Nov 172018

Welcome to the world of Mike Madrid. Miguelito was in gratuitously quoted as a “Republican” by Politico’s Carla Marinucci. Marinucci is also associated with the San Francisco Chronicle which may as well be published in Bejing China.

I’d suggest Miguelito use Tinder to find a date, but then he may end up being connected with Kristen Olsen. Like Olsen, Miguelito left the GOP in disgrace, selling himself out for six figures in retainers from Antonio Villariagosa.

For a small sum, a democrat can purchase the services of Manchurian Republican Mike Madrid. And part of the “Value” you will receive is him venting his frustration on straw men so he does not have to own responsibility for making a horrible life choice. It is much easier to declare the GOP dead once you’ve gotten your 100,000 pieces of silver, and easier still when you have to cover your bruised ego from losing to someone you outspent 4-1, failing to reach 20% of the vote with a combined aggregate for $50MM spent.

Madrid had some choice quotes which actually highlight his hypocrisy – as I quote the Political Click-Bait hit piece on the CAGOP:

They believe the rebuilding process could require years, if not generations, to rid the state GOP of the taint of a president who is blamed for ramping up anti-immigrant sentiment in a state that is home to more immigrants than any other in the country.

(Referring to Kirsten and Madrid)

Mike Madrid is seeking to participate in the Chad Mayes / Kristen Olsen Narcissistic Rage, cloaking their feelings of inadequacy and irrelevance in the old tired rhetoric of the move left GOP crowd.

Madrid also went on to attack both John Cox and Travis Allen – which makes sense as their performance in the Primary was humiliating to Mr. Madrid. (ahem, Travis Allen finished a very close 5th to Villariagosa’s 3rd… and John Cox finished a strong 2nd) The focus of his attack was immigration politics, a go to for GOP Critics to use in order to cloak other personal issues.

Madrid should also know a few things about Immigration – witness a past campaign he managed: (Mike Madrid Ran John Geranios’ Campaign)

Ask Republican John Geranios why voters should elect him to represent the 43rd Assembly District and he starts gushing.

“I’m the absolute dream candidate for this district,” he enthusiastically explains. “I’m a perfect match for the values of the voters here. . . . I’m fiscally conservative and I’m anti-illegal immigration.”

$1ooK+ can buy a conscience it appears.

Back to the Politico hatchet job, Mike Madrid actually makes a case for Travis Allen for CAGOP Chairman succinctly:

“I believe that the party has to die before it can be rebuilt. And by die — I mean, completely decimated. And I think Tuesday night was a big step,’’ says veteran California GOP political consultant Mike Madrid. “There is no message. There is no messenger. There is no money. And there is no infrastructure.”

Amazingly – Travis Allen’s CAGOP Chairman campaign is all about Message, Messenger, Money and Infrastructure.

Got that Andy Vidak? Got that Mimi Walters? Got that Jeff Denham? Got that (fill in name of candidate here)? Got that volunteer clubs? The same Mike Madrid that called veteran Republican Activist Allen J Wilson a White Supremacist on twitter for no reason at all, is now lecturing the GOP. Worse, he makes it clear what he thinks of Jim Brulte, Harmeet, Shawn Steel, Tony Krvaric, Vidak, Walters, Denham and anyone else seeking leadership roles in the GOP.

This is yet another clinical reason I am referring to the “Wrong Way CA” crowd as a crew on a Narcissistic Rage. If Mike Madrid and his crew get their way, the CAGOP would be a wing of the CADEM Party, and anyone they disagree with would be expelled. Talk about going to the polar opposite extreme to fix a perceived problem!!!

If you have any doubts about Madrid’s psychosis, check out his twitter account and watch him rage on the far left and the far right of the GOP and everything in between, it is a sight to behold. It appears that the humiliation of Antonio Villariagosa has affected him in a deep manner to the point of having PTSD.

Mike Madrid has also demonstrated that he is the head of the snake, as he came right out and said what Chad Mayes and Kristen Olsen were to scared to admit: They were working for and cheering for the failure of the GOP.

Count on Madrid to try and leverage his dwindling relationships (as the dems know he is a charlatan and his pathological rage is isolating him from the GOP) to plant media stories quoting him as a “Republican” in order to further his psychosis.

At the end of the day Mike Madrid will have to live with his own legacy of ideological harlotry and failure for the rest of his life – even as he rages on former friends and alienates himself from reality even more.

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  2 Responses to “Republican Knucklehead Update: Mike Madrid Edition Sell Out to a Democrat and Then Blame Everyone Else When You Lose”

  1. Consultants are political prostitutes…Everyone knows that…No real news here. You pay them and they are happy to take your money…it is what it is.

  2. What a terrible lie filled article in today’s press enterprise! Almost no words of truth and “conservatives” certainly don’t agree with him! Just another unhinged Pelosi Brown noser !

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