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In 2011, Right on Daily, working with a series of activists who had a site called www.knowyourproxy.info blew the lid off of a proxy drill that was unlike any other. David Stafford Reade, Andy Garakhani, Jessica Patterson and others were paid by Luis Buhler (and others) to harvest Proxies to support the “Platform for California’s Future”. It sounds a lot like “New Way California” just 8 years ago.

Remember and focus on this – the issue is not Jessica Patterson’s character, she is an employee of the Oligarchy of Controlled Failure. The issue is Jessica Patterson’s actions and her pedigree as a staffer for Luis Buhler, Kevin McCarthy, “Leadership”, Jeff Randle and others that have long sought to eliminate Conservatives and Grassroots activists from influence. Further, these people have also sought to shrink the number of people with influence and have sought centralization of influence within the CAGOP in order to ensure their continued income from the process. It could be anybody doing this kind of stuff – in this case the names are who they are.

Ask yourself if a career political operative will be able to lead the California Republican Party out of the Morass. This is a key question to ask. The second key question to ask is why did all of these players do what they did and why are they going all out now to install one of their employees as CAGOP Chair? A Third Key Question is how can we expect the same people that presided over electoral failure to deliver different results?

The New Platform was a disaster. Click here for an analysis of the Platform for California’s Future

Trying to Control Outcomes is so much work…

In the drafting committee of the CAGOP, the New Platform was introduced. It abandoned the Pro-Life and Pro-Prop-8 planks, had next to nothing about gun rights in it and was barely discernible related to taxation. Eviscerating the CAGOP Platform has been a life goal of Luis Buhler and with Megadonor Charles Munger’s money behind the operation, Buhler was poised to realize some of his goals, which include: expel conservatives, moderate the party and ultimately centralize control of the power structure.

To those of you that are stalwart activists that are being denied Convention delegate appointments in favor of paid staff: This is nothing new, they do this every time there is an officer election in an attempt to control the outcome. Facts don’t matter, service does not matter, it is about the next election…

The specific issue related to 2011 that involves Jessica Patterson is the Proxy Harvesting Operation she was paid to run. Click here to see the proxy list from that convention. You will notice that the proxies of several well-known Conservatives ended up in the hands of well-known liberals. I wrote an expose’ over some of it. (Note the list of familiar names) Note that CRP Secretary Candidate Dan Trimble was involved in the effort to shred the platform as well.

Your intrepid blogger obtained the minutes of the drafting committee meeting. Again, you will see a lot of familiar names. The people promoting Jessica Patterson today were in the middle of trying to shred the values of the CAGOP. (The Oligarchy of Controlled Failure). Again, you will see Dan Trimble’s name in the minutes.

The reason this happened is because once the drafting committee was done, outrage ensued and the full platform committee overrode the actions of the drafting committee. The so-called “Pruner Platform” was adopted 65-50. You will see Dan Trimble as a “No” vote, as in voting against the now current platform of the CAGOP.

The 2011 Platform Committee meeting has been the subject of legend and is still talked about within activist circles. 

After the Pruner Platform was adopted over the top of the disaster known as the “21st Century Platform”, it still had to get ratified by the convention. This is where the Proxy drill that Mr. Reade, Mrs. Patterson and others were paid to execute comes in. The proxy harvesting operation in 2011 was unique – many people did not know who ended up with their proxies. Below are some examples:

Phyllis Wing – a Tea Party Patriot and a Conservative Christian from Lincoln ((SNIP)) her proxy ended up in the hands of Suzanne Caro from the Alameda Central Committee – not someone from Placer nor someone who believes as Wing does.

Bill and Bonnie Williams? Both are members of the Placer CRA and have been for years. ((SNIP)) Bill Williams Proxy was given to Peter Ohtaki, Jr from San Mateo County and Bonnie’s was given to Michael Pelzel from Santa Clara County.(note: Bill Williams passed away in 2018)

Kelly and Casey Lawler gave their proxies to David Reade. (She told me as such) Their proxies ended up in the hands of Morgan Kelly, the CRP Vice-Chairman Bay Area who voted against the conservative platform. So, Glenn County was represented by San Francisco County, Sacramento County by Santa Clara and San Mateo, etc etc etc.


In 2011, then Chairman Tom Del Becarro pulled a procedural trick in order to forestall a vote on the Platform while the Convention was in session. A Major reason was your intrepid blogger, working with Chris Mays and others did not discover true nature of the Proxy Harvesting operation until about two weeks before the convention. A lot of the evidence I cited was not discerned until after the convention. 

About the only thing Del Becarro did right as Chairman of the CAGOP was the switcharoo against the David Reade/Jessica Patterson/ Luis Buhler Proxy Harvesting Drill that was aimed at eviscerating the CAGOP Platform. The Platform vote was taken at the next convention with all eyes watching proxies.

It is alleged that $200,000 was spent by Luis Buhler (with Charles Munger writing the checks) with the aim of achieving one of his lifelong goals. (Shredding the CAGOP Platform) What I know for certain is money was spent, Luis was the ringleader and Jessica, David and others got some of that money. 

In 2015 – CAGOP Chairman Jim Brulte intervened and told everyone he would not tolerate another run at the platform nor another attempt to gut it. The Pruner platform from 2011 was adopted with some minor revisions.

It is 2019. It is time to adopt the platform again. Who do you trust to do the right thing with the CAGOP Platform? 

This is the issue – Mrs. Patterson can claim to be a conservative but when the chips were down she did a job as a paid operative to undermine the values she claims to hold. Can we trust her to uphold the current CAGOP Platform? 

We all know where Travis Allen stands and have no doubt the values he will advocate for.

  1. The Oligarchy of Controlled Failure are likely lining up their next batch of contracts and dividing up the shrinking pie. See the truth about the $2.3 Million Dollars Wasted by the California Trailblazers on salaries for Jessica Patterson ($1.2Million to her), Jeff Randle and others
  2. These people have failed miserably as the GOP has lost a net 13 seats in the State Legislature since founding Trailblazers on 2011.

P.S. Disclaimer once again – I am not alleging any illegal activity by anyone. The point is what people do versus what people say. It is also one of independence, will Mrs. Patterson be independent of those who have been paying her salary all these years? Why do we expect anything different going forward from a group of people getting paid gobs of money to fail?

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  2 Responses to “CAGOP Officer Elections Update: Honey, I Shrunk Your Platform! Dan Trimble and Jessica Patterson’s Role in the Attempted 2011 Platform Coup”

  1. How many have read the CRP Platform? Has anyone used it as a marketing tool to convince someone to be a Republican? Has anyone used it to encourage a Republican to get involved with the party?

    It needs to be completely redone. It should be a marketing tool that expresses the principles and values that made this Nation great.

    The way leftists have hijacked the Democrat Party. Hopefully later this year the platform can be an effective tool to convince others to become Republicans and for Republicans to be more active.

  2. The CRP was “Hijacked” years ago by a cabal of feckless profiteers.

    There is NO discipline within the Legislative Caucuses, so members know they can
    do whatever they jolly well wish and they’ll be no accountability for their actions.

    The most recent piece of flotsam to show up in my inbox was a piece courtest of Meridian Pacific in which Patterson touts the endorsement of EVERY FAIL GOP politician in the State.


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