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When you got Jessica Patterson’s announcement, the intention was to inspire a reaction of all the endorsements leading you to believe she is a near-lock to win. (Uh, no… basic math shows that is untrue)

Others asked me how some conservative stalwarts like Senator Shannon Grove could be on the list. It is simple – Grove is from Kern County. You can’t run for anything in Kern County without the blessing of Kevin McCarthy. In the case of Grove, her Chief of Staff is Kathy Abernathy, wife of the Late Mark Abernathy who ran all of Kevin McCarthy’s election campaigns.

As you read RightonDaily.com you will learn that EVERYONE has entanglements and the oligarchy of controlled failure is very small. Knowledge is power and I intend to lay out 21 years of experience educating those of you that care about restoring the power of the “little guy” about what and who you are up against. 


Jessica Patterson touts her work with California Trailblazers as one of her primary qualifications to be elected Chair of the CAGOP. A quick trip to the website reveals the power behind Trailblazers. 

A check of the California Secretary of State’s Website reveals a list of donors. You will recognize the names of several people endorsing Jessica Patterson. You will also recognize the names of Chevron, the Dental Pac, the Realtor’s Pac, PG&E, SOCAL Edison and others – all have funded independent expenditures attacking Conservatives in favor of moderates that are willing to “cut deals” on things like Cap and Trade or massive tax hikes.

Vincent Fong, Shannon Grove, Jim Nielsen and Frank Bigelow are clearly displayed on the donor report. Charles T Munger Jr as well. Note that the New Majority is on the Report for well over $50,000 in the 2017-2018 cycle alone. (More on them soon).

Since its’ 2011 inception, the California Trailblazers has been present and participated in the net loss of 13 GOP Seats in the State Legislature. 28-19 in the Assembly, 15-11 in the State Senate. How low can we go? Since its’ inception in 2011, the California Trailblazers has paid $2.3 Million in Salaries against a paltry $142,000 in candidate contributions. Jessica Patterson’s haul has been over $1.2 Million.

What is clear are the donors paying for it. This is not illegal, nor am I accusing anyone of breaking the law – what I am saying however, is that the list of endorsements Mrs. Patterson is touting ring quite hollow as they are all interconnected and beholden to each other. It is not an indicator of independent support. Secondly, there is no way Mrs. Patterson could claim to be independent of any of this – which should concern anyone that wants a CAGOP Chair that will balance grassroots, donors and elections. 

It is quite clear that the swamp is fighting back against the grassroots that have been shoved out of the decision making of the California Republican Party. Jessica Patterson is the ultimate insider. 

Most people refer to the insider game as the Swamp. I call it the Oligarchy of Controlled Failure. The failures have been legion, but they are in control.

Jessica Patterson’s Place of Employment

The Oligarchy of Controlled Failure that has controlled the CAGOP need to be introduced to the CAGOP faithful as many have attempted to hide in the shadows. There needs to be accountability. 

The delegates of the CAGOP need to know who the players are and then decide if they want one of their top operatives to be in charge of the CAGOP. 

Let’s take a look at the California Trailblazers and the New Majority. Since the New Majority is all over the California Trailblazer’s Financial Reports, your intrepid blogger decided to do a little digging for the purpose of finding out some of the connections and how small the insider swamp really is. (At less than 25% statewide registration, how big can it be?)

The California Trailblazers Board of Directors

You may recognize some of the names. I’ve written about a few of them before. I will have more to saw in some future posts. Let’s look at some high points:

Jeff Randle and Lydia Beebe both were in the Pete Wilson administration. Randle was there when Pete Wilson recruited primary opponents for Conservative Republican incumbents who would not vote for his tax increases. Jeff Randle ran some of those campaigns. Randle also ran Meg Whitman’s $144 Million trainwreck in 2010 – he employed Jessica Patterson then as he does now as the CEO of Trailblazers. 

Mario Rodriguez was on Jessica Patterson’s announcement email as some sort of volunteer leader, but here he is on the board of directors of her employer. I know Mario, he is a good dude, but the deception in the announcement email was unnecessary. The deception was also repeated as another group of Mario’s called the Hispanic 100 was introduced as another separate endorsement.

George Andrews is a good man and a paid political operative. He worked for the Assembly GOP Caucus. He is another operative that makes his living from the system. He is now Tom Lackey’s Chief of Staff again while working on Jessica’s Campaign.

Howard Hakes is one of the connections between the New Majority and the Trailblazers. I’ve met him once and he acted like I was not in the room. Apparently this is not an uncommon occurrence as Mr. Hakes did not acknowledge my attempt to shake his hand after someone introduced us. (The Introducer was also not surprised by this at all) Mr. Hakes is reputedly wealthy and based on my experience chooses to associate only with those of like means. 

David (Stafford) Reade has been the subject of many posts on the Right on Daily Blog. He is the Chief of Staff for Senator Jim Nielsen and has a long storied history as a paid operative. He earns a 6-figure salary from the taxpayers while earning at least that much more for his side work. Reade’s work alongside Jessica Patterson will be and has been the subject of several posts on RightonDaily – stay tuned. (Defending Prop 14 and trying to shred the CAGOP Platform are some of the highlights…)

And here is the New Majority – click the photo to see it more clearly

You will notice that Andy Garakhani is on the list. He is paid by the New Majority. He is also a key kingmaker in the LAGOP. I have worked with Mr. Garakhani on a few things over the years. Andy has one of my favorite nicknames of all time Andy “Gimmecandy”. Again, Garakhani as a paid operative and his role in leadership and influencing outcomes in LAGOP events can not be understated. 

Andy Gimmecandy, Soon to be NPP Assemblyman Chad Mayes and Howard Hakes. Note Jessica Patterson in the background

Note the Political Director of the New Majority – Tom Ross. Ross is a polite, professional man. He is also a liberal Republican and can be found on the wrong side of almost every issue within the CAGOP politically. Ross as a board member of the CAGOP did indeed abstain when the CAGOP board considered calling on Chad Mayes to resign. This underscores that Mr. Ross, (while deep in the swamp) has professional integrity. 

Ross is a Partner with Matt Rexroad and former SLO GOP Chairman John Peschong (that’s right, a one-time County Party Chairman was a paid consultant while serving as a county chairman) in the Political Consulting firm Meridian Pacific. All are liberal Republicans (IMO). Ross’ firm was one of the leads in attempting to communicate Chad Mayes’ talking points for the Cap and Trade debacle. Meridian Pacific has also done millions of dollars in business with the CAGOP. (More on that soon)

The purpose of this exercise is to show you the small world of insiders and the inter-connectivity of their lives. The fact that I have been in CAGOP circles and barely know some of these people (who have been around as long as I have or longer) should underscore that there are two worlds within the CAGOP.

There is the “Consultant World” also referred to the Oligarchy of Controlled Failure on this blog. This is the small group of players – some of whom are referenced above – the are attempting to wield the levers of power to keep their people in positions of authority and control within the CAGOP.

Then there is the world for the rest of us. There is a healthy reason for my cynicism. The brutal reality for party faithful is that it is an illusion that the ordinary grassroots are valued much less allowed to have a say in matters. 

Kevin McCarthy may well be able to rig the results of the Chairman’s election for his preferred candidate Jessica Patterson. However, in the process of this it is time for the rest of us to learn who the crew are and what they are doing – to be continued –

P.S. BONUS: Many (but not all) of the above players were staunch opponents of President Trump despite their current attempts to re-write history. 

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