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Nothing tells your men what you think of them better than taking campaign cash from a criminal defense attorney defending a man charged with Murder with Malice – the Murder of Two Police Officers in an ambush with armor piercing rounds.

There he is in all his glory, Mr. John Dolan, a go to defense attorney for the worst of the worst. People have a constitutional right to a defense, but a self-serving Sheriff who does not seem to care who donates to him (as long as they donate) taking money from such a man is an outrage.

John Hernandez Felix gunned down two police officers and barricaded himself in a house before the Riverside County SWAT Team came and apprehended him. One of the officers murdered was the wife of a Riverside Sheriff’s Office Deputy! Are you kidding me Stan Sniff?

This defense attorney tried to claim that this hardened gang banger had anmesia. Accounts of Dolan’s conduct indicate that he is fond of challenging deputies and investigators on the stand and is abrasive and arrogant. It also appears that Dolan is cut from the same cloth as Robert Mueller, just win at all costs no matter what the facts and circumstances are. I can arrive at that conclusion easily by reading several stories about the cases Dolan has been involved in.

IN 2007, Dolan got Hemet Dave Brown endorsing former DA Rod Pacheco to let a pedophile walk with just two misdemeanors after his arrest made an episode of COPS.:

Jim Philbrick, 45, reached a plea deal with the Riverside County District Attorney’s Office Nov. 7.

He was in the midst of a preliminary hearing to determine if there was enough evidence for him to stand trial on felony charges of attempted lewd acts on a child younger than 14 and attempting to distribute harmful matter to a minor.

As a result of the deal, he pleaded guilty to misdemeanor attempting to distribute harmful matter to a minor over the Internet and another misdemeanor charge of soliciting a lewd act in a public place, meaning he will not have to register as a sex offender.

He could get up to nine months in jail, but his attorney, John Patrick Dolan, said he doubted that would happen.

“I think probably the judge will put him on summary probation and impose a fine,” Dolan said, adding Philbrick pleaded guilty to what he termed “low-grade misdemeanors.”

“I’ve contended all along this was a drive-by sex crime,” Dolan said.

“It just goes to show the case was nothing to begin with because the judge dismissed the felonies.”

Philbrick, who previously worked for NBC affiliate KMIR-TV and CBS affiliate KPSP-TV, was arrested in March 2006 during a sting aimed at pedophiles conducted by Internet watchdog group Perverted Justice and the Palm Springs Police Department.

Video of several of the groups controversial operations have been broadcast on NBC’s “Dateline.”

(Jim) Philbrick, who is openly gay, admitted visiting a chat room for gay adults, but maintained that believed he was role-playing with other adults.

He chatted online with a Perverted Justice decoy, Sean O’Connor, 25, of Florida, who was pretending to be a minor, according to investigators.

After chatting online with O’Connor for three days, Philbrick allegedly agreed to meet the “boy” at the Palm Springs Tennis Center on East Baristo Road, where a young police employee waited.

As investigators watched, Philbrick drove by in his Lexus, but kept going after he saw the police decoy.

Police arrested him about 20 minutes later during a traffic stop later broadcast on the FOX television show “COPS.”

Following last month’s plea deal, Ingrid Wyatt, a spokeswoman for the Riverside County District Attorney’s Office said her office agreed to the deal in part because of Philbrick‘s “lack of criminal record.”

Philbrick, who left the courtroom smiling last month, said he continued to maintain that he thought he was talking to another adult in a gay chat room.

“I think this is quite a victory,” he said. “We turned four felonies into two misdemeanors.”

Note: Sheriff Candidate Chad Bianco was actually in several of the Dateline NBC pedophile sting operation shows aired on national TV. What a contrast to Dave Brown and Stan Sniff. 

Sounds like a GREAT donor for the Sheriff to have, huh? Why not? Back to our regularly scheduled dirtbag, Felix.

Amnesia. Everything that says “Cont” in the embedded screenshot, means it is continued as in being tried.

Then there is this gem from the amnesia defense article about the “Doctor” Dolan called as a witness:

In addition to her career in psychology, Chalgujian is a fourth-year law student at Dolan’s California Desert Trial Academy, an Indio-based school where he serves as dean. She also works as a law clerk under Dolan. However, she said she is receiving no compensation for furnishing her report on Felix, nor was she promised anything with regard to her academic career.

Cozy. Win at all costs. Donate to the Sheriff.

In addition to allegedly killing Vega and Zerebny, Felix is accused of shooting a third officer, who survived, through the metal screen door of his home as the officers approached, then firing on two of their colleagues, who were not hit.

Prior to Friday’s hearing, Felix faced two counts of murder, three counts of attempted murder and special circumstance allegations of killing a peace officer and committing multiple murders.

District Attorney Mike Hestrin has alleged that Felix, who’s accused of firing armor-piercing rounds from an AR-15 semi- automatic rifle while clad in body armor, specifically targeted police.

At the preliminary hearing starting Friday morning, prosecutors are expected to present evidence detailing the shooting and subsequent 12-hour standoff at the Cypress Avenue home, where Felix allegedly barricaded himself before being flushed out by police at around 1 a.m. Oct. 9.

The preliminary hearing, which is intended to enable a judge to determine if there are grounds for trial, was originally scheduled seven months ago but was delayed when defense attorney John Dolan declared doubts regarding Felix’s competence to stand trial.

This is John Patrick Dolan.

Read more here about the slain Palm Springs Police Officers.

Meantime, Sheriff Sniff took money from this guy. What kind of message does this send to his men and the community? When you add to this the myriad coverups, the intimidation, threats and the mismanagement you have a complete moral outrage. It is all about Stan Sniff trying to save his shredded legacy.

We’d ask Sniff to return the money, but he has taken $50K+ from Ali Mazarei that he still has.

Meantime, the stories about Sniff’s Sheriff’s Department are piling up.

BONUS UPDATE: Dolan is also defending the murderers of a Retired Lt’s Kid in the infamous Pinyon Pines triple murder case.

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  6 Responses to “Stan Sniff Special Update: Sheriff Takes Money From Cop Killer’s Defense Attorney Who Also Got a Child Predator off With a Misdemeanor?”

  1. Right on Daily don’t forget the Pinyon Pines murders where a Sheriffs LT kid was murdered and burned and the body left in a wheel barrow. Dolan is defending one of the suspects too.

  2. Although this is very sickening information, somehow it’s not surprising. Sniff will obviously take campaign contributions from anyone, no matter how sleazy they are. A year or so ago, this crooked politician thought he was going to run for sheriff unopposed. He has become so accustomed to operating however he wants with no one there to lift the covers up to see what in the hell he is hiding. As a matter of fact, when Sniff and Diyorio first learned Chad Bianco was going to run again, their first thought was, “didn’t he learn the last time?” Of course, they were referring to the persecution and maltreatment Bianco was subjected to at the hands of both of those corrupt sons of bitches immediately after the last election.

    Well surprise, surprise you crooked bastards! Bianco is in it to win it this time! Sniff, do yourself a favor and just step down. You’re 70 years old for goodness sakes, can’t you get it through your thick skull that nobody wants you here anymore? Have you become just a crotchety old man who wants to be a thorn in everyone’s ass? Is it because people like you and Diyorio would have no sense of self worth without your position of power? Well get over it, because very soon the swamp will get drained and both of you will get flushed into the same cesspool as these scoundrels who contribute money to your campaign.

    Law enforcement officers across the entire county will be dancing in the streets the day Sniff gets flushed and Chad Bianco gets voted in.

  3. I was updating the post to reflect that as you were leaving the comment.

  4. This is OUTRAGEOUS…… Sniff is a Parasite of the lowest form….

  5. Unbelievable!! But we know Snuff will gladly take tooth fairy money from his grandchildren to pad his pockets. It’s what politicians do.

    As a sheriff, he has failed on so many levels and our hope is he is ousted. We cannot have another Snuff term, more bad times ahead, more padding his and his cronies pockets, etc.

    Yes, Snuff needs to go with his marionettes packing their bags right after him.



  6. Sniff does not care about anything or anyone. His complete focus is on his next election. He has no respect for his wife as shown in the dozens and dozens of inappropriate photos of other women. Sooner or later someone will become part of #metoo. On that note, he randomly posted another one to his new facebook page. As with everything else, there is an ulterior motive for everything he does. My guess is that he is attempting to get ahead of the 8-ball by telling everyone what a “long time friend” she is, in an attempt to diffuse the scandal.

    He does not care about his line staff. He has lied to the media, lied to the board, and lied to the department by using deputies safety to blackmail for more money.

    He does not care about the truth. He does not care about ethics. He does not care about integrity. He simply cares about one thing and one thing only….Stan Sniff.

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