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Did you know Kevin Kiley is a Cattle Rancher? Read his ballot statement. Listen to his stump speech. He will tell you.

He owns no cattle and has no ranch, but he filed some papers with the Secretary of State so he could deceive people on the ballot. That would be kind of like your intrepid blogger claiming to be a Bail Bondsman. I technically have paperwork that says I can sell bail bonds, which apparently is the minimum standard these days to tell a flat out lie about your personal business. (I am an insurance broker, when I am not doing paid politics)

Kevin Kiley is 34, Yale and Harvard educated. Apparently, he is racked by feelings of inadequacy over his life experience. If I was Harvard and Yale educated, I’d base my campaign on that.

I would attempt to cover for the fact I was in school longer than I have been in the workforce by pointing out that it was Harvard and Yale.

Instead, young Mr. Kiley has taken to gratuitous exaggerations about his life. One such whopper is talking about prosecuting violent felons. That would be like your intrepid blogger characterizing my party days as studying chemistry and my military days as being heroic. Mr. Kiley can provide no evidence of cases he worked on, and your intrepid blogger found exactly one that his name was signed on to.

Recently, at a town hall meeting in Rocklin, Kevin Kiley was asked a direct question about the extreme left-wing homosexual indoctrination curriculum that was adopted by the Rocklin Unified School District. Kiley did not answer the question, instead he filibustered. (Source, more than one person present at the meeting)

This is not surprising as Kiley has filibustered immigration questions in radio interviews in the past.

This is not surprising as Kiley attempted to dodge answering a question about the State of Jefferson, getting called on it by the talk show hosts. (and Kiley bailed out on the interview)

This is not surprising as Kiley refuses to give a straight answer about the Abortion Issue. (Source, several public appearances)

The dude graduated from Harvard and Yale!? Why can’t he answer simple questions???

Well, Kiley did give a straight answer once. He admitted he does not own a gun.

A couple more recent examples of Mr. Kiley refusing to take stands were the Lincoln City Audit that just exploded in to the local rag. Apparently, the City of Lincoln has major issues and Mr. Kiley was remiss to stand up. I wrote about Stan Nader withdrawing his endorsement of Kiley as a result of his waffling. Secondly, while both Hime and Dahle took the wrong stand in the CAGOP Chairman’s race, they took a stand. Kevin Kiley did not endorse, yet his proxy ended up in the hands of Kevin Eastman, a staffer of the Jim Nielsen machine turned lobbyist. (This means he voted for Jessica Patterson as well – note, I was paid by Travis Allen and have since publicly pledged to honor the results of the CAGOP officer elections) I have more respect for Hime and Dahle making the wrong choice than Kiley, who tried to play both sides.

Quoting a Bee Article from 2016:

Three of the Republicans running for termed-out Assemblywoman Beth Gaines’ heavily Republican seat – it includes Roseville, Rocklin and Folsom – dropped by for an endorsement interview.

A lightning-round query underscored the slim pickings at the top of the GOP ticket. Asked which of the presidential contenders they supported, Cristi Nelson, endorsed by Gaines, said she was for Carly Fiorina but would probably settle for Trump. Kevin Kiley said he is a John Kasich man. Bill Halldin said he liked Marco Rubio and is undecided now. A fourth candidate, Andy Pugno, declined to participate in the interview. – Shawn Hubler @shawnhubler

Along with the horrific endorsement for President by Mr. Kiley, I’ve written about a variety of skipped votes by Mr Kiley as well. It would show a pattern by itself until the 2018 election cycle.

Add in the fact that Kevin Kiley is whining about Brian Dahle’s donors, but just took $3K from someone who donated $85K to the California Democrat Party at the same time.

Kevin Kiley was funded in his 2016 Assembly run by Bay Area Liberals. His donors include a who’s who of Obama bundlers and donors to the Democrat Party. In 2019, there are still some present, but not near the amount of 2016.

Mr. Kevin Kiley said in a Sacramento Bee Interview that the issues of Legalizing Weed, the Delta Tunnels and High Speed Rail are very unimportant to him. This suggests the influence of his Bay Area donors, where the Tunnels are a non issue, but legalizing Weed and HSR are popular. This is called trying to split the baby.

This litany of wasted talent and serious integrity issues by Mr. Kiley as demonstrated over time should give anyone pause. This is why here at Right on Daily, we are taking issue and constantly plotting the history of the young man out on a timeline. It shows a lack of core values, which are now compounded by a “cattle company” that is little more than bovine excrement. Claiming to have prosecuted violent felons is an insult to real law enforcement, especially in California where the democrats are legalizing crime.

But, then we did have a clue. In 2016, Kiley got lit up in the local media for deceptive mailers implying a Republican Party endorsement. I guess a lot of people have a short memory as Kiley pulled the stunt again in 2019 and some of the county parties he lied about in 2016 endorsed him in 2019.

People need to stop rewarding incumbency, political posturing and this lack of integrity and start vetting endorsements.

If you believe that Kevin Kiley has demonstrated that he deserves to be in public office given his demonstrated patterns, then you probably should visit the ranch behind his Downtown Sacramento Condo and buy some cattle from him.

Otherwise, please vote for Brian Dahle.

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