Aug 292019

I was delayed getting to the Informed Parents of Rocklin meeting by my day job and a long since scheduled appointment with some insurance company people. When I arrived at about 7:10 PM, I saw a small group of High-School and College Aged Kids with homemade signs. Three of them mentioned Title IX which has next to nothing to do with the subject of parents rights or disgusting and pornographic sex ed curriculum. It was clear they were recruited to be present, likely by Rick Miller and the extreme left-wing activists he was working with to stage events at the school board meeting.

If Rick Miller had been in attendance tonight, he’d realized that his ego-fueled rampage at the RUSD meeting has been met with a backlash. While Rick Miller is used to Washington DC Politics in his past life as a campaign operative and political appointee of Bill Clinton, he may miss the significance of 500 people attending a meeting on a Wednesday Night in Rocklin, CA.

Please note that these photos were taken at 7:25PM top, then 8:36PM bottom. My estimate of the crowd size is about 500. The parking lot of William Jessup was full and was looped around the back of the facility. It was my opinion that the presentation was too long and I did see people leaving, but mostly because they were upset at the material that the RUSD was shoving down their children’s throats. Among those in attendance were State Senator Mike Morrell and Brian Dahle.

I did see three reporters, including one reporter that I have blasted by name on this blog in past years. It should be interesting to see how the local media attempts to attack this meeting. One reporter followed a couple out of the room that left early in an attempt to get disparaging comments about the meeting.

The reactions I saw were empty faces, anger, disbelief, hopelessness, and fear. Great Job Camille Maben and Rick Miller! Not only did you guys support SB48 and SB777 book-burning and re-writing history bills, you went far beyond the mandated curriculum. For both of your information, in my life in politics I was involved in fighting all of those bills at their points of origin in committees and on the floor of the legislature.

Those that stayed were equipped with actions and solutions. I am unsure how the leaders of the group are gathering data or communicating.

Interestingly enough, I saw Eric Stevens at the meeting. It is likely he was there for recon to bring back to the next closed session where they try to do damage control. Perhaps, Mr. Stevens, a lawyer should have advised Miller and his butt monkeys at the RUSD to not abuse district resources to attempt to pre-empt the meeting of the parents. It is likely that Rick Miller, who appears to be having anger issues over his maladies with his constituents may well have driven dozens more to the meeting due to his gambit with RUSD Staff sending out an email in an attempt to make liars out of the informed parents staff.

That said, the curriculum the RUSD mandated is pornographic and can create some severe sexual consequences when taught to immature children. Worse, is the insistence from the biased lawyers most districts use that convince school boards that parents can’t opt out.

When I was doing this write up, it did not take long to see a tweet from one of President Trump’s advisers. The RUSD in their lame attempt to respond to the truth only encouraged more to attend. This stuff is getting out nationally regarding what is going on.

I am advocating for recalling Rick Miller immediately and whomever he gets appointed to replace Susan Halldin.

When 500 people attend a meeting affecting an election that is won with roughly 7000 votes, Miller, Maben and Stevens have a serious problem.

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