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With little fanfare in late 2015-early 2016, a By-Law Amendment was submitted and passed. It removed the delegations of 14% of the Counties in California from the CAGOP’s list. That;s right – 8 Counties no longer get convention delegtes due to brinksmanship by the Oligarchy of Controlled Failure.

Call Jessica quickly, we need to take control of everything…

The text of the current CAGOP By-Laws are pasted here for reference:

(5)          One person per 75,000 registered Republicans in the county, or four persons, whichever is greater, appointed by the newly elected and certified Chairman of each Republican County Central Committee which is organized in December or January following a general election in accordance with Sections 7441 or 7444 of the Elections Code. Beginning in 2017, such appointments shall be made only by Chairmen of Republican County Central Committees whose regular members have filed for office with their county registrar or clerk and been elected in the most recent California presidential primary election or have filled vacancies for positions remaining open after that election process.

(g)          Beginning in 2017, appointments in subsection (a)-(f) shall be made only by Republican County Central Committees whose regular members have filed for office with their county registrar or clerk and been elected in the most recent California presidential primary election or have filled vacancies for positions remaining open after that election process has been made available.

Let me translate the above – either your Central Committee Election is on the ballot or your county central committee is stripped of its’ delegates

Jessica Patterson was called on by Chad Mayes, David Stafford Reade, Luis Buhler and the CAGOP Swamp to ensure the passage of the amendments to the CAGOP By-Laws that led to the above wording now being the rules of the party. 

The woman who would be CAGOP Chair worked with Chad Mayes, David Stafford Reade, Luis Buhler and others to ensure that several county central committees would be stripped of their representation on the State Party. Yet, they are making hollow calls for building the GOP and for party unity.

Two of the counties affected: Plumas and Sierra. Sierra County is so small in population that one precinct in LA County is larger than it is. Plumas County’s entire population is less than Hermosa Beach City or Dixon. However, Jessica Patterson was hired to harvest proxy votes and worked to make sure these rural counties that really needed to save money on their elections costs lost their representation to the State Party. This suited David Reade Just fine as he fancies himself the control agent in the N/E State.

There’s more – Mariposa County, a foothill county similar in size to Plumas lost their delegates. Merced, a county of 300,000 lost their delegates. The farming County of Colusa with its’ population of 22,000 lost their delegates.

Like skiing in Mammoth? Well, you will be in Mono County, another county stripped of their delegates. Mono County has a population similar to Corte Madera – around 10,000. 

Solano County was the intended target of this by-law change. They use a caucus system and created it in order to shield themselves from the death-grip of control that the moderate wing of the GOP has held in the Bay Area for years. This county of 450,000 people is now without Republican representation at the State Party level. It is the opinion of this blogger that the 5 small, rural counties that were disenfranchised out of their delegations to the state party were also targeted by David Stafford Reade. 

Both Reade and Luis Buhler were used to controlling the leadership of most all counties within their spheres of operation. Buhler was reputed to be furious that Solano County took steps to not expose their elections to the ballot and the thousands that Buhler was spending on campaign mail in 2016. In the case of Reade, trying to control as many as 18 Counties proved to be impossible to deploy resources to.

Again, a by-law change that was sinister in its’ conception had far-reaching effects.

Jessica Patterson, a career staffer who has been paid to do the bidding of other insiders has culpability in this. On her watch, while harvesting proxies to ensure the outcome of the convention, this amendment was passed that has eliminated 8 Counties from having representation at the State Party Level. Wealthy donors and their control agents (Luis Buhler / David Stafford Reade) wanted to be able to spend hundreds of thousands – even millions of dollars controlling the membership of all county committees. With massive amounts of Money (more on that soon).

Colusa, Mariposa, Merced, Mono, Plumas, Sierra, Siskiyou, Solano – you have no delegates because of the powerful insiders. Jessica Patterson participated in disenfranchising you. To the counties that do have delegates – stick up for the 8 counties that were stripped of their voice and say no to Jessica Patterson and the oligarchy of controlled failure that is trying to elect her.

So what did David Stafford Reade, Luis Buhler and crew do once they got their by-law amendment passed (with Jessica’s assistance)? Stay Tuned…

P.S. Three legislators who represent counties that were stripped of representation and they have endorsed Jessica Patterson:

Assemblyman Frank Bigelow: Mariposa, Mono
Senator Andres Borges: Mariposa, Mono
Senator Jim Nielsen: Colusa 

Further note that Jessica Patterson was appointed by Mr. Bigelow and Jessica’s Campaign manager (David Stafford Reade) is also Jim Nielsen’s Chief of Staff. My, what a small world it is…

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  3 Responses to “CAGOP Chairman Candidate Jessica Patterson’s Role in Disenfranchising 8 Counties – Removing Their Delegations”

  1. Wow! Sounds awful. It reminds me of the time when the CRA disenfranchised all those delegates a couple weeks before their convention. Even though many of those people had been delegates for a long time, and even though they had already registered for the convention and already booked rooms, they were locked out of the convention and not allowed to enter the room. Wow! Dirty politics all around.

    Blogger’s Note: And Jessica Patterson’s current campaign manager was in the middle of that too!

  2. So what is the agenda here, other than centralizing power to a very few? Are these actual conservatives, or RINOS? Are they infiltrators catering to the Progressives? How is becoming absolute dictator of the GOP and all Central Committees of benefit to the Party itself? Lots of questions, am curious about the answers.

  3. Wow, How did you get the 14%? are there any pieces of evidence supporting that? Blogger’s Note: 8 out of 58 is 14%

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