Jan 102020

It looks like RightonDaily has gotten Theresa Landon’s attention.

I am sure Mzzz Landon is disappointed in what she got back in the PRA Request. Perhaps once she shares the 5 emails I sent the district with her therapist, he/she/it will point out the difference in the way I communicated with the Rocklin USD and the way she has been.

Meantime, I have 500 pages of documents from the Rocklin USD to thumb through – I’d lay odds they will confirm that the District handled the processes correctly and that Theresa is on a fishing expedition like her heroes Adam Schiff and Nancy Pelosi. (I do so find it delicious that Mzzz Landon is trying to pillory two fellow left wingers Camille Maben and Rick Miller, I gues faux outrage in the social justice leftism world has no friends)


Your Intrepid Blogger is familiar with the talking points of the extreme left.

Oct 242019

According to inside sources, Theresa Landon’s attempt to #SMASHPATRIARCHY #EPICFAILED. Despite turning in nearly 1,000 signatures when less than 600 were required, the petition to gut the appointment to the Rocklin Unified School District Board failed.

This happened despite a lie-infested campaign and a media drill featuring the typical social justice warrior one-sided stories from local media. The failure also happened despite the active assistance of the far-left in Rocklin as well as unsuspecting local leaders who were drawn in to the false narrative of Mrs. Landon.

RUSD Statement Regarding the Placer County Office of Education’s Denial of Petition to Terminate Provisionally Appointed Trustee

Rocklin, CA– On October 24, 2019, the Placer County Office of Education announced that a petition to terminate a provisionally appointed Rocklin Unified School District (RUSD) Trustee was deemed not legally sufficient. The petition failed to meet the minimum number of required signatures– which is 1.5% of the registered voters at the last election of the Board– needed to nullify the Board of Trustees’ appointment. This number is less than 600 signatures.

As the provisional appointment now stands, it allows the current Board of Trustees to govern the school district with the full 5 members without interruption for the betterment of our students and families.

Following her appointment on Wednesday, September 18th, 2019, Trustee Price has been diligently serving the RUSD community and proven to be a great asset amongst our Board.

According to Ryan Ronco, Placer County Clerk-Recorder-Registrar of Voters, the estimated cost to Rocklin Unified to hold a special election would range from $234,000-$400,000 if this petition was approved. The funds to hold any required special election would come out of Rocklin Unified’s unrestricted general fund, which is generally used for employee compensation, school site budgets and other costs to operate our school district. The threat of this unforeseen expense would have greatly affected the funds that are utilized for the student learning experience throughout the district.

For more information on the petition, please refer to the Placer County Office of Education or click here for their latest press release.

A vacancy on the Rocklin Unified School District’s Board of Trustees was created in July 2019 when Trustee Susan Halldin resigned her position. Following an extremely thorough and transparent process on Wednesday, September 18th, 2019, the Rocklin Unified Board of Trustees provisionally appointed Rachelle Price by a unanimous vote to fill the Board vacancy until the next regular election in November 2020. For more information, visit www.rocklinusd.org.

Now back to campaign pummeling.

Sep 252019

The Rocklin Unified School District has issues. However, they did the right thing by filling the vacancy of Susan Halldin with Rachelle Price.

Apparently, Theresa Landon who is a teacher at Granite Bay High School has decided that now is the time to go on a leftist social justice rampage. Her husband is Joe Landon who is an executive at the Roseville Joint Union High School District. I remember him from several years back before my Mother served on that board as being opposed to parental notification and a host of other issues. While I do not know Joe Landon, I ascertained that he is a garden variety liberal educrat from his consistent opposition to parent’s rights that I have observed.

According to inside sources both Landons are quite liberal. It appears that Theresa Landon went running to the local media because she took exception to questions that were asked of her. This despite similar questions being asked of other candidates – including Rachelle Price who was appointed.

Apparently Mrs. Landon thinks it is sexist being asked about how she’d balance her job, being a mom and everything else with being a school board member. I’d expect the same questions about how I’d balance being a business owner and a blogger with serving on a board – it is a reasonable question. Apparently, this was all it took to spark Mrs. Landon in to a frenzy. (again, my opinion based on observations) In today’s hyper-sensitive world, those questions should be asked in pieces as the professional outrage mob is waiting to jump.

She rails about sexism and the fake gender pay gap in this facebook screed (the lie is that the pay gap does not factor for women who choose of their own free will to work part time or not work to raise children) – standard talking points of the left.

She got a local TV News outlet to run a story that conveniently omitted that the person appointed is also a mother of several (ahem 5) children. A local radio station ran a similar story replete with similar half-truths. I am also wondering if her husband who is an executive at the Roseville Joint Union High School District abused his media connections to plant these stories? Having been in the political game for over 20 years – I know how this stuff works – I recognize a pattern.

It is my opinion that Mrs. Landon outright lied to or misled the local media outlets with leftist buzzwords and got stories run to buttress her false narrative. This includes her quote about not being bitter. If she was not bitter, there would have been no media drill nor effort to gather signatures. She has every right to be upset about the question but omitting key facts – like others being asked similar questions and the fact that the district appointed another female with children like her is similar to her fellow democrats smearing political opponents on the national stage. If the media had this fact the narrative that Mrs. Landon is spinning would have been decimated as the “Patriarchy” appointed a Woman.

Worse, she is running around trying to gather signatures to force a special election. She is reputedly telling people that the special election would not cost the Rocklin School District any money according to at least one person who leaked information to this blogger. If this is truly what Mrs. Landon said, this is also a lie. No matter when there is an election the district in question pays for it, weather it is a special or a regularly scheduled election.

It is my opinion based on what I have been told by insiders in Rocklin that Mrs. Landon felt entitled to the appointment and left the meeting enraged after she did not get it.

Her behavior and tactics make me fear for the children she is brainwashing at the Roseville Joint Union High School District as she is a teacher there.

Smash Patriarchy? The RUSD APPOINTED A WOMAN!!! Equality??? That’s exactly what happened!!! 

Dear Supervisor Bonnie Gore – you may have wanted to get more information before joining in the hit parade. Just sayin’. This is how the left works, omit facts and yank on emotions and you got sucked in by it Mrs. Gore. I am not surprised to see Scott Alvord pile on, he is a democrat.

If there ends up being a special election, I will be forced to burn Mrs. Landon’s house down in a rhetorical manner due to the reasons laid out above. I do not like liars. I do not like leftist social justice warriors who use leftist social justice tactics to advance themselves.

Aug 292019

I was delayed getting to the Informed Parents of Rocklin meeting by my day job and a long since scheduled appointment with some insurance company people. When I arrived at about 7:10 PM, I saw a small group of High-School and College Aged Kids with homemade signs. Three of them mentioned Title IX which has next to nothing to do with the subject of parents rights or disgusting and pornographic sex ed curriculum. It was clear they were recruited to be present, likely by Rick Miller and the extreme left-wing activists he was working with to stage events at the school board meeting.

If Rick Miller had been in attendance tonight, he’d realized that his ego-fueled rampage at the RUSD meeting has been met with a backlash. While Rick Miller is used to Washington DC Politics in his past life as a campaign operative and political appointee of Bill Clinton, he may miss the significance of 500 people attending a meeting on a Wednesday Night in Rocklin, CA.

Please note that these photos were taken at 7:25PM top, then 8:36PM bottom. My estimate of the crowd size is about 500. The parking lot of William Jessup was full and was looped around the back of the facility. It was my opinion that the presentation was too long and I did see people leaving, but mostly because they were upset at the material that the RUSD was shoving down their children’s throats. Among those in attendance were State Senator Mike Morrell and Brian Dahle.

I did see three reporters, including one reporter that I have blasted by name on this blog in past years. It should be interesting to see how the local media attempts to attack this meeting. One reporter followed a couple out of the room that left early in an attempt to get disparaging comments about the meeting.

The reactions I saw were empty faces, anger, disbelief, hopelessness, and fear. Great Job Camille Maben and Rick Miller! Not only did you guys support SB48 and SB777 book-burning and re-writing history bills, you went far beyond the mandated curriculum. For both of your information, in my life in politics I was involved in fighting all of those bills at their points of origin in committees and on the floor of the legislature.

Those that stayed were equipped with actions and solutions. I am unsure how the leaders of the group are gathering data or communicating.

Interestingly enough, I saw Eric Stevens at the meeting. It is likely he was there for recon to bring back to the next closed session where they try to do damage control. Perhaps, Mr. Stevens, a lawyer should have advised Miller and his butt monkeys at the RUSD to not abuse district resources to attempt to pre-empt the meeting of the parents. It is likely that Rick Miller, who appears to be having anger issues over his maladies with his constituents may well have driven dozens more to the meeting due to his gambit with RUSD Staff sending out an email in an attempt to make liars out of the informed parents staff.

That said, the curriculum the RUSD mandated is pornographic and can create some severe sexual consequences when taught to immature children. Worse, is the insistence from the biased lawyers most districts use that convince school boards that parents can’t opt out.

When I was doing this write up, it did not take long to see a tweet from one of President Trump’s advisers. The RUSD in their lame attempt to respond to the truth only encouraged more to attend. This stuff is getting out nationally regarding what is going on.

I am advocating for recalling Rick Miller immediately and whomever he gets appointed to replace Susan Halldin.

When 500 people attend a meeting affecting an election that is won with roughly 7000 votes, Miller, Maben and Stevens have a serious problem.

Apr 292019

Rocklin Parents? Are you ready for your children to learn more about Harvey Milk than George Washington? Are you ready for your children to learn what a bad, bad country the USA is and how we are responsible for the pain and misery that was really caused by 3rd world tyrants? The Rocklin USD is getting ready to go off the left end of a cliff.

They are alleged to have tipped off the LGBT community so they could bus in activists in order to create a false display of support for the extreme left-wing curriculum they are adopting.

Remember the Rocklin Academy and the transgender indoctrination of first graders? Remember when we all thought it would not happen? Remember when their board members made it personal instead of about the kids?

From a group of concerned parents:

Rocklin families need your help! Our school board is voting on the History Social Sciences curriculum on May 1. The meeting will be at Granite Oaks Middle School 2600 Wyckford Blvd, Rocklin, CA 95765 at 6:30 PM. The district changed the location of the meeting and leaked it out to LGBTQ activist groups and other groups who are in favor of the curriculum, before telling Rocklin families about the new location. This is extremely frustrating to know that they are working against us. We are asking for you to show up and support us if you feel so inclined and maybe spread this information to others that you know might be interested in helping us as well. If you have any Rocklin School attire please wear that!

I am including talking points from Dean Broyles, Chief Counsel and President of The National Center for Law and Policy. Please look over these and consider speaking up for the families of Rocklin! We are going to implore them to listen to the Rocklin families and not the activists wearing yellow shirts. Since they will have so many numbers from the other side we thought we would reach out and try to recruit some of our own supporters!

Here is a link to the current petition: https://www.change.org/p/rocklin-unified-school-district-and-rocklin-school-board-protect-elem-children-from-complex-issues-of-human-sexuality-in-new-rusd-hhs-curriculum-302dace2-0916-47c8-9604-dd60e838f068

Here is the link to the Sit Out Survey: https://www.surveymonkey.com/survey-taken/

Please share these with any Rocklin Unified parents that you know!

Camille Maben is an extreme left wing activist and is rumored to be driving this agenda. She outwardly supported Prop 48, has been hostile to charter schools and a variety of other issues parents in Rocklin believe in.

The Placer CIR attempted to warn voters about Camille Maben in a past election, including getting retaliated with by an FPPC complaint alleged to have been filed by one of Maben’s fellow board members. (BTW, that complaint went nowhere, but the harassment cost several hours of our time responding to bureaucrats.)

It has been put to me that Rick Miller who is also a liberal democrat is in favor of the SB48 brainwashing. People tell me they think Eric Stevens and Derek Counter are alleged to be in support of this as well.

If you want more information on SB48 and the right way to deal with it, a document is linked here for your perusal.

Please note, Assemblyman Kevin Kiley has been nowhere on this issue. Since SD01 is Vacant (and basically was the whole time Ted Gaines infested it), Kiley was the only higher officeholder that could have helped. He did nothing.