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Prologue – your intrepid blogger was provided the documentation and the base draft of this post from a confidential informant interested in aiding our efforts against Stan Sniff. I did edit the post before publishing.


No, this is not the title of a defunct new wave band of the 80’s.  It refers to the current sheriff and his business partner. Given that Sniff has endorsers with Prostitution Busts, and Donors with criminal records, there is an emerging pattern.

After the bombshell revelation last week that Stan Sniff oversaw the “catch and release” of documented child sex offender, we began to recognize a pattern when its comes to Sniff and Sex Offenders.  Sniff released a documented pedophile into the county without oversight or regard to the safety of the identified child victims and potential victims at risk of being assaulted by “Sniff’s Sex Offender Buddy.” Sniff has inexplicably and repeatedly sided with child sex predators over the interests of Riverside County residents.

Last month, we also informed our readers about the status of missing sex offenders and Sniff’s failure to locate them in Riverside County.  According to the Department of Justice website “Megan’s Law Sex Offender Database, the number of Riverside County child  sex offenders in current violation of their residence and registration requirements has increased on his watch to over 350 as of March 2018!

See for yourself at https://www.meganslaw.ca.gov

When we first posted about “Sniffy and the Pedophiles,” we called out Sniff’s own supporters to refute our accusations if they refused to believe that Sniffy would play so nice with these child predators.  This blog did not receive ANY comments from Sniffy’s stooges calling our claims into questions.  By now, even the most blindly-supporting Sniffers must have known that “Sniffy and the Pedophiles” is a real problem for the soon-to-be ex-sheriff.

What we did learn is that Sanctuary Stan Sniff is just fine cutting illegal alien sex offenders loose as well.

Unsatisfied with simply letting documented and convicted child sex offenders run amok throughout Riverside County, Sniff has now made a deal with the devil.

According to his own campaign reports, Sniffy sought out a convicted, registered sex offender.  Sniff paid this pedophile $58,102 to trick Riverside County voters into voting for him!  The child sex offender will be sending campaign mailers to hundreds of thousands of Riverside County homes.  With deceptive titles such as “Budget Watchdogs” and “Attention Republicans: Your California Voter Guide” and “California Senior Advocates League” and “Election Digest,” the child sex offender hopes you’ll never find out about the truth behind these fraudulent campaign mailers coming into your homes.

What Is A Slate Mailer?

Let’s start with a little background – Sniffy bought a bunch of slates.  These are campaign mailers that highlight his name (and sometimes photo) and advertise the purchaser (Sniff) with other candidates who also buy onto the mail piece.  Some slate mailers are legit, others, like the ones Sniff purchased from the sex offender are not.

Mr. Timothy M. Carey.

Tim Carey runs a bunch of slates from his Torrance office and sometimes from his Redondo Beach home. As discussed, expect to see his “Budget Watchdogs” slate mailer with Sniffy’s shiny red face on it soon.  For a man who has repeatedly blown his county-issued budget over and over and ruthlessly fought any attempts to reign it in, it seems like another grotesque lie to many that an organization called “Budget Watchdogs” would be recommending a vote for Sniffy.

As you can tell from the article above, Mr. Carey sells recommendations to pretty much anyone who will pay. Here are the deceptive slates Sniff paid $58,000 Mr. Carey for. See some supporting evidence linked here and linked here, linked here, linked here linked here and linked here. Your intrepid blogger is in to credible sources.

                                                                                    Sniff               Sniff               Sniff

Carey / Sniff Slate Mail Title                                Payment       Payment       Total

“Budget Watchdogs Newsletter”                            $5,522            $16,566          $22,088

“CA Seniors Advocates League Voter Guide”    $3,401            $10,206          $13,607

“California Voter Guide”                                          $2,425            $7,276            $9,701

“Election Digest”                                                       $3,179            $9,537            $12,716

 TOTAL                                                                     $14,527          $43,575          $58,102


Please remember . . .  This is NOT some type of recent discovery.  See the LA Times article below that highlights a lawsuit by Carey against a man who shared the public information about Carey’s conviction in 1992 for committing lewd acts on a 12-year old girl.

Political Consultant Protests Airing of His Criminal Past

Courts: Letters sent to his clients ruined his business, onetime child molester alleges.


Can a convicted child molester successfully sue someone for damaging his reputation?

That is the overriding issue in a lawsuit filed by political consultant Timothy M. Carey of Torrance against former state controller candidate William Snow Hume of Fullerton.

Carey, 40, contends in the Harbor Justice Center suit that Hume, 41, destroyed his business by sending four defamatory letters beginning last October to clients of Carey’s California Voter Guide, which is a political advertisement sent to voters before each election.

Hume’s letters informed them of Carey’s criminal past: conviction of three felonies in 1992 for committing lewd acts on a then 12-year-old girl.

After receiving Hume’s letters, Carey said, several candidates withdrew from the guide, saying they didn’t want the political risk of being associated with him. Many demanded refunds.

Carey’s lawsuit alleges defamation, intentional infliction of emotional distress and unlawful business interference. He said Hume’s actions harmed his reputation and triggered an undisclosed medical condition for which he is seeking “lifelong physical therapy, counseling and incidental expenses.”

Hume, a frequent candidate for local office, said he sent the letters because he was “horrified” to learn last year, months after asking Carey to advise his campaign, that the consultant had been convicted of molesting a girl.

“I look at it as a consumer protection thing,” Hume said. “People have a right to know who they’re doing business with. Also, I will admit that I don’t want to help child molesters make a fortune. I’d never voluntarily give my business to someone who’s a scumbag like that.”

Neither Carey nor his attorney, Renee Garcia of Santa Ana, returned calls seeking comment.

One legal expert said Hume’s letters could be compared to Megan’s Law, which allows the addresses of registered sex offenders to be made public.

The problem for Carey is persuading a jury that Hume overstepped his bounds of free speech and made statements that were more damaging to his reputation than information in the public record, said Robert Pugsley, a constitutional law professor at Southwestern University School of Law in Los Angeles.

Finding sympathetic jurors will be tough, he said.

“A jury’s going to hear ‘child molester’ and they’ll puke,” Pugsley said. “They’ll be back in five minutes.”

However, that doesn’t mean a child molester can’t be defamed or prove injury to his reputation. “You still have some rights,” Pugsley said. “Nobody is totally thrown off the planet.”

California Voter Guide is mailed to Republican voters and promotes candidates through slate cards, which list preferred candidates for state and local offices. Though some candidates are listed free of charge, others, including legislative, city council and school board hopefuls, pay for placement on the slates.

Newport Beach political consultant Frank Caterinicchio said the guide is a reputable slate mailer used by candidates and consultants statewide.

Some political insiders know of Carey’s past, but “I wouldn’t say his personal problems tarnish the viability of the slates,” Caterinicchio said.

“There are a lot of people involved in making it successful.”

(except ended)


Sniff needs to hang it up now, as in drop out of the race before he gets prosecuted for what has happened in his regime as Sheriff. Beyond activity your intrepid blogger believes to be criminal, He’s lost the support of the men and women he is supposed to lead. He’s lost the confidence and respect of the voters.

Stan Sniff’s buffoonery, laziness, personal corruption and incompetence has resulted in scandal after scandal.

Riverside voters will not take kindly to the fact that Sniff has hired a convicted child sex offender to send mail from bogus groups to their homes.  To send out these deceptive mailers for Sniff, this convicted felon has obtained voter lists that include phone numbers, email addresses, age, sex, party affiliation and home residence.

Will Sniffy do the right thing and protect Riverside County voters by cancelling the 600,000 pieces of sleazy and deceptive slate mail that the sex offender will begin sending out within two weeks?

Or will Sniffy simply hope that no one else finds out and his sex offender sleight-of-hand and send out the sex offender slates?

Your move, Sniffy . . . I mean, AFTER you get permission from your child sex offender slate associate.

Just to complete the picture, the same slate mail vendor got popped for campaign violations a few years ago. I am surprised Sniff did not interview him for a job.

  4 Responses to “Stan Sniff Update: Spending Thousands on Campaign Advertisements With a Registered Sex Offender”

  1. Does this surprise anyone? A corrupt unethical man who is only concerned about his power of elected office will do anything to keep that position. He was fired for unethical behavior, he was appointed amid scandal and criminal coverups, he has engaged in coverups of child molestors, cheating scandals, arrests of local politicians for drug charges, he disbanded a child predator task force and now gives a child molestor more than a years wages. My God, how long does this go on before voters and the local media say enough is enough. Stanley is nothing but a pathological liar who will say and do anything to remain in power. What an embarrassment to Law Enforcment! Stanley, this is why you have no support or backing from local law enforcement or police chiefs. You are a fraud.

  2. I sure would love to read the story of how and why Stan Sniff was walked out by Bobby D and then somehow, mysteriously, managed to get himself appointed as Sheriff. Someone with knowledge must feel ready to regale us with the tale of this (bloodless?) coup? Maybe one day…

  3. Why would anyone vote for this guy after Sniff has been repeatedly caught on the same side as registered and documented child sex offenders? what say you, Ali M? Nothing, really?

    You’re a tough badass when it comes to threatening folks, but when your “close personal friend” is figuratively (we’ll wait while you look it up . . . ) caught in bed with sex offenders, isn’t there just a twinge, maybe, of jealousy and the feeling that Sniffy is two-timing you?

    Ali, you and the rest of “Sniffy Squad,” or “SS” as it is regularly abbreviated, failed to defend Sniffy when this blog mentioned that there was more on the sex offender issue coming forward. You didn’t have Sniffy’s back then. Or maybe you did in fact have his back(side) covered? (wink, wink) That would explain a lot. Perhaps it was your goat’s night off?

    Stan “the Man-ifested failure”Sniffy, the self-proclaimed public safety protector has turned his back on the residents of Riverside County and appears to only be interested in protecting himself and his failing campaign for re-election.

    So here’s what we’ve learned about Sniff and sex offenders:

    1. If you work for Sniffy and get get popped for multiple child sex offenses, Sniffy will release you back into the community where you have the choice of continuing to sexually assault children, or maybe go to the homes of kids who reported you and seek revenge or, as happened in this case, wait 5 days and then blow your head off.

    2. As his first election approached, Sniffy concluded the investigation instead of attempting to find additional victims of sexual assault committed by his “friend.”

    3. Riverside County now has over 360 convicted sex offenders violating the laws that restrict where they may live, bans them from schoolyards and playgrounds and requires them to disclose where in the county they reside. 360 sex offenders as our blogger wrote, “running amok” in our neighborhoods without any oversight.

    4. Sniffy has failed to secure adequate funding to ensure that these child sex offenders are located and monitored. Instead, Sniffy blames others (BOS) instead of re-directing his tax-payer funded political staff that he has running and updating his social media accounts and sending numerous sheriff’s captains, lieutenants, sergeants and even deputies to spy on the political meetings of his campaign opponents.

    5. Sniffy has failed to inform Riverside County residents about the 360+ sex offenders violating the law and freely roaming the county, thereby preventing the residents from taking the necessary steps to protect themselves, their families and children.

    and finally, as stated above,

    6. Sniff has hired a convicted and registered child sex offender to send deceptive campaign-related advertising into the homes of hundreds of thousands of Riverside residents.


  4. Stan,

    Look, you had a good run. While in office, you managed to give your cronies once-in-a-lifetime pension benefits, numerous photo-ops and autographs only the most popular YouTube star would turn green over, dip your toe in the pool of pedophiles, thieves, and fraudsters, AND managed to fool Riverside County residents and many of the men and women who put their lives on the line day and night you were an upstanding citizen.

    With all that has been exposed, however, you will push forward and try, try, try for another term as sheriff. Do you think if you win all this will go away? Do you really think your title will shroud your true nature?

    It won’t.

    It will only tarnish the department and you will be forced out of office with your tail between your legs.

    Pack your foreskin bags (you and Pecker Ray have matching sets, no?) and squeeze all of the asses on the 2nd Floor one last time as you ride that secret elevator down.

    Remember to promote those you owe favors to before the new Sheriff steps in. This is your last chance.

    As for the rest of you…where are you? Why aren’t you protecting your Fürher? No comments? No wicked retorts?

    I guess it’s easier to exude your authority to intimidate department members who truly care for change. Shame on you.


    Glad you’re attending those Bianco events. At least you know what’s on the agenda when he takes over. Square your pensions now, you will soon be out of the Eagle’s Nest. Polish those lips too for a new round of ass kissing.

    But the new boss won’t tolerate it so practice being humble if you cannot retire yet. Practice changing your crooked ways and reading up on how to lead in an organization that has outlasted all of us. Or, ask for Bianco’s old spot where you can spend the rest of your career hidden and with no responsibilities.

    Stan, you are a disgrace. You, of all people, a military man, are a disgrace to the American men and women who make this county great. You allow criminals who are not here legally to walk free and commit more crimes. You allow pedophiles to be released from jail and go unchecked so they can scheme on their next child victims. You let us fend for ourselves with little manpower making this dangerous job even more treacherous.

    But hiring this piece of shit sex offender takes the cake!! Best you don’t show your face in a station because you won’t be welcome with open arms anymore. Count your blessings and walk away.


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