Mar 182019

Click here to see for yourself Kevin Kiley in his own words on the gun issue.

Does Kevin Kiley Own a House? No.

Total Years of Higher Education, 8. Total Years in the Workforce? 6.5.

Kiley Grew up in Granite Bay, lived back east while in Ivy League Schools, then lived in the SF Peninsula, finally moving to Rocklin to run for office. Somehow, he is now a cattle rancher. (He should have called me, we could have started a chemical company.)

But he did work for Kamala Harris! (Long enough to use a ballot title of deputy district attorney in 2016)

It is like re-living the 2016 campaign all over again…

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  2 Responses to “Kevin Kiley Update: Simple Question, do you own a firearm? Hint: #EPICFAIL”

  1. Would love to see it! But the link is password protected.

  2. Fixed.

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