I’m referring to his data on his research with what he’s done with Jessica Patterson and others. I completely disagree with his support of Travis Allen and found it surprising. Truth is, Allen has many questions to answer but that won’t come from Aaron as he’s supporting him but they will come. 😉

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