May 152016

That headline is not hyperbole. I took the time to start looking in to all the major donors of Young Mr. Kiley’s campaign. I knew there was more to this than simple pandering on the Gay Marriage Issue at a Bay Area event.

The bundling of the contributions and the use of an intermediary peaked my interest – especially given that I have been told from Jump Street that Kiley would raise $300k. It is clear that said $300k was always going to come from the Bay Area. Have a look at Kiley’s electronic reporting.

So – let’s get in to it shall we?

Jason Fish – Look at fat checks to Hillary Clinton, Tom Daschle, Barak Obama, and the list goes on. Fish gave Kiley $4200

Kausik Rajgopal – A whole lot of Obama. Gave Kiley $1000

Stephanie DeMarco – Emily’s List. Obama. Bill Bradley. Gave Kiley $1500

Ronald Conway – Bob Kerry, Ro Kanna, Charles Schumer, Obama, Elizabeth Warren – Gave Kiley $1500.

Rebecca Morgan – Far Left Republican “It’s My Party Too” PAC, Republicans for Choice, oh and Clinton. Don’t forget the Wish List – (Abortion for any reason and any time) PAC on there as well. Gave Kiley $1000.

I got to Tench Coxe and he looked like Rep donor until I saw Obama and Ro Kanna.

But his wife? Simone Coxe is a go to National Dem Donor. Progressive Women of Silicon Valley highlights her list of Dem Leaders She supported.

Both Coxes – $4200 each to Kevin Kiley.

Regina Scully – I saw the $28,500 to DNC Services Corp and that was the end of it for me. $25,000 to Ready for Hillary is also in raised relief as you scroll

John Scully – Look at all the money to swing state Democrat Parties. Enough to make your blood boil – then I looked further and found that he BUNDLED $180,000+ for Barak Hussein Obama.

Kiley got his 30 pieces from both of them ($4200 each).

And our tour-de-Kiley finishes with George Hume – he has given token amounts to Republicans, but massive amounts to the DNC and a who’s-who of communists. And – Young Mr. Kiley got $4200 from him.

It really does not matter which district you live in. Having a Republican candidate running for office who is funded by Obama bundlers is a train wreck.

You should also ask – what did Kevin Kiley promise them? We know that Kiley flexes his message to meet his audience. Was it Kiley’s Gay Marriage support? Is Kiley really Pro-Choice? Was it because Kiley worked for Liberal Democrat Kamala Harris as one of her lackeys?

These things should give you pause.

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  One Response to “#AD06 Update – The Pivotal Issue of the Race, Kevin Kiley Bankrolled by Obama Donors”

  1. Wow, you pick on donors to Democratic Candidates, and leave the likes of the Koch brothers, Sheldon Adelson, and the GOP super PAC’s that have pledged over 1 billion this election cycle. You really need to get yourself a reality check; the GOP outraises the DNC by a wide margin; but that must be ok, because the GOP members are “real” Americans and the rest of us are not.

    BLogger’s Note – Dems get 90% of corporate donors and typically outraise their Republican opponents. Stop picking facts to make a narrative.

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