Mar 202019

The laundry list of votes Kiley skipped would not matter as much, were it not part of a larger pattern. Skipping tough decisions is consistent with Kiley’s failure to endorse Jessica Patterson (while his proxy ended up in the hands of Sam Spencer, a legislative staffer).

I’ve come to the belief that Kiley is too smart and calculating for his own good. This causes him to overthink his decisions getting caught squarely in the middle or being conspicuously absent. The following are four examples:

AB 3250 (Judiciary Committee) – Kiley Not Voting

Provides for technical clean-up of SB 179 (Atkins) which provided for non-binary gender recognition on state documents.  Assembly Vote: 65-9, p. 6910, 8/29/18.  Signed

AB 2439 (Eduardo Garcia) –Kiley Aye (NOT AWOL)

Honors LGBTQ veterans by establishing the LGBT Veterans Memorial at Desert Memorial Park in Cathedral City as the official state LGBT Veterans Memorial.  Assembly Vote: 65-0, p. 6143, 8/6/18.  Signed

AB 677 (David Chiu) – Kiley Not Voting

Expands the list of state agencies and local educational agencies that are required to collect voluntarily provided information about sexual orientation and gender identity to include government agencies that deal with education and employment.  Assembly Vote: 63-10, p. 3132, 9/11/17.  Signed

AB 2153 (Thurmond) – Kiley Not Voting

Requires all public schools to annually provide in-service training to teachers on school site and community resources available for the support of LGBTQ students.  Assembly Vote: 58-14, p. 6850, 8/29/18.  Vetoed

Kevin Kiley is rightly getting hammered for his parsed words and dodging taking tough stands. We should have known what to expect after the 2016 Assembly Campaign where he was effectively able to get away with taking as few stands as possible.

Again – refer to the 2016 mailer from Andy Pugno where he hammered Kiley for avoiding two key issues
Then Halldin slammed Kiley over two other issues he avoided.

Who is Kevin Kiley? What does he stand for? Those are both serious questions.

To be continued.

Mar 182019

Click here to see for yourself Kevin Kiley in his own words on the gun issue.

Does Kevin Kiley Own a House? No.

Total Years of Higher Education, 8. Total Years in the Workforce? 6.5.

Kiley Grew up in Granite Bay, lived back east while in Ivy League Schools, then lived in the SF Peninsula, finally moving to Rocklin to run for office. Somehow, he is now a cattle rancher. (He should have called me, we could have started a chemical company.)

But he did work for Kamala Harris! (Long enough to use a ballot title of deputy district attorney in 2016)

It is like re-living the 2016 campaign all over again…

Mar 142019

We wrote about this before – Kevin Kiley has been remiss to endorse unless the endorsement is a sure bet. We believe that this pattern is starting to be discerned by many. I have far more respect for people that make the wrong choice of an endorsement than I do for those that waffle.

Note – that Kevin Kiley did not endorse in the CAGOP Chairman’s Race, but Rex Hime and Brian Dahle both did endorse. Hime and Dahle endorsed Jessica Patterson.

Former Lincoln Councilmember Stan Nader took the unusual Step of blasting the Asemblyman and switched his endorsement. This is 100% because Mr. Kiley fails repeatedly to take stands, skips votes and outthinks himself.

Kiley is talented and smart for sure, but he has made far too many mistakes to be considered reliable. And, again Kevin Kiley appears to be angling to run for congress (Against LaMalfa or McClintock) versus representing us.

Former Lincoln Councilmember Retracts Kiley Endorsement, Endorses Rex Hime for Senate District 1

Cites Kiley’s “hesitation” to act and calls Hime “one of the good guys”

LOOMIS, Calif- Former Lincoln City Councilman Stan Nader has endorsed Rex Hime for State Senate. Nader had previously endorsed Hime’s opponent Kevin Kiley but retracted his endorsement after Kiley played politics and was unwilling to support an audit of the City of Lincoln.

In his letter, former Councilman Nader calls out Kiley for appearing to “hesitate” recommending an audit of the city the State Auditor. The audit was conducted despite Kiley’s lack of leadership on the issue. 

Nader continued to call Hime “one of the good guys in the game of life.”

Hime has spent 30 years in the private sector fighting tax increases on behalf of the California Business Properties Association. He helped create a coalition that successfully stopped efforts to repeal Proposition 13 that would have raised taxes on residents and small businesses by billions of dollars. Most recently, Hime helped lead the campaign to defeat statewide rent control.

Hime is the only candidate in the race who is not a career politician and the only veteran. He is a proud Reagan Republican who not only worked for Ronald Reagan when he was Governor but was appointed by then President Reagan to protect property rights in Lake Tahoe.  Hime has spent decades volunteering and supporting non-profit causes in the greater Sacramento area. He has served on the board of the Greater Sacramento Valley Leukemia & Lymphoma Society and as past President of the Cal Aggie Alumni Association.

Rex lives in Loomis with his wife Gwyn. The special election to fill the vacant Senate seat will be held on March 26.

Mar 132019

In 2016 – Kevin Kiley ran as a “Deputy Attorney General” – meaning then that he was a deputy to Kamala Harris. Any assertion otherwise is a lie. Refer to page 13 of the linked PDF. His work for Kamala Harris has been a keystone of his very thin biography.

Kiley claims to have never met his boss. I am sure a lot of people in the Trump administration have never met the Donald. I wonder if the Kamala Dragon was too busy campaigning for Senate or President to stop by Kevin’s Office!?

Note the deceptive language implying party-wide endorsement as well

There is a problem when you try to re-write history. What happened is easier to prove than you want it to be. Check the elections office and there it is.

You can also check the legislative record as well…

Young Mr. Kiley also twists another item: he falsely claims Brian Dahle’s Campaign said he supports sanctuary cities. That never happened.

Kevin Kiley did indeed support spending tax dollars telling students how to get into the Dream Act and Kevin Kiley voted to give some illegal immigrants who had been convicted of crimes – other than coming to the US illegally – an opportunity for a new trial. Whoops.

Apparently working for Kamala Harris’ Attorney General Office is not playing so well in 2019. Apparently, some of the lousy votes he made are also a killer. Yikes.

Hmmm… here is the actual mailer.

Don’t see anything untrue about Kiley here either.
Mar 122019

I have written before that I think young Mr. Kiley has potential. That time is not now as his youthful lack of discipline and campaign integrity are overshadowing his talent.

in 2016, Kevin Kiley was not a Deputy District Attorney, he is a former Deputy District Attorney. He is no longer on the state Payroll. This is deceptive. He is unemployed and his job is running for office, this is not a good place for a candidate to be in.

Kevin Kiley is 31 and 4 years removed from law school. This suggests that he is inexperienced in life, let alone business.

Kevin Kiley had left the AD04/AD06 area for 12 years. He returned on or around May 14th 2015, and declared his candidacy on or about May 27, 2015. This suggests he moved back from the Bay Area specifically to run. In fact, he is still renting the house he lives in in 2019. This came up at a recent candidate forum.

Kevin Kiley has been overheard saying conflicting things depending on the group he is in. This is a classic case of either dishonesty or an undisciplined candidate. (A common failing of a first time candidate) Your intrepid blogger has multiple accounts of Kiley double-speaking on several controversial issues or simply trying to evade being cornered on an issue.

This seems to jive with his reticence to endorse anyone and the game he played at the CAGOP Convention, not endorsing anyone but allowing his proxies to end up in the machine of Jessica Patterson.

Kevin Kiley is a social liberal. He is anti-prop 8 and has criticized its’ author (andy Pugno) for writing and defending it.

Mr. Kevin Kiley said in a Sacramento Bee Interview that the issues of Legalizing Weed, the Delta Tunnels and High Speed Rail are very unimportant to him. This suggests the influence of his Bay Area donors, where the Tunnels are a non issue, but legalizing Weed and HSR are popular. This is called trying to split the baby.

Kevin Kiley was funded in 2016 by Bay Area Liberals. His donors include a who’s who of Obama bundlers and donors to the Democrat Party. In 2019, there are still some present, but not near the amount of 2016.

Kevin Kiley now has some support from inside #AD06. One of his tricks in 2016 was that his mail has implied an endorsement of former Sheriff John McGuinness who has given quotes and photo opportunities to at least 3 of his opponents. At least McGuinness is endorsing for real this time.

At one time Kevin Kiley claimed that more than half his donors were from inside #AD06. This is deceptive again as 77% of his money had come from outside the district, with the overwhelming majority of that from the above-mentioned Bay Area Liberals. (This did not include the furious late $500k independent expenditure.

The story from the Sacramento Bee that was replete with Young Mr Kiley’s non answers to several questions should have been a harbinger to us all.

It is clear that he created a “Cattle Company” because he rightly recognized he got hammered for claiming the deputy district attorney moniker. Like his time as a DA, when he prosecuted no cases, I would like to have a camera crew present for his first sale of cattle. I am 48, so it is conceivable it may happen in my lifetime.

Who is Kevin Kiley? What does he believe? He ain’t a l.awyer. He ain’t a cattle barron. He seems to be a young politician with potomac fever.

His record as an assemblymember seems to match the narrative. Who’s Kevin Kiley? Really?