May 022012

I am still looking for answers.

Why did a left-wing law firm toss $5000 to Jeff Seaton while donating to flaming liberals like Darrell Steinberg?

Why did the casino give $10,000 to Jeff Seaton and risk public scrutiny and exposure of the Dalton family connection to Jeff Seaton?

Why has Arnold Zeiderman gone so far out on a limb for Jeff Seaton – causing the exposure of Seaton defending his two sons that apparently have multiple arrests and violent behavior?

Why did Jeff Seaton Run knowing that the sordid details of his Divorce – including philandering with more women than the one he ran off with and his $400k+ in personal debt?

I am scratching my head – Jeff Seaton had to know that his abuse of crime victims, the repeated complaints of incompetence – even drug use in court that may have led to the conviction of an innocent man…

The stories are legion.

The Schmitz vs Schmitz case that I referenced earlier – included an insinuation that Jeff Seaton went above and beyond the call of duty with the now ex-wife (aka slept with her), now looks even more credible as I checked Jeff Seaton’s campaign finance report and POOF! There is a Donation from Denise Schmitz of a raffle item for Jeff’s Veteran’s Day Fundraiser. (A fundraiser that many who attended thought was for veterans, not Jeff Seaton)

I referenced a woman who fell and broke her hip at one of Jeff Seaton’s pool parties, she was buck naked getting in to a spa. Jeff Seaton’s pool parties are the story of legion.  They are like the 5,000 pound gorilla in the living room – everyone in Amador County knows about them.

One couple I was privy to (on condition of anonymity) were so rattled by what was going on at these parties that their recollection of the details was pretty pained.

They indicated that the particular party they attended included a Pig and a Dildo, the source also placed Arnold Zeiderman at the Party. Whoops. I am omitting the details of what was done with the Dildo as this blog is not pornographic.

The source indicated that, “There just wasn’t much conversation there”, so they left fairly quickly.

Jeff Seaton’s divorce from wife number two is not final – in fact Seaton is appealing it again. Jeff Seaton has lost almost every case he has taken to trial and apparently is trying to change history with his own divorce case. Meantime, Wife #2 is living without spousal support because Jeff Seaton is still trying to claim they were never married for the 16 years they were. You’d also have to wonder what wife #2 knows about these sex parties.

It seems to me that the connections of Seaton to many in the Amador community go beyond doing their divorces, defending the Daltons or the Zeidermans, etc. These parties seem to be some sort of surrealistic scene where Rome meats Deliverance, and many people who are recognizable in Amador County show up, disrobe, get loaded and then… (even including a Pig)

The push-back I have gotten has not answered the substance of any of the charges – rather it has been lame attempts to chip around the edges in an attempt to counter the credibility of this blogger. I made my intentions clear about why I even got involved in a race in Amador County in the first place – and this is quite possibly the most bizarre and infuriating exercise I have ever undertaken.

Please, Amador County – vote for the other guy.

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  1. Wow, instead of calling it Amateur County, they’ll probably start calling it Amoral County if Seaton gets elected. What a mess. I’m starting to think maybe electing judges is not such a great idea.

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