May 062019

Did you know Kevin Kiley is a Cattle Rancher? Read his ballot statement. Listen to his stump speech. He will tell you.

He owns no cattle and has no ranch, but he filed some papers with the Secretary of State so he could deceive people on the ballot. That would be kind of like your intrepid blogger claiming to be a Bail Bondsman. I technically have paperwork that says I can sell bail bonds, which apparently is the minimum standard these days to tell a flat out lie about your personal business. (I am an insurance broker, when I am not doing paid politics)

Kevin Kiley is 34, Yale and Harvard educated. Apparently, he is racked by feelings of inadequacy over his life experience. If I was Harvard and Yale educated, I’d base my campaign on that.

I would attempt to cover for the fact I was in school longer than I have been in the workforce by pointing out that it was Harvard and Yale.

Instead, young Mr. Kiley has taken to gratuitous exaggerations about his life. One such whopper is talking about prosecuting violent felons. That would be like your intrepid blogger characterizing my party days as studying chemistry and my military days as being heroic. Mr. Kiley can provide no evidence of cases he worked on, and your intrepid blogger found exactly one that his name was signed on to.

Recently, at a town hall meeting in Rocklin, Kevin Kiley was asked a direct question about the extreme left-wing homosexual indoctrination curriculum that was adopted by the Rocklin Unified School District. Kiley did not answer the question, instead he filibustered. (Source, more than one person present at the meeting)

This is not surprising as Kiley has filibustered immigration questions in radio interviews in the past.

This is not surprising as Kiley attempted to dodge answering a question about the State of Jefferson, getting called on it by the talk show hosts. (and Kiley bailed out on the interview)

This is not surprising as Kiley refuses to give a straight answer about the Abortion Issue. (Source, several public appearances)

The dude graduated from Harvard and Yale!? Why can’t he answer simple questions???

Well, Kiley did give a straight answer once. He admitted he does not own a gun.

A couple more recent examples of Mr. Kiley refusing to take stands were the Lincoln City Audit that just exploded in to the local rag. Apparently, the City of Lincoln has major issues and Mr. Kiley was remiss to stand up. I wrote about Stan Nader withdrawing his endorsement of Kiley as a result of his waffling. Secondly, while both Hime and Dahle took the wrong stand in the CAGOP Chairman’s race, they took a stand. Kevin Kiley did not endorse, yet his proxy ended up in the hands of Kevin Eastman, a staffer of the Jim Nielsen machine turned lobbyist. (This means he voted for Jessica Patterson as well – note, I was paid by Travis Allen and have since publicly pledged to honor the results of the CAGOP officer elections) I have more respect for Hime and Dahle making the wrong choice than Kiley, who tried to play both sides.

Quoting a Bee Article from 2016:

Three of the Republicans running for termed-out Assemblywoman Beth Gaines’ heavily Republican seat – it includes Roseville, Rocklin and Folsom – dropped by for an endorsement interview.

A lightning-round query underscored the slim pickings at the top of the GOP ticket. Asked which of the presidential contenders they supported, Cristi Nelson, endorsed by Gaines, said she was for Carly Fiorina but would probably settle for Trump. Kevin Kiley said he is a John Kasich man. Bill Halldin said he liked Marco Rubio and is undecided now. A fourth candidate, Andy Pugno, declined to participate in the interview. – Shawn Hubler @shawnhubler

Along with the horrific endorsement for President by Mr. Kiley, I’ve written about a variety of skipped votes by Mr Kiley as well. It would show a pattern by itself until the 2018 election cycle.

Add in the fact that Kevin Kiley is whining about Brian Dahle’s donors, but just took $3K from someone who donated $85K to the California Democrat Party at the same time.

Kevin Kiley was funded in his 2016 Assembly run by Bay Area Liberals. His donors include a who’s who of Obama bundlers and donors to the Democrat Party. In 2019, there are still some present, but not near the amount of 2016.

Mr. Kevin Kiley said in a Sacramento Bee Interview that the issues of Legalizing Weed, the Delta Tunnels and High Speed Rail are very unimportant to him. This suggests the influence of his Bay Area donors, where the Tunnels are a non issue, but legalizing Weed and HSR are popular. This is called trying to split the baby.

This litany of wasted talent and serious integrity issues by Mr. Kiley as demonstrated over time should give anyone pause. This is why here at Right on Daily, we are taking issue and constantly plotting the history of the young man out on a timeline. It shows a lack of core values, which are now compounded by a “cattle company” that is little more than bovine excrement. Claiming to have prosecuted violent felons is an insult to real law enforcement, especially in California where the democrats are legalizing crime.

But, then we did have a clue. In 2016, Kiley got lit up in the local media for deceptive mailers implying a Republican Party endorsement. I guess a lot of people have a short memory as Kiley pulled the stunt again in 2019 and some of the county parties he lied about in 2016 endorsed him in 2019.

People need to stop rewarding incumbency, political posturing and this lack of integrity and start vetting endorsements.

If you believe that Kevin Kiley has demonstrated that he deserves to be in public office given his demonstrated patterns, then you probably should visit the ranch behind his Downtown Sacramento Condo and buy some cattle from him.

Otherwise, please vote for Brian Dahle.

Apr 302019

What a waste of talent. Kiley does not need to lie or exaggerate his qualifications. He does not need to hide behind hyperbole to make his points. He does not need to avoid tough issues – yet he does all repeatedly.

Your intrepid blogger received a copy of Kiley’s Candidate Statement from El Dorado County (where he is starting to have issues keeping his coalitions together) and it is disturbing to say the least.

You will see how the Iraqi information minister suits him to a tee.

(Remember, he’s winning)

In Lie #1 he references his former employment in Kamala Harris AG’s office and characterizes himself as a “Prosecutor of Violent Felons”. Your intrepid blogger only found one case from the 13 months he worked in that office with his name on it. It was not a violent felony. I could not prove he was employed by Mrs. Harris longer than 6 months, by the way.

He repeats Lie #2 about the DMV constituent services office, again mis-characterizing its’ purpose as some sort of secret perk. If I ever have an issue with the DMV, I guess I will have to call Jim Nielsen’s office. It does show the shallow, calculated nature of Kevin the Candidate.

He wrote a bill… omitted, it got killed. Was he grandstanding or just doing stuff to inflate a political resume?

Lie #3, the Cattle Company lie. We’ve written about his fake shell company created specifically to try and mitigate Brian Dahle’s primary occupation for his entire life. It is disconcerting that Doug Ose participated in that lie.

He references the endorsement of disturbed El Dorado County DA Vern Pierson. Pierson has a long, sordid history in El Dorado County. It would be like listing the endorsement of Ron Calderon or Roderick Wright.

I also take note that Dahle references no endorsements in his statement. Given the visceral disdain in an increasingly cynical electorate for anything representing the establishment, again, advantage Dahle. Take a good look below – these is picture you can’t fake. (Especially as kiley was embarrassingly forced to admit he does not even own a gun, let alone cattle)


Apr 292019

The world is caving in on Kevin Kiley

On the SOJ Radio show, Kevin Kiley got caught refusing to answer a question. It is ironic as just a few minutes before, he bemoaned the lack of courage and leadership on the Republican side of the aisle.

This radio disaster is emblematic of Kiley’s abject failure as an Assemblymember.

The first three minutes of the interview was about his meaningless resolution regarding free speech on campus.

Later in the segments, Kiley dodged a question about SOJ multiple times. The Kiley part starts at the 12 minute point.

If you listen to the cadence he is using, you can also understand the increasing disconnect. Kevin Kiley sounds like he is talking above everyone, including resorting to polysyllabic words when the interview starts to go sideways on him.

Win Carpenter and Sally Rapoza host the show. Rapoza is a leader in the SOJ movement. They also have Mark Baird (no relation to Steve Baird) on the phone for this particular episode of the show.

From about minute 24-34 Kiley filibusters and avoids the SOJ question. Starting at about 35-36 minute point the three of them unload on Kiley after he wiggles his way off of the show.

At about the 36 minute point Kiley runs away.

Similar to the Steve Frank and Travis Allen supporters that Kiley lied to by not endorsing a candidate yet handing his proxy over to Jessica Patterson’s consultants, the SOJ people that Kiley was courting just got tossed under the bus as well.

Mark Baird excoriates Kiley at about the 37:30 point. Listen to his comments carefully, he demolishes Kiley effectively repeating several of the criticisms leveled against him on this blog.

What does Kevin Kiley really believe? The lack of core principles is on display in the early part of the interview, particularly with the non specific answers to simple questions. Kiley is known for avoiding the immigration issue in public interviews, avoiding the gay rights issue and can not give a straight answer to the abortion issue when asked simply “Are you Pro-Life”?

Why is Kevin Kiley attacking all of his colleagues – including those that are supporting him? He even attacks his colleagues that did not endorse either he or Brian Dahle. I hope those that bailed out on Brian Dahle got the message clearly from this segment. Kiley thought he was playing to a hard right base on this interview, I wonder if he’d repeat the incendiary rhetoric in the Capitol. (hint: the answer is no)

Let me help young Mr. Kiley out, I support the State of Jefferson Movement. I am not sure if Mark and Sally’s approach is correct. I am not really sure how to make it (the SOJ) workable. If I was running for or in the Assembly or State Senate, I’d research the issue and get back to these guys with suggestions on how to make it workable. Now, how hard is that? You won’t even lose any donors over such a stance.

Let’s try this one – I am Pro-Life. Why? A government that does not protect innocent life won’t protect any life. This is indeed an issue of rights, for everyone. See how you just turned the issue around by taking a clear stance?

Let’s try this one – I am pro Church and pro family? Why? I believe 1st Amendment rights are fundamental to society, Churches and their followers have as much a right to their beliefs as people do to be homosexual. Too often courts and legislatures act as if the two are mutually exclusive. I believe traditional family units are foundational to society – despite recent efforts to re-define social norms, traditional marriages produce children and said children raised with two opposite sex parents tend to commit less crime, graduate at much higher rates and generally end up more productive in life.

It is the opinion of this blogger that the reason it is so difficult for Young Mr. Kiley to take clear stands on issues is two-fold, one is that he lacks an ideological core. Most of his family were democrats until 2016, his brother preaches social justice from the pulpit and was a public Obama supporter in 2012. (Recently at their church there was a black lives matter poet who gave a presentation trashing the police late last year that caused several of the security staff (off duty cops) to quit). It is hard to be a conservative when your family are to the left of you, that is not a slam on the Kileys, it is a statement of fact. They are good people, as I have met some of them. Kevin’s brother the pastor Brian, while liberal is a good dude. I still remember him ribbing me over working for Ben Carson.

Number 2, is the much more disturbing fact, there is a “Campaign Kevin” and “Assemblyman Kevin”. Having met both Kevin’s, there is a palpable difference. Campaign Kevin is the one that filibusters and tries to avoid answering questions. Campaign Kevin is the one that will give different answers to different groups. This is why he keeps getting caught. This is why the SOJ people he was courting are now withdrawing or supporting Dahle. This is why at least two county central committees that endorsed him have widespread dissent, as his game playing over the CAGOP Chairman’s race was exposed.

It is sad to see really, he is talented and has a lot to offer. But, his apparent lack of a core is overriding everything else he brings to the table. His lack of real life experience when added to the above is a killer.

Apr 262019

Well, well well.

Now we know why Young Mr. Kiley is whining. In an email entitled Simple Addition, Kiley was covering for his humiliating failure to raise money by bemoaning the evil Realtor’s Union and the Independent Energy Producer’s Unions for supporting Brian Dahle. (In case you’re wondering – and have been for the last 3 months, there is no Realtor’s Union or Independent Energy Union, they are figments of Kiley’s Ivy-League imagination)

Young Mr. Kiley may need to hit the Ginko Biloba to jog his memory. I seem to recall not long ago when Obama Donors bundled $300K in to his campaign in 2016. I also recall when another one of them led a $200K+ independent expenditure on his behalf from the same crew. Lastly, a billionaire poured $1 Million attacking another one of Young Mr. Kiley’s opponents.

Perhaps Kiley’s cognitive dissonance is why several people that used to support him no longer do?

Let’s do simple addition using Mr. Kiley’s latest State Senate Campaign Report.

Add: Ending Cash Balance 105,695.70

To: Outstanding Debts 118,869.71 as in -118,869.71

NET MONEY = -13,174.01

It really sucks to be Kevin Kiley.

P.S. That Eeeeeeevyl Dark Money is coming straight for his living room. Those who live by the IE, can also die by the IE too.

“This just in, I’m Winning.”


Apr 252019

There are these things called daily reports. If you track them, you can watch the flow of the money. They are also an indicator of strength or weakness in a candidate.

Kevin Kiley has made several tactical errors in his campaign.

Sending out an email attacking the Roseville Chamber of Commerce PAC resulted in a $4700 Check to Brian Dahle.

Going to said PAC meeting, when the board of directors was inclined to endorse and then losing said endorsement on a 9-0 vote is another error.

Attacking the “Secret DMV Office” which is actually a constituent services office to try and gain brownie points is another. Said evil secret office is used by all 120 members of the legislature to get problems solved for people in their districts. It is clear that Kiley has never done that for the people in AD06. Why am I not surprised.

Side Note: When I helped get Brian Dahle elected to the Assembly in the first place, Kevin Kiley was still in Law School.

Picking a fight in an assembly committee in order to try and play victim after getting the expected outcome is still another. While it may look cool to a small number of voters to be stuck in the Beth Gaines office (along with attacking the DMV’s Constituent Services Office) – the reality to donors is that Kiley now looks like a eunuch.

Another strategic blunder has been the reputed pattern of Kiley letting people know he is annoyed with them when they don’t take the desired course of action.

Just Yesterday, $275,000 arrived in to an independent expenditure committee. The money came from another pac that is funded by the Prison Guards Union, The Realtors Union, the Independent Oil and Gas Producers Union, the Sempra Energy Union and the Chevron Union. I mean EVERYONE that donates to Brian Dahle is a union, right?

Yet another strategic blunder is telling people “I am the only True Republican in the race”. There are two problems with this statement, one is Brian Dahle’s record (A ratings from Conservative groups) and the second is Kiley’s personal history of dodging the Gay Rights and immigration issues (and endorsements in tough races).

Another blunder is embellishing his resume. This is so common among candidates, that it is all the way down the list of maladies. In Kiley’s case, he has almost nothing for a resume so it is an issue.

Your Intrepid Blogger decided to total up Publicly Reported contributions since Kiley’s humiliating 2nd place finish in March. (It was made humiliating by two more blunders from the young man, one was celebrating 28% of the vote and the other was claiming victory before the election was certified.) Brian Dahle is very close to $150,000 reported and Kiley is very close to $50,000 reported. Ouch.

It is a double ouch when you add in that Kevin Kiley is reputed to be in debt from the primary. It was clear that Kiley was playing for a first round knockout. Due to the extent of Mr. Kiley’s debt, it is likely that money he raised will net him little or anything in the General Election.

Perhaps this is why Mr. Kiley’s communications have been getting progressively more shrill in the last couple of weeks?

Several people close to Kiley told him to stay put in the Assembly. This attempt to better position himself for a run for Congress may prove to be a fatal blunder, as there are some people your intrepid blogger have talked to looking for a primary opponent for Kevin Kiley in 2020 should he lose in a month and have to run for re-election to AD06.

Kiley is one of the more talented members of the legislature, but he is allowed his ego and conniving to override any promise he has once shown. A recent post from California Political Review put it in to perspective:

It looks like almost  every member of the Assembly and State Senate Caucus gave the California Republican Party a donation recently—most in the $1,000 category—but Assemblyman Frank Bigelow gave over $100,000, Chad Mayes gave over $40,000, Marie Waldron $60,000—Brian Dahle gave over $100,000—the Dahle opponent in the June run off for State Senate gave $0—Kevin Kiley.

This is the biggest blunder of all. Kiley decimated whatever goodwill he had by refusing to be a team player, cementing the all-for-himself perception some had of him. After the 2018 Primary when it was clear Ted Gaines was going to the Board of Equalization – Kiley gave no one a thing, instead hoarding his money for his State Senate Campaign. While some Republican members of the legislature are rewarding Kiley’s behavior, most are not. Still others (such as those evil third house donors) are responding in kind by unloading a bank vault against him.

This is not a crowded 2016 primary where Kiley had a million dollars from Bay Area liberals and tons of time to knock on doors. This is 2019 where the spotlight is squarely on him and Kiley is not weathering it well…

To be Continued…