Arnold Zeiderman: The Amador GOP is Insolvent

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Jun 202012

File this revelation under the category of the California Republican Party gets what it deserves.

I got a copy of a desperate appeal for support from Arnold Zeiderman. This is quite possibly the most complete self-indictment I have ever seen of a completely ineffective county chairman ever. To think, Mark Pruner and others in the CRP establishment think Arnie Zeiderman is a great guy.

I highlighted sections for emphasis:

From: Arnold M Zeiderman <[email protected]>
Date: (Redacted)
Subject: ACRCC funding
To: (Redacted)

The Amador County Republican  Central Committee and Party has experienced diminished participation, interest, and financial support over the past several years. Unfortunately even our Lincoln Dinner and Amador County Fair Boothare no longer creating sufficient net revenue to support our general  operations and Headquarters.

According to our Treasurer we are now insolvent.

Without our Headquarters, which cost us $250 per month to support, we will not be able to serve as a resource to support candidates, hold events and distribute/sell  collateral materials to Republicans in Amador, Calaveras and Alpine Counties through November.

We want to be here to maximaize  Republican votes for all of our Republican candidates.
Please consider a minimum donation of $250 for our Headquarters expenses.

Thank you so much  for your interest.

Dr. Arnie Zeiderman
Chair, ACRCC

Allow me to point out the painfully obvious – Arnold Zeiderman is the CALIFORNIA REPUBLICAN PARTY VICE CHAIRMAN NORTHERN REGION. He can’t raise $1,000 to keep his damn hq open? Really?

Maybe the CASINO will write a check? Gheez, Arnie – could it be that you alienated every would-be volunteer in Amador? Maybe they are getting ready to lynch you???

What about Doug LaMalfa? David Stafford Reade? They hand-picked Arnold Zeiderman to run for the post on the CRP leadership… where are they at?

Secondly, he puts in writing that his county party is dead. Maybe Zeiderman should step down. Maybe that whole committee save a few should resign and go home and let the local Tea Party take it over.

Nearby, Toulumne County has a vibrant, healthy Republican Party with a fully-funded HQ. Despite the efforts of Zeiderman’s friends who have gratuitously attacked the Placer GOP – it, too is healthy. Amador is without excuse.

The fallout from the cronyism and the inbred Amador GOP Central Committee Continues…

This also shows that the State CRP is an embarrassment and is impotent (and, to think – Charles Munger thinks he’s the answer… )

Get your pitchforks, people.

Amador Fallout: Will Arnie Zeiderman Resign?

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Jun 092012

If he does not, could we see a recall of the Amador GOP Central Committee? As reported on this blog – the Amador GOP Central Committee has quite a few unfilled seats as few ever file. Arnold Zeiderman was able to use this to his advantage – getting a Seaton supporter appointed to one of the vacancies in order to get an 8-4 endorsement of Jeff Seaton.

Now that Jeff Seaton has been annihilated in the election – people are wanting to saddle up the heavy equipment.

Now – this would be change we can believe in.

Jun 022012

Well, well, well – it did not take long at all for my prediction to come true.

The Amador County Dem Party has capitalized on the cronyism of Arnold Zeiderman and was handing out the literature and displaying the signs of his opponent.

The venue was the Italian Festival in Sutter Creek this weekend – apparently Zeiderman was treated to the Chairman of the Amador Democrat Party lambasting the endorsement of Jeff Seaton and Jeff Seaton’s personal history as an example of “Republicanism”.

Thanks a ton Arnie Zeiderman.

But – Zeiderman delivered the endorsement to his family defense attorney, didn’t he?

If you are a Republican in Amador County – you need to bum-rush the Central Committee Meetings and take that party back.

P.S. Both Jeff Seaton and his opponent are Registered Republicans.

My How Time Files – Jeff Seaton Update

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Jun 012012

There is a reason why a month is a political eternity.

I posted the below on April 24th and the revelations since then have caused me to realize that the below was the tip of the iceberg!

When you are electing a judge and vetting a Judge candidate for a Republican Party endorsement – there is some responsibility for research.

$250k to the Sheriff’s Department, $350K+ to the DA’s Office are two figures that were given to me of the Tribe’s  Annual largesse.

Jeff Seaton was not vetted at all. Or, if he was – then that could indeed tell the story of why the Indian Tribe in Amador County appear to be attempting to buy a Judgeship.

The Tribe tosses money around the community like water – so the $1,000 from a Dalton + the $10,000 from the Tribe itself is chump change.

I harken back to the case of Schmitz vs Schmitz. Seaton got fired, and the pattern is similar to the grotesque malfeasance in the Purdue Case. In the letter dated November 4th, 2008 – Schmitz lambasted Jeff Seaton for, cancelling appointments, no-showing, failing to make any discovery efforts, being unprepared in court, and the letter alledues to Jeff Seaton sleeping with the wife of the Schmitz that fired him.

Jeff Seaton forfeited $6100 in legal fees according to the letter.

I have never seen anything like this in the 15 years I have been involved in politics. This letter of termination was entered in to evidence by Jeff Seaton’s Ex-Wife Patty.

You see, Patty had been covering for Jeff Seaton’s behavior as it related to Mr. Schmitz’ anger over the bungling only to get served with divorce papers and kicked out of the law office on to the street in favor of his Mistress. The letter has it all in there.

I had written yesterday that Patty has not come out publicly against Seaton because she wants to be able to garnish his Judge wages to get back spousal support that Jeff Seaton is not paying… (Is anyone surprised that Jeff Seaton wouldn’t pay like he has been ordered to???) Well I also was informed that another explanation is that Jeff Seaton is preparing to appeal the divorce decision of the Appellate Court because he wants to further delay paying Patty the money that is rightfully hers. As a result, the attorney has a gag on her.

Whatever the reason is, Jeff Seaton has some serious integrity issues.

Take a look at the $400,000 in personal debt in the divorce proceedings. $322K is an Equity Line against an office building and the rest is credit card debt.

This guy wants to be a judge? Someone who is $400K in the hole in this economy is compromised.

Here is a 2011 Income Statement from Seaton’s Law Firm, it shows $218K in receipts and about $66K in operating income. How the heck is he keeping current on the debt payments on that $400k on the debt list? The monthly payments on that are almost $3000 a month.

The more research I do on Jeff Seaton, the more questions I am raising.

Just don’t vote for this guy. Just don’t.

Later we found out that the ex-wife of Schmitz gave $150 worth of earrings to Jeff Seaton, seemingly validating the claims made.

In addition – revelations from the 3/20 divorce settlement hearing added volumes to the above – including Seaton losing his office building to pay the ex back for the back spousal support and the revelation as to why we have never heard from Patty Seaton. She stands to gain a lot if Jeff Seaton gets the $178k annual income from getting elected Judge.

In addition, we discovered that there are a slew of delinquent bills plus judgements against Seaton for Court Costs and Legal Fees.

But – Arnie Zeiderman and the Amador GOP stand defiantly behind their man.

Updated: Slamming Amador GOP For Considering Endorsing Jeff Seaton

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May 302012

I must disclose that I am not a member of the Arnie Zeiderman fan club. He is the Liberal Cylon robot of David Stafford Reade and I am not surprised when he takes RINO positions. But I was shocked to learn that Arnie Zeiderman is pushing for the Amador GOP to endorse Jeff Seaton for Judge!

Seaton’s largest donors are:

  • A Casino
  • A left-wing Law Firm in Santa Monica
  • The Grandfather of a man sent to prison last year

So far, we’ve established that Seaton has had two marriages end due to his outrageous infidelity.
He has verbally attacked crime victims publicly.
He has engaged in disgusting courtroom antics – including turning his back on a victim who was so badly injured that part of her internal organs were hanging out of a wound she suffered in a savage attack.
In his defense of criminals – he has put law enforcement on trial.

The above would be enough to make the Amador GOP get embarrassed for considering Seaton – but Seaton’s story defies common decency.

In the case of People vs. Vick – Vick had prior convictions. He was up for molesting an 8 year old girl. Seaton hired an psychological expert named Tamara Wishnowski to develop questions that would devastate the 8-year-old victim.

In the case of People vs. Sanne – the defendant was charged with molestation. It appears that Seaton misrepresented an offer in court by a D.A causing a demand for censure. There is an ongoing investigation of behind the scenes conduct and special favors that may well explain some of Seaton’s endorsements… Click here for more on the Sanne Case

In the case of People vs. Jenkins – the defendant brutally attacked his grandfather. The grandfather, apparently being an enabler started paying Seaton and refused to cooperate with any investigation. There was no waiver of conflict of interest by Seaton who apparently did not comprehend the ethical issue.

Never fear – Jenkins committed another crime. He is currently being prosecuted for attempted murder in a stabbing shortly after walking off scott free for beating his grandfather.

Recently, Seaton defended a Yuba County man who got convicted of 13 counts of child molestation (this guy seems to draw child molesters like flies).  The convicted molester is trying to have the verdict overturned as the allegation is that Seaton was on pain meds the whole time… Click Here for more on the case of Christopher Perdue, a man we believe is innocent.

Why is this guy running for Judge? Why is the Amador GOP considering endorsing him? — at a minimum, Seaton should be censured for his conduct not endorsed.

Why is Zeiderman supporting him? Why did the Jackson Rancheria give him a large check?

Jeff Seaton will be more dangerous as a Judge than anyone he has defended in court! Amador County deserves better, our California Justice system deserves better.