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Last week, we introduced you to Stan Sniff spending $58,000 with a registered sex offender for campaign advertisements.

We’ve also been all over Stan Sniff’s endorsement and donor list that features active investigations against them, tax liens, lawsuits, cocaine possession convictions, Prostitution convictions, spousal abuse, dui’s and a host of dishonest, flawed employees.

The most egregious of all is taking money from a Cop-Killer’s defense attorney. (He is defending a guy that murdered the wife of one of Sniff’s own deputies…) The defense attorney also managed to get a child predator off with just a misdemeanor as well.

So why wouldn’t Stan Sniff engage in questionable campaign advertising?

Introducing the “Continuing the Republican Revolution” Slate. I call it the continuing the RINO revolution slate as it frequently is completely at odds with the California Republican Party – yet claiming to be Republican. Tony Quinn – himself a far-left Republican who frequently attacks and chides Republican candidates tore in to this slate mail card in 2010 as their tactics were too far even for him:

“The bad faith of your mailer is evident on many levels, first in your false implication of RNC sponsorship, and again in your disgraceful ‘recommendation’ to vote the opposite the Republican position on every ballot measure…. The RNC will not allow you to use the symbol of the Republican Party in order to misinform and deceive the public. Therefore the RNC demands that you cease and desist from using the official Elephant Logo, or any derivation thereof, now or anytime in the future,” RNC chief counsel John Philippe wrote Mr. Hart.

Here are the positions of the “Continuing the Republican Revolution” slate card:

• Proposition 20 – congressional redistricting, card NO, party position YES
• Proposition 21 – raise car taxes for parks, card YES, party position NO
• Proposition 23 – suspend global warming law, card NO, party position YES
• Proposition 24 – huge business tax increases, card YES, party position NO
• Proposition 25 – majority vote budget, card YES, party position NO
• Proposition 26 – hidden taxes vote, card NO, party position YES
• Proposition 27 – abolish redistricting commission, card YES, party position NO

You won’t be surprised to learn that every one of these “recommendations” was bought and paid for; sleazy slate cards like this one just sell their positions. Lady Gaga could have bought her way on to one of these cards as a GOP candidate if she’d paid enough.

There is also vast monkey see-monkey do in this business. Another card “Voting Guide for Republicans” has the same anti-GOP recommendations, again all bought and paid for. This card, put out by Tim Carey of Torrance, has already sent me three “Attention Republicans: Election Day Voting Guide” cards urging Republicans to vote against their own best interests.

That’s right – the Continuing the RINO Revolution Slate opposed the CAGOP across the board and got blasted by the National GOP for their deception. It seems that a liberal democrat masquerading as a Republican (Stan Sniff) would be right at home purchasing this disaster.

Long time GOP activist, later turned political consultant Jon Fleischman has been an outspoken critic of slate cards for years.

The first example, is a slate called Continuing the Republican Revolution.   This slate boldly proclaims on its front, beneath faux GOP elephants (for which the Republican National Committee has issued a cease and desist order), “President Ronald Reagan will be forever remember on his upcoming 100th Birthday.  His ideals if limited government, lower taxes and personal freedoms are as important today as they were during his lifetime.  God Bless him and God Bless America.”

Of course, when you open the slate card, it recommends that you celebrate Ronald Reagan by voting to raise your own taxes.  This slate takes the opposite position from the GOP on virtually every ballot measure…  The party is Yes on 20 and No on 27 – seeking a fair reapportionment process.  This slate says vote the opposite.  The GOP is yes on 23 to suspend the Global Warming Solutions Act, this slate says vote no.  The GOP says oppose hiking the car taxes to fund parks, this slate:  yes.  But wait, there’s more…  The party is no on 24 ($1.3 billion in new taxes), this slate is yes.  The party opposes reducing the vote to pass a budget in Prop. 25, and the party opposes it.  And the GOP supports Prop. 26 to make it harder to raise taxes by calling them fees – this slate recommends you vote no…   Some Republican revolution!   To add to it, this slate urges a vote for Larry Aceves for Superintendent of Public Instruction.  It fails to mention to Republicans that Aceves is a lifelong Democrat who re-registered DTS this year!  I will add as a footnote that this slate used to be called the “Continuing the Reagan Revolution” slate until Reagan sent them a lawyer-letter. 

In 2005, the slate card was fined $17,000 for ethics violations in San Diego.

Continuing the Republican Revolution was blasted by the Marin GOP (the Marin GOP openly supports Gay Marriage so it is not exactly a right-wing group) in 2011 over the same hoaxes the slate card perpetrated.

This is special as a liberal democrat Mayor Candidate bought on to the slate mailer:

Candidates pay to appear in slate mailers that are targeted to select groups of voters. Despite his liberal credentials, [Los Angeles Mayor Eric]Garcetti paid $8,000 to appear on a mailer that is titled “Continuing the Republican Revolution.”

Did Garcetti switch his party affiliation? No, according to the campaign.

Ironically, Stan Sniff paid, you guessed it – $8,000 to appear on the Continuing the RINO Revolution Slate! See his first payment of $4,000 here and his second payment of $4,000 here.

The RINO revolution Slate has been panned by the LA Daily News, the Orange County Register and the San Diego Union Tribune for its’ history of deception.

If the RINO Revolution slate was a human being, it would have the qualifications for the Second Floor management team.

The story of Sheriff Stan Sniff – to be continued.

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  1. The one thing that almost EVERY elected official, Police Chief, District Attorney, Deputy Sheriff, Police Officer, etcetera have in common right now is that they ALL agree Stan Sniff should be voted out of office because he is the WRONG choice for Riverside County. June 5th is the time to vote him out of office and remove him from power.

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